Reports Karl Stefanovic has quit Today

Imagine the Today show without host Karl Stefanovic… It might not be as unreal as it sounds. According to New

Imagine the Today show without host Karl Stefanovic… It might not be as unreal as it sounds. According to New Idea magazine, the 42-year-old is set to turn his back on the morning program in the wake of his breakup from wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thorburn.

The magazine claims Stefanovic is heading for the United States, where he wishes to keep a low profile before returning to Australia in 2017.

As far as timing goes, it probably works out well as the Today team will take a break over the Christmas period.

Stefanovic and Thorburn made headlines earlier this year when it was revealed they had separated. It has also been reported that Stefanovic will be ‘rested’ from his television duties over the summer period following the split.

Channel 9 boss Darren Wick confirmed last month that the Today show host will take at least a month off to attend to family issues, while Stefanovic’s manager says the star is “happy” about the break.

“Previously what we’ve done with Karl is that he has often shot 60 Minutes stories over the summer,” Wick says. “We don’t want him doing that this year — just have a break. Obviously what he’s working through with his family situation… He need to have a break and just rest and spend time with his family.”

Stefanovic has been host of the breakfast show with Lisa Wilkinson since 2005.

Would you be disappointed if Karl Stefanovic left Today permanently? Do you think taking some time away to refocus is a good idea?

  1. Nanna  

    …and who believes anything printed in New Idea or Woman’s day!

    • John  

      Who really cares what he does,
      But I can just hear all the bleeding hearts coming out of the woodwork,
      Whinging about him leaving.
      If he does bugger off, more people might start to watch the show.

    • I agree.
      I’m so disappointed with magazines .
      I’d much rather watch the today show and leave the hosts to deal with their private lives PRIVATELY

  2. Like, the country cares? Really? Truly?
    Is the population that dumb?
    Don’t answer that …

  3. chris  

    who cares , moving to America , lol thought he was spending time with his family

  4. Disey  

    I for one would love to believe that he has quit, but we couldn’t be so lucky – he’ll be back like the annoying little boy he is next year !

    • Janma  

      I don’t watch that show but yes, you hit the nail on the head, he IS a spoilt little brat.

    • couldn’t agree more – who cares about the spoilt brat?! (Lisa annoys me too but I can almost put up with her!)

  5. yay off you go.who cares!!.So full of himself.

    • Diane Bellette  

      I agree Denise he won’t be a loss that’s for sure

  6. Jacqui Lee  

    I have recently found Karl so annoying, like a spoiled little boy. Always first to do something to draw attention to himself. Lisa is much more measured and sensible. Yep if he goes will wave a flag. But am sure there are those who really love his ‘impish’ stupidity. His brother is more bearable. His long suffering wife had an extra child it seems.

    • Janis  

      By whom?

      Is THAT the reason for the marriage breakdown?

  7. Ros.parker  

    He would be no loss.. He is annoying and self-centred.. WHO LAUGHS AT THEIR OWN JOKES and THINKS HE IS SO FUNNY… KARL does… So not funny. Bring on 2017 without him… NO LOSS CHANNEL NINE…

  8. Carl Hanlon  

    Off to America with his new GIRLFRIEND…. that’s the real truth.

  9. Ann Daniels  

    He should be staying in Australia, to be there for his children, and works his private life out with his wife and children.BUT he is not, he will do what he wants to do. He is too full of him self.Myself I will be glad to see some one else on, in the morning.

    • Marion  

      He’s not the type of person to do things ‘sensibly’.

      Currently, he’s too ‘busy’ with new girlfriend!

      I listen to my CD’s of beautiful light classical music, whilst at home.
      Couldn’t be bothered wasting time watching tv!

  10. OO! Dare we think there a few kindred spirits out there? What is Channel 9 or the Woman’s Daze or the No Idea going to make out of this?
    It wouldn’t make any difference to theit back pocket … didn’t somebody once say “There’s one born every minute”?

    • cannes  

      Yep, Barnum, of Circus brand name fame………

      • And, in the case of the gawpers who dote on the Nine morning show extravaganza, I think he was right on the money.

  11. Ray Edmondson  

    Goodbye Karl ! Good riddance ! This guy is just full of himself ! ..Think I’m about to be sick just thinking about him !!

    • J.P.SETON  

      I must agree with most comments,so egotisical it is sickening. He made an oath to remain m,d to Cariisa who has foregone her career. No THOUGHTS ABOUT HIS CHILDREN .All I can say is Karl do the right thing and make your marriage work . Do we drop the bundle everytime things dont go well.

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