Sally Faulkner is asking for public donations to get her kids back

Sally Faulkner, the mother at the centre of the 60 Minutes child snatch scandal that made headlines in 2016, is
Sally Faulkner and two of her children. Photo: Facebook.

Sally Faulkner, the mother at the centre of the 60 Minutes child snatch scandal that made headlines in 2016, is asking you to donate funds to help get her kids back.

It’s been reported that Faulkner needs $20,000 to help pay for a good lawyer to fight to bring her two children — Lahela, 6, and Noah, 4 — home from Beirut where they currently live with their father.

Faulkner and the 60 Minutes television crew, including journalist Tara Brown, failed in an attempt to snatch the children last year. The action saw Faulkner and the crew temporarily thrown in jail.

7 News reveals that so far more than $8,000 has been raised to help her cause.

Faulkner says she has spent the $150,000 she received from her controversial memoirs, which detailed her arrest in Lebanon and insists this is not an attempt at fame or fortune.

“These are MY babies I gave birth too (sic) and I will simply just NOT give up on them having their right to their mother,” Faulkner wrote on the Facebook page dedicated to bringing her children home.

Faulkner says that she has had up to three sets of lawyers working on three different sets of legal issues.

She says a friend initially set up the GoFundMe page on her behalf requesting $50,000.

Would you support this cause? Do you think this is an appropriate action for Sally Faulkner to get her children back?

  1. elena  

    She is such an immature and ignorant woman, should not be allowed to have any more children not have those in their father custody under her custody. To be a mother needs to be responsible for their acts and the future and not just get pregnant with the aim to obtain compassion…

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      You are so nasty and Vindictive. What sort of person would even contemplate what you have said.
      Sally deserves her children and maybe because she was in love with her husband she trusted him taking the children on a holiday but did not expect him to keep the children. I am disappointed that 60 mins did not succeed last year. Sally needs help and if I was more financial I would help but being a pensioner and paying $600 p/f rent I am not able to help her.

    • Faye Dapiran  

      And you are perfect???? Lucky you, you probably fell in love with someone who didn’t turn out to be different from what you thought or hoped for. She was not that lucky, but she obviously loved him at the time and for years. All very sad. I cannot imagine not being able to see my children, I just can’t.

    • Linda  

      What a nasty vindictive person you are I hope Karma gets you.

  2. Denise  

    I still don’t believe we have the full story here.
    If she was granted custody of the children and he has refused to return them – where is the Family Court in this? Shouldn’t this have been handled at a diplomatic level!
    There is still so much not known.
    Most Family Courts decisions I believe should be private, but if she has put it in the public arena-then all the details should be in the public arena before asking the public to fund her.
    Do we then publicly fund all other international custody battles??

    • Bill  

      The decision to give her the children was done by the Australian Family Court. The father and kids are in Lebanon not here so the court’s decision means nothing.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes she does have custody of the children but we don’t have a law where he has the children it is totally different. He has applied for custody in his country. Now as I understand we have no ties with this country and therefore cannot do anything. Maybe the lawyers can work something out. I really think the govt should have stepped in.

  3. Pat Elliott  

    No I would not support this course.

    • Heather  

      I totally agree. She comes across as a money hungry, me,me,me type of person. Leave the children where they are. And also, she didn’t seem to have to much concern about the poor guys that were left in prison, after the Channel 9 people got out. It’s her fight- she should do it some dignity. After all, she is not the only person in this situation. I think because she is an attractive person who is comfortable being in the lime light, she keeps getting publicity.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I would if I was in a financial position. But I am not as a pensioner and pay over half of my pension in rent.

  4. Guy Flavell  

    No I would not support this appeal for funds. It appears to me that the father has custody
    for one sound reason … Sally Faulkner was NOT a good Mum. I could be quite wrong but the
    the evidence seems to confirm this judgement.

    • You know her personal circumstances do you? Are you basing this on media hype?

      • Guy Flavell  

        But Robyn, who says the media statements on Sally Faulkner were “hype”? Opinion needs
        a basis and this is all we have apart from a couple of bleating, teary appearances on 60 Mins.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      No your wrong. Sally had custody of the children here in Australia. She let him take the children for a holiday to meet his family and he did not return them. That’s how it has happened. That is the trouble of marrying and having children to a person that has no laws with Australia. Unfortunately she trusted him. Maybe you should get your facts correct before you open your mouth and say things that are untrue. He only has custody in his country not here. There is no evidence to say she is not a good Mum. Please make sure you get your facts right. You are only being vindictive.

      • Guy Flavell  

        No Joy Anne, “vindictive” is perhaps a bit strong. I honestly have followed this sorry saga
        in depth over the past 6 months. I think you’ll admit that Sally’s not camera-shy and appears
        to enjoy the spotlight. I make the “not a good Mum” comments from interviews with other
        family members of both sides who didn’t exactly paint her in a glowing light. I hope I’m wrong
        about this and perhaps some kind of firm mutual custody arrangement can be established
        so that these children can spend say 6 months each year with their Dad and Mum.

