Queenie’s grandfather asked for the death penalty on learning of her death

The grandfather of the two-month old baby girl known as Queenie who was fatally stabbed in Brisbane this week has

The grandfather of the two-month old baby girl known as Queenie who was fatally stabbed in Brisbane this week has asked his lawyer for the death penalty, however we are no closer to understanding what could possibly have prompted the alleged attack on his defenceless baby granddaughter.

Qianqian “Queenie” Xu died in hospital after her grandfather allegedly stabbed her, as well as his wife and daughter, Queenie’s mother. So far, no one has been able to comprehend the incident, with members of the family’s community expressing their disbelief that this “kind, loving” grandfather could do such a thing.

The incident eerily echoes that of the Port Lincoln father who police now say shot his children and himself before driving them into the sea.

How can it be that these two men who were one moment coping okay with life could find themselves is such a dark place that they could commit these acts? It’s enough to make you question what you really know about your loved ones.

Everyone goes through rough patches, and many people struggle with dark depressions and mental health conditions. But when such violent actions occur, including suicides, we can’t help wondering: were there signs? Could someone have guessed the danger ahead?

The compulsion of men to commit violence against themselves is one thing, but when they decide to take innocents with them, it is simply incomprehensible. Trying to to understand how a grandfather could possibly harm his baby granddaughter is impossible.

So far, all we know is that the grandfather was visiting from China, meeting his baby granddaughter for the first time, and that when he awoke in hospital and learned of her death, he asked his lawyer for the death penalty, as reported by the ABC.

His daughter and wife remain in hospital with knife wounds and are reportedly struggling to come terms with the death of baby Queenie. One can only imagine what her parents are going through right now.

Is it time we put male mental health back in the spotlight? Could these tragedies have been prevented?

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  1. Mental health issues are always used as an excuse when these men kill these children, it makes me sick, I think it just a violent attitude some men have and their solution is to kill. I have no sympathy for them, my sympathy is with the young lives lost and this is coming from a man

    • Well said David.They will be afforded plenty of counselling and excuses,but where does the, taking responsibility for their own self control start!

    • Nothing is ever black and white, unless you have spent time with someone with mental illness you don’t have a clue. when a crime is committed out of hate there is usually a reason, spite, Jelousy, selfishness, etc but mental illness is a whole different thing and it can be bought on by hormones such as giving birth or it could be undiagnosed bipolar. There is a reason we have a judge and jury system in this country and that is to stop armchair law enforcement from sending inocent people to the gallows.

    • Sharon Curle, everyone is entitled to their opinion and the DON’T all have to agree with you, I think David is right, this is a bigger issue that is facing our country..domestic violence

    • oh no here they come after me now 🙂 🙂 ..don’t bother I am adult I make my own mind Sharon Curle and so does every other adult out there

    • David I guess you have never been in a position of loosing your kids because of a selfish mother I don’t think the whole story has come out about the dad that took his boys with him and as for the grandfather no excuses for him our laws stink regarding kids and parents rights I think it would be a split second decission yes to many of our kids are being taken and I blame the law and before you jump down my thorate I know this first hand my son is in this position I’m not saying he would hurt his kids but the depression is not good people don’t realise that dads miss there kids to

    • My sister was in that position Dianne she was institutionalized because she suffered from depression, and her husband divorced her and got custody of her 3 children, and she never hurt another living soul in her whole life, the only person she hurt was herself when committed suicide..suffering from depression Does NOT make you a murderer

    • You don’t have to be a genius to tell who the ” pyscho ” is in a room…!! People will make mental health an issue here , but the reality is premeditated murder . Our young deserve better..RIP those children.

    • Gail Riley  

      He had to have thought it through before doing the act. THAT is premeditated murder!! If he cared so much for his children he would not have harmed them. Selfish and self centred to not take his own life and leave his children to live out theirs.

    • I think violence in general is becoming an epidemic is Australia. Not only domestic violence but the one punch cowards …what provokes these people to act as they do and kill a fellow human being? Innocent people out having fun and bang they’re gone !!! Laws and governments need to look at all these attacks together and not point the blame but work together to irradiate these attacks. God bless you baby Angels …so sad xxxx

    • What i dont understand about this mental illness that these men seem to have no serious priors. So if their mental state is that bad wouldn’t there have been warning signs.. ???

    • Heather these men had not even seen a doc beforehand it is only after they have murdered these children that people are saying mental illness, one is dead he will never be diagnosed and the other is probably suffering from mental illness now because the reality of what he has done has hit him

    • for one it won’t matter he is dead but for the other one it might make the difference to a long or short jail sentence

    • sorry heather I am always editing, I have no spell checker, been a long time since I was at school and big fingers I make a lot of mistakes

    • Or a rehabilitation center! I’m sick to my stomach about these murders of young babies , then oh im sorry i have mental health issues!

