Rumours fly of shock spill for Bill

It’s a disastrous day for the opposition leader Bill Shorten, but it’s not like he didn’t see it coming. The latest Fairfax

It’s a disastrous day for the opposition leader Bill Shorten, but it’s not like he didn’t see it coming. The latest Fairfax Ipsos poll shows Labor behind 44 per cent to 56 per cent two-party-preferred lead, with the Prime Minister preferred by a whopping 69 per cent of voters.

When John Howard’s popularity was as low as Shorten’s (18 per cent), The Bulletin magazine famously ran a cover asking, “Why does this man bother?”

And it’s not just Shorten’s popularity that’s a car crash, details are emerging that the opposition leader has been involved in an actual vehicle accident as well, crashing his late mother’s Mitsubishi into parked cars on in Carlton on Sunday morning.

A spokesperson for Shorten said a number of cars, including the Mitsubishi were damaged in the incident but no one was injured.

This morning, a listener phoned into radio station 3AW’s Rumour File and suggested Shorten’s crash was caused by coffee spilling in the Labor leader’s lap, however Fairfax media reports that Shorten’s office “could not comment on the culpability of the coffee”.

Could an actual spill be on the cards for the Labor party? With results like this it is extremely unlikely the party can score a win in an election in less than 12 months’ time.

 Let’s talk: do you think it’s time for Bill Shorten to step aside? Or will he have to be pushed? And who would take his place?
  1. joanna galea  

    Why do we bother with these polls?

  2. Bloody definitely, but been Shoerten he probably thinks that’s a big number. most of the MPs would think so too, all going out for a beer tonight folks.

  3. If it happens, it happens but rumors don’t make it fact and I will vote ALP either way, I learned my lesson with Rudd and Gillard, never vote for the Leader, that is a mugs game always vote your local MP and the Party.

    • I agree about rumours, and as you say, we dont vote for the leader but I do do feel Bill Shorten is uninspiring and should never have got the leadership. We do need leadership that brings policy alive, and puts it in a language that people understand – he doesnt do that. While he is there I dont believe the Labor Party will ever flower as a decent opposition or potential government.

    • Liz I would prefer Albo but it doesn’t matter what we think, on either side of the fence, they do what they want

    • I heard Bill Shorten speak in parliament about an issue he was quite passionate about and it showed in the animation in his voice. He rarely speaks with feeling on TV He needs some real heavy duty media training. I live in a very safe Liberal seat but I expect I’ll be one of the few that vote against them and vote Labor, if they field a candidate. Albo I think would have been better. I like Tanya but I’m not sure Australia is grown up enough yet to try another female PM.

    • I just don’t care who is the leader, we have a couple years of Liberals and face it, most of us have never got into Politics like this before, Abbott created a monster in us all, we had no choice but to fight for our pensions and it is not over yet. I am voting Labor

    • I know we vote for the party and not the leader, but if that leader is weak people are put off the party though.

    • I did a web search before I answered if this was happening it would be in the mainstream news, this is just fishing for a story

  4. Yes nice guy just not strong enough .to nice …very unsure of himself …

    • Snowwhite  

      Yes Maxine Burns just as Abbott was the coalitions best asset!! Abbott was the gift that kept on giving. Sadly Shorten seems to be in the same boat.

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