RSL clubs forced to cancel ANZAC marches over terrorism fears

There has been public outcry today after it was revealed a number of RSL clubs in NSW were cancelling their
A number of RSL clubs have cancelled their annual march.

There has been public outcry today after it was revealed a number of RSL clubs in NSW were cancelling their ANZAC day marches over terrorism fears and security costs.

Four RSL clubs in the Blue Mountains say they can’t afford the expensive security measures needed this year thanks to heightened fears of a terrorist attack on the day. 

Most marches around the country will be intensifying security this year in a bid to prevent attacks like the ones in Europe last year – particularly the truck attacks in Nice and Berlin.

Huge barriers will be erected at marches around the country to prevent anything like a truck driving through the crowd, as happened in the popular European cities.

Unfortunately, not every RSL can afford the cost meaning they’ve had to cancel their most important event of the year, reports the ABC

The cancellations have caused public outcry with many calling on the local council or government to step in.

They also raise a bigger issue asking: isn’t this just as bad as giving in to the terrorists and letting them win?

If the whole point of terrorism is to incite fear and stop people from enjoying freedom, than it does look like they achieved their goal this time.

After hearing the pleas of club presidents, the local councils in question say they will fund part of the security costs meaning there is a chance the marches still might go ahead, but nothing is set in stone yet.

With so many Australians rising early every year to attend dawn services and pay their respects to our soldiers who served, it’s a sad day for many to know it has come to this.

Many are calling for people to put their fears aside and attend a service or march to show they are not afraid and will not be silenced by threats.

How do you feel about this? Do you think it’s important to stand up to terrorism and attend services this year? Or is the risk too big?

  1. Paul Graydon-Taylor  

    For a Start…Make sure that most of those Rifles being carried have live ammo’ and are carried by trained personel ready to use them if required!

  2. Please don`t weaken our returned servicemen`s marches by allowing this so called “threat”of terrorism , if you do “they” have won ! and they will move on to another opportunity ie: Easter and so on …..there must be a solution to this problem by the “Government” to stop it …scaremongering is a very good tactic to frighten the populace , we are proud Australians who don`t give in easily and this has been proven in all wars that we have fought in ,as for me ? this is a storm in a teacup ….this religious fanaticism which is being introduced to Australia must be harnessed in such a way that deportation must be exercised and a proper law implemented against this …we have always been free and it should be continued and not cow down to a minority !

  3. Karen Bennett  

    This is just letting them have more power and control,where is our Aussie true blue spirit.We are a Country by ourselves in this great world and have always fought our own battles. Why can’t they get some trucks fill them up with sand to block the roads? Trucks are insured the Blue Mountains Council could provide these trucks free of charge,the sand could be given back to the supplier when the march is finished.I live at the bottom of the mountains about 500mtrs from their boundary,all I can say is I am glad I live in the Penrith area.This is a total disgrace and very disrespectful to our Anzac’s and Service people. My in Laws are Veterans one has passed but our Mum is still going strong.Grow a brain Blue Mountains money should not be a reason to insult our Australian Pride. I hope everyone boycotts your RSL Clubs,pubs and any other clubs who will make money on our Anzac Day.πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  4. Wendy Oneill  

    We shouldn’t stop our Anzac parades ” just in case” our Vets are proud to march and why should they stop ‘just in case’ something might happen !! Come on Australia let’s show these people we aren’t afraid of these idiots who are holding us to ransome ” it’s once a year, and the more people talk of what might happen they are encouraging people to try to do something to our boys’

  5. David  

    Cancel Anzac day because of the threat of terrorism? The bastards win in that case. In fact they won when we started to even think like this.

  6. Linda  

    Our service men and woman have the guts to fight for us, so we should have the guts to honor them. Obviously the councils dont. What the hell do we pay rates for?

  7. George whitehouse  

    I am a returned serviceman, I have attended. ANZAC days to remember my mates that did not return home. We fought against those who tried to enforce their will on other innocent people. I fought them then and I will fight them again if need be on ANZAC day. It is part of our heritage to honour those who have gone before us to make this country what it is today. Let them make their idle threats for that is all they are. Our country has a very good intelligence service and am sure they would be very well aware of any threats that may be brewing. Common sense prevailed on the New Years Eve fireworks where buses where used as barriers and could be used as transport to dissipate the crowd after the event. If you asked the ADF or Army Reserve personnel if they would form an honour guard to guard the marches they would volunteer their services and enjoy the company after the parade. It all does not cost money only dedication to the cause.

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