UPDATE on racist attack on Michelle Obama

As the fallout from last week’s US Presidential Election continues there have been, more racial attacks reported on daily. This

As the fallout from last week’s US Presidential Election continues there have been, more racial attacks reported on daily. This is even despite President-Elect Donald Trump telling his supporters and other offenders to “Stop it” while being interviewed on the US edition of 60 Minutes.

The latest attack was perpetrated online and was directed at First Lady Michelle Obama. A West Virginian business leader was more than happy with the election results and recently took to Facebook to share her excitement. Her excitement wasn’t so much in the change of power but the change in First Lady. Pamela Ramsey Taylor, a director of Clay County Development Corporation, posted on Facebook, “It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing an ape in heels.”

Clay Mayor Beverly Whaling appeared to endorse the statement by posting “Just made my day Pam” on the original post. Both the posts and the women’s Facebooks have been removed at this stage.

There was growing pressure on both women to resign from their posts after posting what many called “disgusting racism”. A local television news has recently reported that Ms Taylor who was responsible for the original post has been removed from her position with the Clay County Development Corporation. The Mayor of Clay did offer a statement saying, “I would like to apologise for any unintentional harm caused by my comment.”

“My comment was not intended to be racist at all. I was referring to my day being made for the change in the White House! I am truly sorry for any hard feeling this may have caused! Those who know me, know that I am not in any way racist! Again, I would like to apologise for this getting out of hand!”

As the petition to have her Ms Whaling removed from her position as Mayor continues to grow, it’s not known if she will resign from her position over her part in the scandal.

  1. marilyn flynn  

    terrible thing to say. Michelle Obama is way out ahead of mrs Trump in every way. Why would you prefer an ex nude model, (who had the terrible taste to marry Donald) to someone who has proved she is a compassionate caring intelligent woman? because she’s white thats why. Makes me sick.

    • Wow!!!! So It’s okay to knock Mrs Trump????? Why even compare them??? Ex nude model, is that a big deal???? You have just shown yourself to be as bad as the original article…. I don’t personally know either ladies ever I am sure that both have some wonderful attributes, it’s just that Mrs Obama has been in the limelight for the past 8 years (and yes I do think she is absolutely amazing, fabulous, elegant and much much more) and Mrs Trump has only just ‘hit the stage’…… Let’s think nice things about both hey????

      • elena  

        Anybody who tries to offend somebody else is because they are resented and feel inferior as a human being themselves and they probable are very insignificant worthless beings, I feel sad for them and just ignore.

  2. Joy Boaz  

    How unbelievable that some awful women can be so damned cruel. You madam deserve to have a few years in jail. You are disgusting.

  3. Leeanne parker  

    Disgusting comment from a female about another female! I hope youve copped heaps of negative comments on your own terrible self, shame on you, just you wait & see just what your new president starts to say about the female population in genetal & then you ll feel how the classy first lady felt with your gutter comment !

  4. Elaine Henderson  

    These comments made me feel literally sick to my stomach. I cannot believe that in this day and age people would think that this is OK. But welcome to trump’s America and this is what it would be like here to if hanson and the far right of the liberal party get their way. Michelle Obama is an entirely classy and beautiful person, inside and out. Shame on you America.

  5. rob brow  

    Perhaps the Mayor of Clay County should resign for stupidity if not racism. By the way I think Mrs Obama should be considered as a future candidate for the Presidency. She has beauty, brains and compassion for her fellow human beings unlike these two asinine redneck twerps from Clay County, W Virginia.

  6. Rhonda De Stefano  

    Completely insulting to a lady who has brought intelligence, dignity and a caring attitude to her role!

  7. Absolutely disgusted. Michelle Obama has more class in her little finger than the “female” that made the comment.

  8. C Hindmarsh  

    America, you need to stop this rubbish and start working together , u may need teamship as time goes on, victimising a person because of their colour, race, believes or opinions is wrong. U may think these things but to voice such shows a lack of class and professionalism. No one person is the same, if we were all the same life and the world would be boring. America don’t stoop to a low level, you are America and a lot of the world looks up to u for leadership and example, not this trash. U may be scared but stay strong together .

  9. Suz  

    as for the Mayor trying to save her job….. her friend did not say, hey I’m glad the republicans got in. Nor did she say, hey I’m happy Trump won. She made a very clear direct racist comment about Michelle Obama. If the Mayor now claims she didn’t read anything racist into the remarks she should lose her job anyway for pure stupidity. She is a racist, her friend is a racist and we do not need that in this world.

    • Pamela  

      Call a black person a name and it is considered ‘racist’!

      Call a white person a name and no-one blinks an eye!

  10. marie  

    I am sure Michelle has enough self esteem to ignore such ignorance. She is one classy lady, beautiful and dignified. She has been a credit to herself ,her husband and America.

  11. Nan  

    Sorry what part of ‘an ape in heels’ is about her day and the change? Disgusting from someone in a position of authority and from the endorser! The Mayor should resign too!

  12. Edwin  

    I bet you got large tits covered in TATTOOS,. Ok Michael Obama is a beautiful woman with more brains in her little finger than you have in you entire body,

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