    • Faye Dapiran  

      She has custody of the children in Australia, but he took them to Lebanon, where the laws are different, and always favour the male, unlike here. So he has custody there. Please don’;t comment when you have no idea of the facts. No one ever said she was a bad mother, not even her ex husband.

    • Helen Wilkinson  

      The father ONLY has custody in Lebanon Law not Australian law….Lebanon is not party to The Hague Convention so therefore there is nothing that the family court can do to remove the children from their father….in his country he is abiding by their law so even his own government won’t intervene.
      There is no evidence that Sally was NOT a good mum…she made the mistake of trying to snatch her kids but, put in the same position any mother would do something similar. It is not fair to judge her for that. Yes I would support her as I would other mothers in the same situation and it has nothing to do with her wanting fame…she is just a mother who loves her kids and does not want her kids brought up in a country where her little daughter might suffer genital mutilation or her little boy might turn into a gun wielding terrorist by the age of 10. Above all she genuinely loves and misses her kids and can’t bear the thought of not being able to see two children she gave birth to…. possibly ever again!! Shoe needs putting on other foot….

  5. Narelle  

    She chose to marry a ME Muslim man.
    She made her choice, now she’s to live with it.

    It’s not up to he ‘public’ to support ‘personal problems’.

    No funds’ from me, that’s for sure!

    • Heather  


      • Bob Croft  

        100% agree with you Narelle and Heather!

  6. Joan Marshall  

    For the love of God I cannot agree with women who take a chance and marry a Muslim or any other religion that puts women in the situation this woman is in. Women have themselves to blame and let me add I am a woman. Princess Diana and thousands like her have implicated themselves in situations such as this never for one moment considering the repercussions. I am the luckiest woman alive to have been given a sense of pride in myself that I would never be in a situation as this. As far I am concerned there will be no contribution from me.

    • Narelle  

      Spot on, Joan!

      These Aussie women think it’ll be ok once they’ve married.
      That they’ll be able to ‘change’ him to be more ‘westernised’, just because he’s married her!

      These women are just fools, & they’re trying to deal with an evil cult, & they’re totally out of their depth.

    • Laura Reid  

      But he lied. He said he was American, had an American passport, went to an American University and spoke with an American accent. Until ‘liar’is tattooed on the foreheads of people who lie so often and convincingly, how was she to know the truth. He didn’t respond to the call to pray, he hangs out with girls in bikinis (a no no for Muslims), he drinks, another no no. Unless you hav direct dealings with a narcissist it is difficult to understand how someone could have no integraty, no morals, no meaty and take no responsibility for their actions. She escaped his control and he set out to destroy her the best way he knew how, by taking her children.

      • Faye Dapiran  

        Spot on, and he said he wanted to stay in Australia. What on earth does it have to do with Princess Di? As if she was ever going to marry Dodi and go to live in his country????

        • Marj  

          It was rumoured she was pregnant to Dodi at the time of her death.
          Maybe that was one of the reasons’ the French never released a full autopsy report.

          IF, repeat IF, that were true, of course she’d could’ve gone to Egypt with him.
          There was nothing stopping her.
          Once she’d separated from Prince Charles, she ‘dallied’ with many different men.

          She’d left her boys’ in the care of others’.

          She was, to put it kindly, an empty-headed fool. She was used as a ‘brood mare’, by the Windsors’, as her lineage went back to the 11th Century.

  7. Maureen Gunton  

    No way do I think that anyone in their right mind should be donating money to this woman – I am sure she is not actually doing it overly tough these days. It’s sad that she can’t see her children but maybe she should have thought about that possible outcome before she set the whole fiasco in action

  8. Diane Howell  

    I am a mother and would do anything for my children – what a heartbreaking situation for a mother to be experiencing. Of course she should have her children back – I am amazed at the lack of compassion shown by comments made. She must have a broken heart – she was obviously conned by a Muslim – it is ok for people to say she shouldn’t have married him, we cant all marry the right person – she is only human – I firmly believe the Australian Government should be intervening in this case.

    • Rosalind  


      Got nothing to do with the Austn Govt.
      It is she who’s made all the decisions’ which has brought her to this situation.
      It’s a domestic family squabble, so the Austn Govt can’t intervene.

  9. Susan  

    The children’s father used deceit in order to take the children away from the mother. He wasn’t “man” enough to do the right thing. No doubt his mother and babysitters are looking after the children. I doubt very much he cares about what is best for the children. Now of course with all the money he has been “given” he must be a “rich man” (in money terms only) from the way in which he went about gaining these funds and profiteering from the situation.

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