Report warns our hospitals are headed for a “black hole”

A new report says our public hospitals are falling into a “black hole” and urges the government to reform taxes quickly

A new report says our public hospitals are falling into a “black hole” and urges the government to reform taxes quickly before the situation becomes dire.

The report by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) showed evidence proving critical patients are having to wait longer in emergency departments, and that the number of beds available to patients is dropping. It also showed that waiting times for elective surgeries are not improving, like we had hoped they would.

The federal government is now under pressure to reform taxes after the treasury department earlier announced $57 billion would be cut from the health system over 10 years.

The AMA is calling for an overhaul to the health funding system and warned the state of our public hospitals will only get worse if the government does not address the issue.

“The issue is that the [funding] increase is not going to be anywhere near the rate of growth that is required to maintain services, let alone see an improvement,” AMA president Professor Owler said.

“What we’ve already seen in this report card is that the focus has come off the elective surgery and emergency access targets and we’ve seen performance fall.

“The states and territories are facing a public hospital funding black hole from 2017, when growth in federal funding slows to a trickle.”

Do you worry about the future of our hospitals? What do you think the government should do to fix our hospitals?

  1. Pamela  

    Australians die or miss out while the government continues to spend our money on terrorists!

    The resettlement of 12,000 refugees from the war-ravaged Middle East is expected to cost between $600 million and $700m and take more than two years.

  2. Jullieanne  

    How anyone can think if you cut $57 billion on health care and expect to stay in front then you are dreaming, even if it’s over 10 years it’s still a cut. Just forget the aged who after all have worked for their share of this $57 billion and will need this as we are an ageing population, hips wear out, knees go after all that paid work contributing to this counties wealth.
    Our local hospital went from a 30 bed to a 20 bed and is now a 10 bed due to NO STAFF. Bit hard to have staff when they are not replaced or even advertised. Another point I would like to make before I finish off MORAL in hospitals is at an altime LOW, not knowing if your job is safe as has happened at other hospitals and heaven forbid if you are injuried doing this job then you are out the door and treated like your the criminal.

  3. Lesley  

    There will be an election this year. Instead of see sawing between LIB/LAB check the other parties policies, you might find that there are better options out there.

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