Sad news for James Packer and Mariah Carey

Word on the grapevine is that James Packer has called time on his relationship with pop star fiancé, Mariah Carey.

Word on the grapevine is that James Packer has called time on his relationship with pop star fiancé, Mariah Carey.

Woman’s Day says Packer has walked away from his would-be third wife because of her new reality television show and over-the-top spending.

The billionaire mogul has however allowed Carey to keep the $10 million engagement ring he gave her in January.

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While Packer’s office has not responded to requests for comment on the news, friends of the couple have reportedly said “it’s all over”.

“James had huge reservations about Mariah’s new reality TV show and the fact she was willing to expose their lives to the world,” one source says.

Earlier this year the couple put their much-hyped wedding on hold ‘indefinitely’, and in August — as speculation of tensions between the couple emerged — Packer cancelled a trip to Sydney to attend his sister Gretel’s 50th birthday party, though it was said he needed to be in Israel on business.

Anyone who peeks regularly at Carey’s Instagram images would have noticed that Packer has been somewhat absent from the feed, the last being September 26.

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  1. Malmsley  

    She was never going to be right for him!

    ANY woman who persistently wears as least clothes’ as possible, as she does, has serious problems, in many ways.
    Talk about lacking in self-confidence!
    How stupid of her to think her state of ‘undress’ was going to keep attracting him!

    She wouldn’t have the ability to ‘blend” with an Australian multi-billionaire, in all the aspects’ of his work.

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least they’ve ‘broken up ‘. It wasn’t to be, from the get-go!
    Glad he did saw the error, BEFORE marrying her!

    • win  

      So true…reckon he got off lightly , before she had a right to his money…through marriage !!!

    • Terry Garufi  

      Good on you jamie you deserve a more sincere woman not someone who flaunts herself in public scantly clad…

      • Marion  

        Terry, I totally agree!

        Even in this day & age of ‘liberties’ being taken every-which way, I’m a firm believer that most men still like their female companions’ to both dress, & behave in a modest way!

        She was the total antithesis of this , looking more, & more like a t@&$$-/………

        She’s a stupid, vacuous woman if she thought that’s ALL he wanted!

  2. Susan  

    Who really cares about these people, certainly not me. how dare they pay ten million dollars for. Diamond ring !! Imagine the good he could have done with that ten million and Maria Carey give it back and he can pawn it and give to Alzheimer’s Research !!!
    I am so fed up of hearing about these celebrities pushing their wealth in the faces of us who have had to work long and hard for our small rewards !!!!

  3. Mack Carson  


    You (a person) Live at the level your finances allow.
    $10m to Packer, is pocket money, at HIS financial level.

    ME I got married on wifes 70th birthday Me 75.
    I scratched to find the $600 for MY wedding ring, She used her mothers.
    It’s ALL relative.

    A man like James is that financial cause he’s an exceptional businessman willing to take the necessary risks.
    AND knows where his $$’s are plus, WHERE they going.
    She would never had lasted too long at that rate of financial usage…

    She was just getting what she could. and he was appreciating Her physical
    (probably not mental) talents.
    Good luck to the bloke. I won’t say that to her. she’s just a taker.

    He’s enjoying HIS life, and what it brings him.
    WE do the same. some more than others…

    Me. I’m 75 and have a permanent smile on my face.
    Caus I’ve always enjoyed MY level of life and finances.
    even now on the old aged pension.

    Life’s what YOU make it girl.
    Enjoy what you have. and strive for more if you feel lacking.
    The only think stopping you
    Is YOU…

  4. Suzanna  

    When I first heard of this ‘split’, the thought went through my brain, ‘bet his family has had a few words to him’.

    This piece of information has now been released!

    If she thought she could ‘hang onto’ such an astute business-man, & a man of quite strict religious upbringing, by being in a ‘state of undress’ most of the time, just goes to prove what a fool she is!

    He’s well rid of her!

    The ring cost is ‘chicken-feed’ to him. He’s gotten off lightly, per se.

    There’re many a better class of Aussie woman out there for him.

    I wish him well in the future.

  5. Joan Marshall  

    James Packer needs to concentrate on quality not quantity. If James got the quality correct he would be doing himself a favor. Honesty, Respect, Trust, Modesty, Consideration is the way to go for James. Mariah Carey lacks Class.

  6. Jan butcher  

    It was never going to work. Money makes life easier but certainly doesn’t make happiness

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