    • Heather Triplett Apparently there were warning signs. His family tried to help but unless the person wants to himself, there is no way you can get them help in the mental health system as it is.

    • Its not so for all cases. I was talking about the big picture. Not necessarily the father of the 2 boys or the grandfather. I do understand a bit about mental health but Im not a professional.

    • I am a survivor of domestic violence from both parents my brother and I suffered at their hands, there’s a lot more done for people these days. My dad was in Wll he was a stocker on the Dunoon when that was sunk, then on the London when that was sunk, his last ship was the Aircraft carrier HMS Eagle he was a Chief Petty officer when he retired. He was a very nice person outside the house, he drank like a fish, he was a paranoid schizophrenic when he was put away voluntary after his third attempt to kill me, and himself. Yes I do know what it’s like to live with someone who has mental health issues. My brother committed suicide because he was getting like his dad, l’m 70 now and a lot of things that went on behind closed doors was scary at times . to say the least, the way we lived l wouldn’t wish on anyone

    • Mmmm sorry to hear you and your brother had to live like that. Hopefully nowdays that would be dealt with through child protection

    • So sorry to hear Jackie Jones. I too as well as my mother and siblings where victims of a drunken very violent husband and father. None of us consume alcohol. I now know in later life there where mental health issues. Like you say back then swept under the carpet. Or we got the blame for provoking his behavior. I get annoyed by people blaming their upbringing for bad behavior. One chooses their own way to deal with life. If there is mental health issues there are people who can help i had a shit of an upbringing, hid out in chook pen etc. Walked many miles with our mother beaten , bloodied and bruised. No help for her or us kids.
      Bloody use mental health as a crutch these days. Im not saying there arent people with genuine problems!

    • Dianne Rigby, has he done all he can to secure co parenting, this is law today, equal rights. Nobody and I mean nobody would have kept me from seeing my kids.

  2. Children are dying by the hands of trusted people in their families, I feel horrified by this. Mental Health issues seem to be the cry of the day..how about just out of control people killed them? Domestic violence is a force to be reckoned with in this country

    • I agree Libbi. I think the ” out of control” is a huge issue. it seems that we are allowing our primitive response to be a reaction of “fight” to any situation,from road rage to one punch coward attacks,and horrific domestic violence. Control has to be taught from an early age and fostered at home and by the wider community.What has happened to it?!

    • Libbi you put into words far better than I could, everything that I am thinking. I so agree.

    • you would not believe this, I can’t get into the dentist till mid week they are still on holidays, I suppose it will help me lose weight

    • no not same person sweetie but a friend ruth often watches my post too for me because I seem to annoy people and get a lot of abuse lol

    • no they are different people both are friends of mine, I used to watch her posts to if she had to do something and people were abusing her but I told to many off so I am banned now 😂😂😂

    • I keep a careful eye out on Libbi Elliot posts as she often has controversial things to say and 99.9% of the time I fully agree with what she says. She was abused on her previous post re the two young boys in SA even though her post was not nasty.
      There are some people on this site who go out of their way to have a go at others. I get verbally abused regulary. One woman called me an executioner for my opinion on the SA killings whilst another called me a clown because of the colour of my hair. I have seen Libbi get called some really nasty names on here by people who don’t know her. Mostly these name callers have no profile photo and possibly false names. They do it because they think they can get away with it.
      Recently the courst have been issuing between 6 month to 12 month jail sentences to troll who simply come onto a site and abuse others for their opinions.
      So you can always guarantee that I will look out for Libbi and Leanna and David And Fran and Rosilind and Victoria and any other person who is facing this online abuse.

    • thank you so much Ruth and we all appreciate you 💋 I sure do and I hate it when you get abuse for defending us

    • When you stand up in your truth,people may leave you….Libbi,you are a truth warrior,as are your friends….I also say it as it is,because what other people think of me is none of my business…..When abuse comes back at you it reflects what the other person truly is…..everyone should be able to comment without abuse…..xxx

  3. cathy  

    there is not enough help out there .believe me men dont cope with life and they cant admit it .i was lucky my son seen that he needed help and took himself of to get help .thankfully he is fine know he was working way to hard and could not cope .we woman need to be minful of the pressure we put men thru demanding everything but dont want to work with them.life is very hard these days .trying to pay morgages and keep jobs .not enough time for de stressing it catches up with you

    • When he came to in hospital he asked for death penalty for himself so assume he didn’t know what he was doing somehow?

    • Liz of Glamis  

      Perhaps the Grandfather thought it shamed his family as the baby may have been born out of ‘wedlock’, I may have missed it, but was his daughter married? Apparently girl children are not highly valued in his Society so he did what he did to remove the shame. No excuse but a possible explanation.

  4. Some psychotic episode?
    The man who drove off the wharf must have planned it as
    He had a gun and shot the boys and himself as he drove into the water. It is incomprehensible to me why.

