‘Racist’ TV ad sparks fury around the world

A Chinese laundry detergent company has sparked outrage around the world after releasing their latest advertisment. The ad has been

A Chinese laundry detergent company has sparked outrage around the world after releasing their latest advertisment.

The ad has been labelled as one the most racist ads ever made, with many poeple asking just what exactly was the company Qiaobi was thinking when they made it.

The ad shows a young Chinese woman getting ready to do her laundry when a black man appears at her door.

He whistles to her and she entices him over with a wiggle of her finger.

Just as they are about to kiss she pops a detergent capsule in his mouth and pushes him into the washing machine.

The man can be heard yelling and tumbling around the machine before the load finishes and the woman opens the lid only to have a clean and smiling Chinese man materialise out of it – much to her delight.

The commercial ends with Qiaobi’s tagline in Chinese which translates to: “Change begins with Qiaobi.”

The ad is copping major backlash around the world, with people calling out the company for promoting a blatantly racist message.

However, others have said it’s just a bit of fun and that people are being too sensitive about it.

Take a look and tell us what you think. Is this ad racist or just a bit of a laugh?

Should this ad be banned? Or is it just a joke?

  1. Strange sense of humour the Chinese have I don’t quiet get the correlation you shove a black man into a washing machine with a soap portion and out pop’s a Chinese white man is this how they will conquer the world, My wife and I don’t think It’s racist but just a really different add for us people who don’t have their sense of humour,

    • Where is this world going to end up.
      I saw this ad on my Chinese Wechat site………and
      We have all sorts of horrible things happening in the world, children starving, child trafficking, all kinds of horrible injuries as the result of IUDs etc, families drowning while trying to get to a safer place, earthquakes, mud slides, still too many human diseases not cured,
      I could go on and on and on……..
      People get your priorities right

      About time we all got over RACISM, and so many other REALLY MINOR THINGS.

    • Jeff  

      It’s a funny way of advertising, but the idea of advertising is to have your company (or product) noticed. I would say the advertising worked. End of story!

  2. Elizabeth Gardner  

    Are we all not getting just a bit too sensitive for our own good. I do not think it is racist and obviously the actor did not or he would not have done it. Lighten up people!

  3. For increasing numbers everything is racist or offensive. People need to lighten up a bit. If it was a Caucasian motor mechanic nobody would have made a peep.

  4. J.Loehr  

    Geez whats the world comming to? its not racist its just stupid

  5. Irene Rayias  

    Personally I think it’s bad taste and like J. Loehr says in the comments “just stupid”

  6. If I hadn’t been influenced by the blurb I wouldn’t have considered it racist but having viewed the video, I can see why some may consider it racist. A black man of a specific ethnic background goes through the wash and comes out a person of different ethnicity and not white but a whiter shade of pale! It’s not the best advertisement of the day and may need revisiting and revising by the creators.

  7. Gail  

    Just watched it no didn’t think it racist at all. Just a silly add. Get a bit sick of people using the word racist for everything

  8. Robert Young  

    The purpose of advertising is to get you to remember the product being advertised more often than not this is done by some thing silly that causes you to remember this is one such case a silly maybe even a tad crazy but as to being racist I can’t see that being the case.

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