Report reveals politicians use travel allowance to pay off their mortgages

After countless scandals about politicians’ spending habits and abuse of political allowances, it has been revealed that one in five

After countless scandals about politicians’ spending habits and abuse of political allowances, it has been revealed that one in five politicians use their monthly travel allowance to pay off their mortgages.

Politicians are allowed to claim $273 when they travel to Canberra for work and many of them own second houses in the city.

Under the law, they are allowed to stay in their own homes and claim the money back under the travel allowance scheme. This means they can take the accommodation money and put it back into their home loan to pay off the mortgage.

The revelation has outraged voters, many of whom say they are sickened by such a “blatant use” of taxpayer money for personal gain.

Representatives for ministers including Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, Social Services Minister Christian Porter, Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion and Assistant Defence Minister Michael McCormack confirmed they stay in houses or apartments they own and claim the travel allowance when in Canberra, which can work out at a minimum of $1000 a week or $18,000 a year, reports SMH.

A number of Labor frontbenchers, including immigration spokesman Richard Marles and trade spokeswoman Penny Wong also claim the allowance.

They payment scheme was recently under investigation throughout an inquiry into MPs spending allowances, but was found to be a “reasonable” item.

“The committee considers the current arrangements are reasonable. It also considers that how parliamentarians use the flat rate allowance to support their accommodation in Canberra is a matter for them,” the review, which was released earlier this month, said.

One of the most high-profile pollies who has made claims under the accomodation allowance is Joe Hockey.

Mr Hockey and his wife own a three-bedroom home in the upmarket Canberra suburb of Forrest. They bought to house for $320,000 in 1997 and are selling it at auction this weekend, where it is expected to go for over $1 million.

See the full list of which MPs own properties in Canberra. (List obtained from Sydney Morning Herald)

MPs who own property in Canberra
House of Representatives: Anthony Albanese, Brownyn Bishop, Julie Bishop, Mark Butler, Jim Chalmers, Peter Dutton, Gary Gray, Jill Hall, Chris Hayes, Stephen Jones, Andrew Laming, Richard Marles, Russell Matheson, Michael McCormack, Andrew Nikolic, Brendan O’Connor, Keith Pitt, Tanya Plibersek, Christian Porter, Jane Prentice, Melissa Price, Amanda Rishworth, Philip Ruddock, Warren Snowdon, Sharman Stone, Ann Sudmalis, Dan Tehan, Warren Truss, Matt Williams, Ken Wyatt.

Senate: Penny Wong, Glenn Sterle, Rachel Siewert, Nigel Scullion, Linda Reynolds, Helen Polley, Nova Peris, Barry O’Sullivan, David Leyonhjelm, Chris Ketter, Bill Heffernan, Doug Cameron, David Fawcett, George Brandis, Mathias Cormann, Cory Bernardi, Chris Back, Eric Abetz, Michaelia Cash, Kim Carr, Matt Canavan.

What are your thoughts on┬áthis latest revelation? Do you think it’s fair for pollies to claim travel allowance and use it to pay their mortgage?

  1. Doug delzoppo  

    They need to tighten up, why ask us to tighten our belts and give more and they just keep on abusing the system to suite themselves shame on them

  2. trisha  

    Yes, they tell us to get used to less, whilst they have their snouts in the trough. This continues and again I say
    no one listens. Perhaps if we throw out the party leading our Country for this reason, the incoming party might
    think more than once before they continue with this type of behaviour.

  3. richard  

    No wonder the Government has no money. 51 x $18000 = $ 918000 didn’t need to spend, doesn’t sound much but that could be more teachers,doctors or police

  4. How disgusting. Just another rip off of the system. If they own the house they shouldn’t be able to claim allowances of any kind. If we owned two homes ( I Wish) we wouldn’t be able to get a full pension and our benefits would be cut. The travel allowance was designed for pollies who genuinely have to travel from far afield to parliament.

  5. Why doesn’t the government buy a few apartments that the pollies can use while in town and then there would be no need to give out allowances at all for the duration of the sitting of parliament. Three bedroom apartments and then three pollies could share. HAHAHAHA. It would never happen,

  6. Ian Young  

    Most jobs have some perks but this is an absolute rort. How many other people in the workforce can make similar claims? Very few, if any. And the hypocrisy of Hockey and his end of “the Age of Entitlement” is mind-blowing. They are all having a laugh at taxpayers expense. Time to abolish this allowance but who in the parliament would champion the reform?

  7. jan  

    Thats a absolute disgrace they dont mind taking from the pensioners but blatantly dont mind us paying for their holiday homes..just disgraceful something needs to be done about it that money could be coming off the deficit. .

  8. roy bridges  

    Self interest, this plus their out of control super benefit . Then they talk about pensions not a right . Joe talk about no double dip ??and Penny what about being fair ??

  9. This is disgusting they say we can’t afford our pensioners it’s the lazy bloody politicians we can’t afford ripping off the taxpayers big time

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