    • I have no doubt that was planned he not only shot them, he left a suicide note on facebook hours before and there was a history of domestic violence in that family. His marriage was in trouble and what better way to punish his wife for life than to take her children from her

    • Darrel the woman is traumatised but victims of domestic violence often stay with the partners for years, some seem to get adicted to the cycle of abuse. I would say the young women genuinaly loved him but when the police are saying there was a history of domestic violence, then it must been reported to them before the murders

    • Reporting may have helped, we’ll never know. Teaching young children self discipline in early years is a key -,two year old tantrums are a gift to parents, this is when positive direction should start.

    • domestic violence is very complex Darrell … for many victims the self-worth is just so low that they are unable to act or speak out. They see themselves as being responsible ….if they had been better wives and mothers the daily horror would not occur. I’m not sure it is always addiction David; my experience as a worker in the field was/is that there is a lot of guilt felt by victims and perpetrators work on that and on destroying self confidence and fear of widespread reprisals is both real and justified. There are frequent threats to harm children, pets and friends if victims stand their ground or seek outside help.

    • I haven’t heard that there was domestic violence in the family, just that he was known to have mental health problems which he refused to get treatment for.

  5. I can understand to some degree how you could attack and adult in the heat of the moment…..but I’m sorry…..I don’t and never will understand how you could murder your child in cold blood. Male Mental Health truly is an issue in this country and it needs to be dealt with. But to say these people loved their children……I struggle with that…..because surely if you love them you would not harm them. We will never know why because we can’t get inside their heads. All I can say is that they must have been in a terribly dark place at the time. My heart goes out the the family members left behind to cope with the horror.

    • Jenny Smith how right you are what has that poor innocent child done to deserve death by terror and the hands of someone they love and trust.

    • If he was in the grip of a paranoid psychotic episode he would be capable of killing anyone. He definitely needs to be assessed by a Psychiatrist.

    • I agree Debbie and given that he was estranged from his wife, I’m guessing this was what tipped the scale. It is just so sad for all involved.

    • Too late for Damien Little to be assessed. He actually was not separated from his wife. They were building a new home. His family saw a change in him over the past 3 years but unless the person asks for help him or herself, then it will not happen.

  6. Put male mental health back in the spotlight? YES! Put mental health back in the spotlight full stop. Mental health has always been the poor relative of the health system and in my more than 30 working in it I watched as it dropped lower and lower on the priorty list. Could it have prevented these terrible, terrible tragedies? We will never know, but I do know that in my career I met men (and women) who had deadly mental health related thoughts about their family and we were able to help with protective measures.

    • Thank you for your work in this field. I had a relative who suffered from Paranoid Psychotic Episodes. Very scary.

  7. Knowing the Port Lincoln father shot both of his children before plunging into the ocean has changed my opinion of the situation…it was cold calculated murder…not just an umpulse as he passed the jetty.
    As for the grandfather…omg…
    Somewhere we have let these children down.
    May they RIP.
    Just taken far too early by the people who were meant to protect them.

    • I agree and when other said the same thing on the previous post, they were hurled with nothing but abuse, I was disgusted a some of the comments from supposedly sane people

    • Yes he did Yvonne Day…cold and calculated…then disposed of them…suicide is tragic..its like a sneeze I have been told…people just have the impulse to do it…but to shoot your babies…cold blooded murder…may they RIP x

  8. The families of both of these men begged them to get help. They apparently refused. Please tell me how increased mental health services can people who refuse to seek help?

    • Lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink. Wonder if he didn’t want help as he had his bigger plan…

    • We will never know Debbie Miles. It is very tragic for those left behind but I wish health services would stop being blamed for things they have no control over.

    • there are service availability issues certainly … but as you very correctly identify Jane … there are some issues about personal responsibility too. The best health care in the world cannot compensate for noncompliance with medication or treatment suggestions, medication side effects which are unreported and good old fashioned bad behavior.

    • It is a difficult situation. Many who suffer psychotic episodes realise the necessity of medication and take it. There are some who for one reason or other don’t comply (I knew one man who used to become convinced that “they” were trying to control him via his medications and would then stop taking them). I know that there are issues of personal freedom but if a person can’t or won’t take their medications they should be institutionalised if they may be a danger to themselves or others.

    • We had this situation with a family member. He also said there was nothing wrong when clearly there was. Doctors were worse than useless. Finally in one of his delusions he barricaded himself and his wife in their house. His wife managed to get to the phone and call us. We had police trying to talk him out. Eventually my husband got through to him. When he came out of the episode he was very scared. Then he finally consented to get help. Then the fun started. I won’t go into details. But it was awful. At one stage he escaped from the Mental Health facility by pretending that he was getting better. Full blown police search. He was a danger to himself and everyone else in the community. He was 81 years old. Finally got his meds right. There were nights when I prayed for him to die.

  9. Tammy  

    They do it for spite to hurt the mother etc. yes the death penalty should be brought back n prisons built for men who continually break AVOs

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