Queen releases stunning new portrait for Sapphire Jubilee

Her Majesty is celebrating her remarkable 65-year reign on the throne.
The Queen is expected to celebrate quietly.

The Queen had a big year of celebrations last year and it looks like the fun isn’t over yet, with the Palace releasing a gorgeous new portrait to mark her 65-year reign on the throne.

Looking resplendent in blue, she wore the beautiful sapphire and diamond jewellery set her father gave her as a wedding gift in 1947.

The photo marks a very special occasion for the royal family, but it is bittersweet for the Queen who’s beloved father King George VI passed away on this day 65 years ago.

The pair were said to be incredibly close and having to step into the role of monarch at such a young age was a huge responsibility.

However, the Queen has done the throne proud with recent polls showing her popularity has only grown in the past 20 years with the majority of Brits saying they believe the royal family is important.

Having reigned through 12 American presidents and 14 Australian prime ministers, she’s certainly seen a lot. It wasn’t always easy, with the family suffering through a lot of criticism when Princess Diana passed away.

Since then though, they have worked hard to give back to the community and engage with them more. The younger royals, in particular have done a lot to build up the family’s reputation, with both William and Harry saying they regularly look to their beloved grandmother for advice.

What do you think of the portrait? Are you a fan of the royal family?

  1. Veryan  

    A beautiful photo, lovely to see smiling. Congratulations to a wonderful lady, may she long reign over us🍷

    • Joan Tisdell  

      Here here I totally agree with you!

  2. Gail Siebuhr>collie  

    Wouldn’t say fan but do believe that the Queen has done a job that others would have wilted under the pressure. She does have the staff and the back up to help but it wouldn’t have been easy because of the pressure on every occasion and to always look so grand is fantastic. I do believe that they have come a very long way since the passing of the Queen of Hearts Diana, The young royals are so full of life and that always great to see. They have huge pressure to be royal but to see them having fun makes them more normal. It is a beautiful picture of her. Like most grandma’s except most grandma’s don’t have such beautiful jewellery.

    • Carole Parnell  

      Wonderful picture- well deserved congratulations to a very strong stoic queen. History will show
      that Her Majesty reigned supreme. Will not see this dedication again, if ever.

  3. Glennis Tregellis  

    This beautiful women has done so much in her lifetime She has been through trials like everyone else but one thing has always stood out. The Queen that everyone should be proud to have known. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made in your personal life to bring dignity and honor to your role. You were well chosen for your life path. Thank you

  4. Helen Graham  

    Thats a lovely photo. Whether you are a Royalist or not you have to admit she and the Duke are pretty damned amazing.

  5. Barry Egan  

    She looks great hope she had a good day

  6. For a 90 year old she looks bloody magnificent. Wish that I could look as good when I’m that age.
    It also amazes me how physically active she is.
    What a wonderful role model.

    • Roslyn O'leary  

      Australia is so lucky to have such a beautiful Queen to look up too. Some countries have such awful people who run their heads of states.God help them all.

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  8. Pamela  

    God save our Gracious Queen. Long may she reign.

    Beautiful inside and out! 🙂

  9. Joan Marshall  

    The Queen of England has done a wonderful job and suffered through the crisis with Diana. If the Royal family should have guided Diana better is undeniable but Diana too gave the Royal Family a lot of worry. Prince Charles needs to take some of the blame for being devious. I am being totally fair and I have looked at each ones performance. I loved England when I visited in 2012 an island of tremendous history.

  10. Cheryl  

    I have admired her style of dress for quite a few years. It seems to have changed and whoever designs her outfits is great, she always looks so lovely, especially her hats.

  11. Beverley Bell  

    Amazing woman, she has done a great job all these years. Her family have a lot of respect for her

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