Reports Gable Tostee could make mega bucks by selling his story

Earlier this week, Gold Coast man Gable Tostee was found not guilty of the murder of Warriena Wright, who fell

Earlier this week, Gold Coast man Gable Tostee was found not guilty of the murder of Warriena Wright, who fell to her death from his balcony in 2014.

Now, there are reports Tostee could be preparing to sell his story to the highest bidder for a television tell-all.

The trial left many questions unanswered and with such such high public interest in the case, some are speculating that shows such as ’60 Minutes’ or ‘Sunday Night’ could offer him big bucks to give them an exclusive interview.

Many are still wondering why Tostee recorded his interaction with Wright and why he left his apartment immediately afterwards to get pizza instead of calling police.

“It’s a case that is ripe for current affairs; audio, romance, Tinder, but viewers are mindful that there is a victim at the centre of it all and may take a dim view of anybody seen to be cashing in,” David Knox, editor of TV Tonight told News Corp.

“A news story as big as this would already be on a news producer’s white board and there are now various angles you could build a story around: Gable Tostee, the family of Warriena Wright, or even the impact of social media on the trial.”

Another industry source, who chose to remain anonymous, said legally there was no problem with Tostee profiting from the ordeal.

“He’s been cleared of any charges, so there’s nothing legally wrong with paying him,” she said.

Other experts say the public interest is too big for many TV shows to pass up on. 

“Now that the trial is over, there is no obstacle to other information which was blocked from the jury coming out,” head of journalism at Curtin University, Joseph Fernandez, told

“Whenever somebody has a story to tell and is refusing to speak — watching the news as he was walking out, he was very tight-lipped — there is going to be huge interest.

“I wouldn’t rule out that anybody with a chequebook would be very interested in talking with Gable about his story.”

While it might be legally okay for Tostee to sell his story, the ethical concerns are something else all together.

Some say he has a right to sell his story to help fund getting his life back on track, while others argue it would be morally wrong.

Do you think Gable Tostee should be able to sell his story? Or should he stay quiet?

  1. Rosemarie  

    A young woman’s dead!
    She, unfortunately, was in his apartment, with him.

    Now he’s going to make money out of that?

    Action lower than a snake’s belly……..

  2. Nancye  

    He can’t make money if it isn’t offered to him! The media have a lot to answer for as well as people who watch and read these stories. I for one am not interested.

  3. Richard Shelton  

    He might have got off but a girl is dead and her family’s lives are changed forever. He is nothing but a sleezebag and shouldn’t get a cent from anyone

  4. Beverley  

    He went before a jury who presumbly heard more than any of us who were not in the courtroom, have heard. The Media certainly had a field day with it all. . He was found “Not Guilty” and whilst some may condemn him, no-one seems to be abusing the jury who made that decision. What he is doing might be distasteful to some, but he is perfectly entitled to try and recoup his costs.

  5. He might not have physically pushed her but I bet he had something to do with her “fall”….he had her in his room…went to get a pizza! Alibi? Sleaze bag needs to recoup his costs because he got a sleaze bag lawyer to defend him…and they don’t come cheap 😜….in his heart he know what he did and I hope it haunts him for the rest of his life!!! I hope no other poor woman falls for his fake charm….

  6. Pamela  

    She meets a guy on a website, gets drunk and has sex with him then starts attacking and throwing things at him.

    He locks her on the balcony for his safety’s sake.

    She decides to climb over the edge, looses her grip and falls.

    Hardly his fault!

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