Queensland MP bursts into tears on live TV

In a surprising display of emotion Queensland MP Ewen Jones has burst into tears on live television after announcing government

In a surprising display of emotion Queensland MP Ewen Jones has burst into tears on live television after announcing government assistance for sacked workers from Clive Palmer’s nickel refinery.

Mr Jones runs the north Queensland electorate where Mr Palmer’s failed Queensland Nickel refinery was run from, and has witnessed first-hand the financial pain and suffering the sacked workers have been through.

Mr Jones was announcing the financial aid and confirming the government would be chasing Mr Palmer and Queensland Nickel for money, with almost $74 million in redundancy payments to be paid by the government under the Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG) scheme.

It all became too much to emotional MP though.

“This is a tough day in Townsville, because this says that this is the end of the line for a lot of these people. This is taxpayers’ money and no one at Queensland Nickel who has lost their job wants to have taxpayers’ money,” MrJones said.

“We will pursue the management of Queensland Nickel to ensure that we are a creditor of Queensland Nickel. We will pursue that money that taxpayers are owed. It’s the measures we want to get through to the Queensland Nickel employees. Because this is really important for Townsville.”

At that point, Mr Jones begins to cry uncontrollably and steps away from the microphone, with Employment Minister Michaelia Cash taking over.

Ms Cash said the government was serious about making Mr Palmer and Queensland Nickel pay up.

“This includes pursuing Clive Palmer and all of his entities that have been the beneficiaries of the cash that has been stripped from Queensland Nickel,” Cash said.

“Unfortunately it could have all been avoided,” Cash said.

“A viable enterprise has been run into the ground by its managers and former owners.”

Mr Palmer has infuriated the sacked workers and the public over his handling of the issue, with many saying he is trying to dodge his responsibilities as a boss and an MP.

The video of Mr Jones’ emotional display has been circulating widely on social media, with many people praising him for caring so much about the workers.

What do you think about his emotional display?

What do you think about Mr Jones’ emotional display? Do we need more politicians who care this much?

  1. John Cryer  

    As I have mentioned in a previous pst relating to the Palmer dynasty, when will this idiot be stopped from driving once healthy enterprises into the ground costing hundreds of people to be out of work, plus hundreds more of ancilliary workers employed by contractors. One has to ask is this just another way this fat cat avoids taxes by having millions in write offs. First he should be stripped of his MP status, second he should be made personally liable for the debt and for the entitlemebnts of workers, three he should be made to set up an assistance programme ( to which he cannot claim costs or losses). Then he should get a eal job, not that anyone would employ him. He is worSe than the Bonds ans Scaces of this world.

  2. Ray  

    To answer the question asked, I think he is a bit of a sook. I don’t doubt his sincerity but to break down like he did over this matter makes me suspicious that he has underlying issues he needs to address.

  3. colin  

    he cried right on queue. funny that most of Australia knew about this Nickel mine a d its problems, yet these very politicians didn’t??

  4. TG  

    The nickel refinery was extremely viable. It is only about 6 or 7 years ago, that the owners before Clive Palmer spent an enormous amount of money to upgrade it so that as well as nickel, other rarer and profitable metals such as cobalt could be efficiently extracted from the same ore. I am puzzled about the comment about the nickel mine. Are you confusing the nickel refinery with the Greenvale mine, which was previously the source of ore. In recent times, laterite nickel ores have been shipped to Townsville refinery. So the Greenvale mine has been gone for a while, but nothing wrong with the profitability of the refinery. Clive Palmer has been ‘milking the refinery’ of many millions through various means, to line his own pocket and to fund his own political campaign. That is all that is wrong with the refinery. Townsville has gone from a vibrant city with huge growth to a dismal place with a terrible job market in the space of a couple of years. It is not just the nickel refinery workers who are losing jobs either. There have been significant lay offs in other areas. The nickel refinery workers have not received their entitlements, but the same has happened in other industries and companies as well, with workers not paid their final pay even.

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