‘Q&A’ Fallout questions if Australia has lost its humanity

The ABC program Q&A is known for holding up a mirror to Australia, and it’s standing with people, unfortunately for

The ABC program Q&A is known for holding up a mirror to Australia, and it’s standing with people, unfortunately for Australia, last night’s mirror was dirty than hoped.

The topic of immigration and offshore detention is always going to be a hotly debated topic which panellist Huy Truong called Australia’s “version of the Trump Mexican wall”.

When a question about the recent poll that showed that 49 percent of Australian want to ban immigration of Muslims, panellist Danielle Habib shared a very personal and disturbing story. “Recently a person jumped over the fence of my Muslim girlfriend’s house and cut the heads off her baby rabbits,” she shared, “She is spat at and sworn at in front of her children all because she is Muslim. Our political setting seems to be pushing a strong anti-Muslim sentiment through polls on Muslim immigration and senators with strong anti-Muslim rhetoric. Why are pollsters allowed to ask such inflammatory questions?”

The debate did get heated, but it was surprisingly what wasn’t said that was the most surprising. Teacher Larissa Mitchell works with a group of asylum seekers that arrived by boat in 2012. When these students should be working on their exams and projects, they are scared that at any moment they will forcibly removed from their adopted home. Larissa question for the panel was is it “Australia’s responsibility in ensuring that asylum seekers like my students can consider their future with confidence in knowing that they will be able to call Australia their permanent and not temporary home?”

At this point in the broadcast, host Tony Jones pointed out “There are a number of people in this audience, young people who submitted questions to us and then withdrew them because they were afraid that their temporary protection status would be looked upon badly by the government so they have withdrawn questions. We have a teacher who is asking the questions on their behalf.” Larissa was asking the question on behalf of students who are scared of challenging the Australian government.

It’s not only the fear but as refugee advocate Shukufa Tahiri pointed out it’s a physical and mental issue as the pressure on refugees is “driving people into self-harm and suicide. In our community alone in the past 12 months, there has been six cases of suicide and self-harm”.

While the argument for national security is a big one the question of whether or not Australia has lost its humanity when it comes to people that need our help.

Do you think Australia has lost it’s humanity on the subject or does national security outweigh the plight of a few?

  1. David Charlton  

    We haven’t lost our humanity… in fact Australians are among the first to offer assistance to most world and local crisis’s … the thing with the immigration problem is that we have no say as to how our community will develop and the fact that our own homeless and under privileged are falling through the cracks in an effort to appease these people who just come here uninvited and expect to by pass the system… the the racist card is played to gather sympathetic support… look after the problems we already have before we try to solve someone elses…

    • Paul Graydon-Taylor  

      Very Well Said Heartfelt Words, David Charlton… Most Australians would certainly agree with you as do I… Thank-You.

    • Wiso  

      I agree with you too David.

      Australia is right at the front of the line when it comes to giving aid to genuine causes. But…you can’t give what you don’t have and our own people are going without in order to appease a minority that see themselves as being superior.

  2. clifford  

    Just Got Married ..I’m an old age pensioner ..Now feeding Four ..not one ..!! was getting $856.. per fortnight …Now Centrelink has reduced my Pension to $605 per fortnight ….!! wife is not working unable to find work in our small country town …wife not allowed to get Newstart for 104 weeks (2 Years) due to the Visa which cost me about $18,000 thanKs to Mr Dutton & Mr Morrison ….and yet if my wife was a ” Refo ” …$56,000 per year ..!! plus all and sundry benefits ….Old age Pensioners …LONG FORGOTTEN …I’ve not lost my ” Humanity ” ….Just my bleeding pension !!

    • Di Gillan  

      This story Cliff is part of my problem with our government. Why do we Australians have to pay such exorbitant amounts of money such as you had to pay to secure happiness while we see outlandish amounts of money thrown at immigrants. No eonder they are so keen to come here. I am not against immigration but we need to look after our vulnerable and needy ahead of others.

  3. The Watcher  

    Correct David Charlton…Australians havent lost our humanity but we have lost our way.
    Lets start with homelessness. Largely male, over 40’s and a pronderance of both sexes have mental illness of some sort. Back in the 70’s and eighties there was affordable accomodation in every city. Hostels of last resort in the city itself. Now nearly all gone to apartment buildings. Welfare payments meant you could afford accommodation and eat, even buy clothes from the charity shop. 30 years ago the average aussie got angry when we saw a homeless person.Homelessness had to be either intentional or the result of your behaviour. Not so nowadays. Homelessness is the result of financial pressure. What are you doing to get that old sytem again?

