Reports Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin are set to marry

Despite previously shutting down claims they were in a relationship, one of Australia’s most popular magazines is reporting that Russell
Russell and Terri have been friends for years.

Despite previously shutting down claims they were in a relationship, one of Australia’s most popular magazines is reporting that Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin are set to wed.

New Idea is reporting the couple are ready to take their so-called relationship to the next level – going public and saying ‘I do’.

It’s not the first time the pair have been linked, but they have always denied anything more than friendship saying Russell has been close with the entire family for years.

New Idea has written that a source close to Terri told them: “You can totally tell they’re into each other and have been for a very long time.”

They also made the bold claim that people had seen Russell “half-naked” on Terri’s balcony at her Sunshine Coast home.

“The truth is, they’re both at similar stages of their lives and have so much in common – kids, looking for love, big careers,” they wrote.

“It was only a matter of time before they fell in love.”

However, despite the magazine’s insistence that marital bliss is just around the corner for the pair, Australia Zoo has laughed off the story and called it false at best.

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“All of these reports are completely false,” they told the Daily Mail.

“Terri and Russell are not dating and are certainly not planning a wedding.”

The story comes at the same time Women’s Day has reported Bindi and her boyfriend are getting ready to have a baby! They said Bindi was constantly talking about babies and had Terri worried she was moving too fast.

However, these claims have also been slammed by Australia Zoo who question where the magazines were getting their “sources” from.

“The reports are completely false,” they said.

“I can advise with certainty that these stories have been made up. I don’t even know how anyone would have a clue about Bindi’s health, but that claim is also entirely untrue…

“We’re just over here saving wildlife and the environment!”

The stories have left some people wondering how the mags can get away with publishing the reports just using unnamed sources – particularly when they were so strongly denied by Australia Zoo.

What are your thoughts on claims like this?

  1. Raylene Swain  

    I don’t buy magazines as nothing is ever true, they have been saying for 8 years that Bec and Lleyton are getting a divorce and I saw the headline on a mag the other day and said to a friend if I was Bec or Lleyton I would sue them, saying hurtful things like he was betting madly at the Melbourne Cup, and not paying attention to her, DUH what do you do at the Cup not place a bet!! just ridiculous so I wouldn’t take a New Idea even if it was free as nothing they print is ever truthful!

  2. Guy Flavell  

    Inane ‘trash’ like ‘New Idea’ will print anything that will sell copies to the foolish people in our society gullible enough to actually believe their garbage. Funnily enough, you’ll
    read totally different stories on the same celebrities in equally the trashy ‘Womans’ Day’ or ‘Womans’Weekly’.
    PS: only know this from the ‘rags’ in the doctor’s waiting room on my weekly visits (promise).

    • Marcia  

      ……’rags’…….poor choice of a word, although is used.
      Especially in relation to being in a ‘medical’ surgery.

      Typical non-thinking male!

      FYI, it means something totally different to the female populace.

  3. Marilynne  

    They’d be made for each other!
    Both narcissists’, only interested in themselves’, & oh! money!

    My other thoughts on either of them aren’t suitable to print on this site…….

  4. facebook_maureen.mcilwrath  

    I don’t believe any thing new idea or womans day print love to sit at the doctors with 12 month old issues and have a laugh at how nothing has come true that they printed

  5. Phillip Perry  

    Who really cares !! The same as Mariah & Packer. There is more important things happening in the world .

  6. Michael Hallinan  

    That Hug by Rusty,is a” how are you nice to see you” embrace. Seriously Starts at 60

  7. Margaret Leigh  

    Don’t believe it for one second. Russell, not Terri Irwin mate.

  8. Margaret Leigh  

    Don’t believe it for one second. Russell, not Terri Irwin mate.

  9. Joan Marshall  

    Tirri Erwin with Russel Crowe? watch out for the wild temper!!

    • Jayne  

      Learn to spell!



  10. Jan  

    New Idea and Woman’s Day – I bought those two magazines for years, but now refuse to have them in my home because of all the blatant lies and deception they print. They print one thing on the cover and produce a different story inside!!! I’ll never buy those two appalling magazines again.

  11. The “news” is in the No Idea and the Woman’s Daze? Oh, well, then, it must be true …

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