Queen Elizabeth II in mourning as ‘best friend’ dies

Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to become ‘forever friends’, but for Queen Elizabeth II her forever friend

Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to become ‘forever friends’, but for Queen Elizabeth II her forever friend has passed away.

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the Queen’s first cousin and close friend, Margaret Rhodes, died on November 25 aged 91.

It is said that the Queen is devastated to have lost her best friend, often referred to by the Queen Mother as ‘her third daughter’.

“She grew up with Mrs Rhodes and they had so much shared history. They remained close throughout the Queen’s reign and Her Majesty continued to be a regular visitor at Mrs Rhodes’s Windsor home until very recently,” a royal insider told the Sunday Express.

In the lead up to the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations earlier this year, Rhodes told the BBC that the Queen would unlikely abdicate from her position while her health was good and while she was able to fulfil the duties required of her.

“I think should something such as Alzheimer’s or a stroke or something intervenes, which god forbid, that would obviously open up a wholly lot of different circumstances… But those are exception circumstances and so far she’s shown no sign of wilting in the job,” Rhodes said at the time.

It is believed the Queen and her cousin have remained close over the years and would have tea every Sunday after attending a church service. Rhodes even lived at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace during World War I, and worked as a secretary for MI6.

Have you lost someone close to you? What memories do you have?

  1. Kathryn Van Sebille  

    Sorry for your loss your Majesty, sometimes a best friend is closer than a sister, not many people have that sort of friendship that lasts a very long time. You have been blessed to have that long time friend. God Bless.

    • Sharon Peters  

      Dear Queen, my heart goes out to you in this great time of sorrow at the loss of such a dear friend…

  2. Kerry Brain  

    To have a good friend for that period of time is a special privilege, and the loss would be devastating. With best wishes.

  3. Dawn  

    To loss a cousin and a very close friend is a very sad day condolence to the Queen and her family.

  4. Kim Wormald  

    World War 1 – That would make her well over 100 years old! Don’t you mean World War 2?

  5. Elizabeth Dyer.  

    So very sad to loose a close friend , to share our lives with girlie things, and our personal anxities, only a close friend will understand . you will surely morn her, my condolences and respect to you ! Queen Elizabeth .And R.I.P dear Mrs Rhodes.

  6. Joanne  

    I lost my best friend, my Mother, to cancer exactly one month after I was married.
    She was only 63. Too young to go.

    I miss her every day of my life.
    So much happens, & I think, ‘oh! I must tell Mum that’.
    Then I remember I can’t.

  7. Joan Marshall  

    Sad for the Queen who has sacrificed her life for the country and the British people from such a young age and has been a marvelous Queen. The only consolation is they will meet again someday.

  8. Truth 13  

    It is good to know from Queen’s cousin, that Queen would unlikely abdicate from her position. She knows what type of a person her son Charles is. I am sure, her horse will be a better choice to take the throne after her. Otherwise, William seems to be more human looking, educated and well respected, to fill the position.

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