Q&A tackles the big question – could Pauline Hanson ever be PM?

ABC’s Q&A is known for its healthy debates on just about every topic. But if you watched last night’s episode,

ABC’s Q&A is known for its healthy debates on just about every topic.

But if you watched last night’s episode, then you’ll know it mostly came down to debate about Donald Trump’s election win.

And as you’ve probably heard debated in the past week, there are a lot of people who believe Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party could one day “do a Trump” here in Australia.

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So when the question of whether Pauline Hanson could one day be elected Prime Minister was asked on Q&A last night, the response was as you might have expected.

There were laughs from the audience, and dismissals from the panel.

Labor’s Kate Ellis, the Shadow Minister for Vocational Education, said “no”.

“We should keep reminding ourselves that we are not America … I don’t think we should all start getting the Pauline for PM merchandise ready,” she said.

“But that’s not to say that we shouldn’t heed the warning and make sure we do look at the rising levels of inequality and we do make sure that we are bringing along the Australian public with us.”

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Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce also had his say.

“Look, I respect the half-million people who voted for One Nation, but it’s a lot harder running the show than talking about the show,” he said.

There was a lot of talk on the episode about why Donald Trump won.

Joyce said many of the vote “was not so much for Trump” but more “a sense of ‘I’m sick of being told how to think by others’.

“There’s a sense of frustration among people. They feel they’re being belittled. They feel they’re not being listened to. They feel that every time they stick their hand up they’re somehow ridiculed because their beliefs are not of the standard fare,” he said.

“However, when people feel belittled and when they feel isolated from the political system they can still vote and they do and they turn up.”

Security and Diplomacy professor from, RMIT University, Joseph Siracusa gave a scathing review of Trump, describing him as “an appalling human being”.

“I don’t think he has any damn policies. He’s as dumb as Ronald Reagan and meaner than Richard Nixon,” he said.

“But I accept he had a base out there. And they were conspiratorial alright, they thought professional wrestling was real and the moon landing was a fake.

“You can’t say those things (Trump said) in public and expect us to forget it the day after. He’s an appalling human being.

“Whether he sticks to policy, we don’t know. I’m appalled that the world thinks we think that is the new normal. It is not the new normal.”

Did you watch the episode? What did you think of the comments about Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump?

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  2. Joy Anne Bourke  

    I think it is more then possible as people are sick of being ignored and the government not listening to the people on many issues.
    Pollies wages are one example: Stop all pensions and perks after retirement, they should get exactly what pensioners get if they are entitled.
    2nd : Stop all perks that pollies get now as all they do is abuse them and the taxpayers are the losers. Give them a wage (which I think they already get) it is over triple of any other countries salary.
    3rd: Leave Medicare alone and look after the Aged – Pensioners should not be paying for services like MRI, blood tests, and any other item under Medicare. LNP have screwed pensioners long enough.
    4th: Give pensioners a wage rise so they live comfortability and able to pay their bills. An increase in Rental allowance should also be given as rents are extremely high. I pay nearly 3/4 of my pension in rent.

  3. Phil Spencer  

    If the two major parties keep going the way that they are at present, it is just possible that the nut jobs like Hanson will take over. I hope not though!

    • Interesting that the writer states that the debate on Q & A is healthy. One of the reasons I stopped watching the program is the lack of debate. If somebody brings a differing point of view to Q & A they are shouted down by the audience and the stacked panel. Didn’t see the program but I suspect that this program is one of the ‘elitist’ media outlets that the protest vote is about. Andrew Bolt makes no bones about being a rightist so I won’t watch him either, but to promote a program for it’s ‘healthy debate’ when that is not the goal of the program, is false.

  4. John Borlini  

    Problem with the Australian Politian’s is that they are no different to the American Politian’s they just don’t want to recognize the problems the common man and his families are having making ends meet.
    The American people had been telling their Politian’s that they weren’t happy with the way the world and more so their own country was going along with the press not doing their jobs by only listening to the major parties we now see what has happened and everyone except the real reason are coping it and we have Trump
    Not being a Pauline supporter I believe by these so called superior Politian’s are walking on thin ice and if its not Pauline then it will be some one like her that will give the keys to Kirribilly a fair rattle in the not to distant future the press and major parties will be the reason for this

    • Diani Butchart  

      Just listen to Russell Brand on Trump getting in power….ts not unsimilar to what people are yearning for in Britain snd here….it had to happen!!!!!!
      How much longer were we going.to be blind without the dog to guide.

    • Guy Flavell  

      John. I know this sounds a bit petty and pedantic, but Mate, it’s “POLITICIAN” !!! Bad spelling from obviously intelligent people
      so infuriates me ! ‘Spell-check’ really does help in making all of our posts far more meaningful to the readers.

  5. Truth 13  

    Never. No chance. What educational qualifications has she got. Year 10 is not good enough to be a PM. She can be the “post meridiem’, means afternoon, she can be the ‘Post Mistress”, or a Page Maker, Not Pre-Menstrual, but Post Menstrual, a Power Mirror, Performance Margin, Pressure Multiplier, Project Missionary, Protocol Machine, receive Pension Money after another six years, but not Prime Minister.

  6. Guy Flavell  

    No, Pauline sadly doesn’t have the qualifications of a PM. But, she’s most certainly welcome on the political scene as she honestly reflects
    much of the feelings that are beginning to surface from the ‘silent majority’ in this country. These people ARE most concerned about the security of our sovereign borders, the shambolic welfare system, realistic job creation and positive (bipartisan) efforts to repair the disgraceful budgetary situation.
    However, both sides of politics should constantly be aware that, if One Nation ever became suitably bank-rolled and could afford to
    field candidates throughout the country, then a ‘Trump’ type revolution in Australia is definitely not beyond comprehension.

  7. Roger  

    What exactly does this Joseph Sircusa person mean when he says “Donald Trump is an appalling human being”. What exactly gives him the leeway to suggest such a thing. Is it because Trump is a straight talker and not like the glitzy, razzamatazz politicians we are currently lumbered with and who all talk with forked tongues, can’t call a spade a spade, mouth rubbish words that mean nothing and pander to the so-called politically correct fraternity who are causing many of the problems we have in society. Pauline Hanson is also a straight talker and we need more of such people.

    • Joe  

      What planet r u living on,his own words clearly prove him to be a sexist and a racist then you have the way he treats people with no power he takes advantage of the weak for his own advancement and that to me is the most appaling characteristic about him and to have that as the supposed leader of the free world is frightening to say the least. Pauline is the poor trashy cousin of Trump.

  8. Tony Bahr  

    Pauline can’t talk eloquently but she does know the mood of the silent majority . Just like Trump .Difference is she can’t bankroll a decent campaign . But she would already run rings around Turnbull or Shorten . Both of whom are only in it for themselves .

  9. Just because she has no university-degree, she could doo a better job, than the current highly educated ignorant person!!! (Richard Cranium)

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