    The nonsense you spew about immigrants getting special treatment is the same crap I heard from the same idiot mouths about the Croats, the Serbs, The Italian, all queue jumpers, job takers, too many kids, swamping our 1 acre plots.Taking over our culture, speaking an odd language and those Greek Churches! Idiocy repeated is not civilisation.
    Historical perspective will show you that asian and middle eastern settlers were here almost as soon as the First Fleet. They have earned their place in this land, all of us here I remind you at the expense of the existing inhabitants. WE ARE ALL HOSTILE IMMIGRANTS. We should learn to get along.

    • Jill Ian Innes  

      You are exactly right

    • mark  

      yes we are essentially all imigrants and the majority do assimilate into australian culture but there is a group that do not and they want to change our culture to what they believe is the only way to live, this should not be tolerated at all, and our government should open their eyes, it is already to much of a burden to many other countries, do we really need follow them down that path.


    No, we haven’t lost our humanity BUT it has been gravely dented over recent years by the “refugee” problems and the PC Left’s attitude to open borders immigration. The Q&A program last night was an abhorrent example of this – both the audience and panel heavily stacked to press the ABC left wing policies. Thankfully Jim Molan successfully showed up their imbecilic Greens policies as being totally delusional.

    The people on Manus and Nauru are nothing but criminals after attempting to sneak into our country illegally. They should have been immediately returned to whence they came and saved the taxpayers of this country $billions. But no, these low-lives are treated like princes, ie: FREE health benefits, comfortable accommodation, air conditioning, all clothing, cash allowances, etc. etc. Most of them are single men (very few desperate families) seeking to cash in on our generous welfare system. Government research indicates that most of them are both illiterate and innumerate and unemployable in this country. It now appears that no other countries want to take on these parasites especially
    those in the middle east from where most of them came. A simple solution would be to sort them into ethnic categories and dispatch them back to their countries of origin on specially arranged Government flights, perhaps with a cash allowance to help restart their lives ? Oh, wouldn’t the Greens just love this solution !!!

    I totally agree with our Government’s policy of 18750 pa new legal immigrants to this country providing they are strictly vetted and are genuine refugees under the UN guidelines. AND where possible be the horribly persecuted Christian family groups from Middle Eastern countries. I’m certain that the average Australian would be only too glad for our welfare system to help assimilate such people into our culture.

    Mr. Dutton, please toughen up and get rid of this festering problem ONCE AND FOR ALL !!!

    • Peter Lewer  

      What absolute rubbish. In many ways Australia has lost its humanity; Its humanity to the homeless, to the mentally disabled, to the pensioners, to the unemployed, and yes to the asylum seekers. Asylum seekers are not criminals, rather they are people escaping from a way of life that is intolerable. Yes some have taken an “illegal” method, but maybe I would too facing the trials and persecutions they faced.

      • Well Peter
        What’s your comment about all those poor souls waiting in camps to come in the right way to this country!
        These, usually men of army age who have invade our country. Have one agenda. !
        And our stupid government is just stepping back and saying “come ” have our welfare, no need to work, have as many children as you like, we will keep them.
        Where as the poor white working class male is the forgotten. The man that gets up at 6am every morning to keep his family, what does he get, the usual kick in the guts! Look for a peasants revolt within a few years. Australia is totally sick of your hand in my pocket approach!!

    • sandrahudson  

      Guy, I couldn’t have said it better myself.
      If you give an opinion these days you are racist. Then so be it.
      Glad I’m 70 and won’t be around to see our beautiful Country totally destroyed.

  5. Michelle Thornton  

    No, we haven’t lost our humanity at all. I believe we have always been a nation who gives more than it takes…..I think we are just sick of hearing about refugees/asylum seekers who come here ILLEGALLY and expect the royal treatment, when citizens who have worked and paid taxes are being penalised. We have OUR people to consider first…the elderly for instance, who have put their blood sweat and tears into this countries work force….same for our generations of farmers! How can this country sustain immigrants when it cannot sustain its own inhabitants! We seem to give a hell of a jobs off-shore….when we have so many unemployed here….please explain how that works! Why are we giving jobs to other countries? It all comes down to money and profit. And if that’s the case……we have no money to support more immigrants…..and we certainly are not profiting from them when they claim welfare! NO MORE!

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