Rolf Harris awaits jury to hear his fate

As you might remember, legendary entertainer Rolf Harris was last year charged with six counts of indecent assault and one
Rolf Harris has been on trial during the past month over a string of charges. Source: YouTube

As you might remember, legendary entertainer Rolf Harris was last year charged with six counts of indecent assault and one of sexual assault.

Since January 9 he’s been on trial over the charges in a London Court.

The charges stems from incidents that allegedly happened between 1971 and 2004, against girls and women aged from 12 to 42-years-old.

AAP reports the jury still hasn’t reached an agreement, despite three days of deliberations.

The jury of seven women and five men is due to return later today and continue deliberating.

It’s been reported that for the first three weeks of the trial, Harris appeared via video-link from prison.

He’s been serving time in jail since 2014 over similar charges.

During this latest trial, AAP reports the court heard the 86-year-old entertainer had an “appetite for groping girls”.

His defence argued against the charges, accusing the women involved in this latest case of “fabricating” their claims because they want to be paid financial compensation.

Many of us grew up listening to songs by Harris, and the charges and scandals over the past few years have certainly come as a shock to many.

Are you shocked by the charges against Rolf Harris? Were you a fan of his work?


  1. Graeme  

    Yes I am worried about this case. A comment by one of the’victims’ is a concern. She reckoned he said do u always get molested on a Saturday morning. Now who would say that? I ask you. This case is not right.

  2. Joan Marshall  

    People are angry that Rolf Harris has got away with his behavior for so long because he used the cloak of celebrity just like some Priests have done. All Rolf’s fame is down the gutter. If only these people will admit they have a massive problem and get professional help. He is a liar and an abuser.

  3. Dave  

    If you visit the Facebook Page “Support Justice for Rolf Harris” you will learn, far, FAR more than most knuckle-draggers want to know about the Rolf Harris cases. Rolf has basically been made a scapegoat in the wake of perceived police failures in the wake of the Jimmy Saville scandals.
    Did you know that in the UK at present, anybody can now make a complaint of “Historical” Sexual abuse against anybody else. There is no time limit (Cliff Richard had accusations dating back over 50 years!); the complainant is given TOTAL anonymity, but NOT the accused, who can have his name plastered all over the media before he’s even been charged with anything.
    If they wish, the complainants even get to sit behind a screen in the courtroom, so in most cases the defendant doesn’t even know WHO is actually making the complaint!
    So somebody completely anonymous makes a complaint about an event that allegedly happened decades ago, and the defendant is somehow supposed to mount a defence against that; basically he has to PROVE it didn’t happen. In the case of Rolf Harris, who has met countless thousands of people in his 60 year career, he can’t be expected to remember where he was or what he did on every one of those 20,000-odd days. But the prosecution appeared to think he should…
    In two cases of his first trial, the defence produced quite convincing that two of the alleged incidents couldn’t possibly have happened, but the complainants were allowed to change their stories mid-trial! Another was proven to be lying outright, but her story was still accepted by the jury.
    All four complainants also said they were only interested in justice and “closure” but then all four then suddenly decided to seek compensation.
    Bottom line, as soon as somebody says the word “Paedophile”, you’re going to be found guilty; the trial is largely superfluous. There have been some lengthy discussions about all this in the British Parliament, but oddly, the press haven’t reported it much.
    I mean why would someone NOT try this on for money? You get total anonymity, you are guaranteed to be believed no matter how vague or absurd your story, you get free counselling and support whether your case succeeds or not, “No Win-No Fee” legal support, and the defence is specifically prohibited from revealing any financial, personal or mental problems you have had, or whether you have any history of making similar complaints. And what happens if your case gets thrown out? Nothing, in virtually all cases. So the defendant is required to spend huge amounts of his own money on lawyers and private detectives to mount a defence, and even if he succeeds, there is no compensation, and he still never knows who made the complaint.
    The first four cases were the classic “Trial by Media” with the UK press having a field day. Oddly, this time round not a single UK news outlet has commented, even on tings they are perfectly entitled to.

  4. because in the Southern Hemisphere he was well known for the kind of person he really is. The lowest of the low and not that discreet about it at all.

  5. Natasham_Atthews  

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  6. Gillian  

    Hilary, are you basing this claim on provable fact or on gossip that came out in the media around the time of the first trial from people in the Australian media who hadn’t bothered to report supposedly criminal acts to the police?

    I agree with Dave. Another site worth visiting is

  7. Darryl Manuel  

    I think people have jumped on the band wagon for money ,he was a good entertainer and joker and it’s been blown out of all proportion

  8. I was heart Broken when I heard he was my idol growing up and I would like my gran kids to watch his movies he was a great all round entertainer and a very funny man if they prove it to be true with no doubt I will be deverstated I loved that man I broke down and cried is no one safe any more

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