Public servants are paid far too much, says Pauline Hanson

The salaries of public servants has been a contentious topic for years, with many viewed as being overpaid for the work

The salaries of public servants has been a contentious topic for years, with many viewed as being overpaid for the work they do, with some even paid when they do not work at all. And it’s time something was done about it, said Pauline Hanson on Sunrise yesterday. Derryn Hinch agreed and said the PM is on a lot less money than some people in government.

Speaking to Sunrise host Samantha Armytage, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson discussed senior public servants’ salaries in comparison to others and whether something needs to be done about it.

“It’s ridiculous”, said Pauline. “The head of reserve of the Reserve Bank earns $900,000 a year and the head of Australia Post gets $4.8 million. When politicians get a raise, so do public servants. It needs to have a complete overhaul.

“They are overpaid for what they do”. She said that if you compare public servants in other countries, Australians are paid much more to do the same job.

Derryn Hinch said “Paycut? Yes. The deputy chairman of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority earns $300,000 more than the PM. President of the United States Barack Obama earns $400,000. Something’s rotten in canberra”.

They were discussing the issue after News Corp reported Australia’s top military officials are paid less than the nation’s top public servants, according to a survey of federal salary packages.

Salaries of note are:

  • Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour – $4.8 million
  • Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet secretary Martin Parkinson – $861,700
  • Treasury secretary John Fraser – $840,810
  • Australian Prudential Regulation Authority chairman Wayne Byers – $835,590
  • Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson – $731,140
  • APRA deputy chairwoman Helen Rowell – $668,470 salary.
  • Director-general of security for ASIO Duncan Lewis – $626,690
  • Australian Border Force Commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg – $605,800 a year
  • Chief of Navy Vice-Admiral Tim Barrett, Chief of Army Lieutenant General Angus Campbell and Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Leo Davies – $548,360
  • Malcolm Turnbull – $507,338
  • Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews –$290,000

Tell us: do you think the PM should earn the most? Or should the salaries of senior public servants be reduced?

  1. The Postal chief does not deserve this amount, however look at salaries in banks. No comparison. Private enterprise pays exhorbitant salaries.

  2. Valerie Bush  

    Australia Post CEO payment is a national disgrace, 5 million to run at a loss. NAB got rid of him and his family, time for a massive overhaul

  3. Trevor  

    Wonder why they cant balance the budget .Public servants are paid far too much,and they really run the country and stuff it up

    • dianne  

      These people are not true public servants, they are contractors paid by Australian taxpayers and chosen by the encumbent government, therefore they respond to that governments wishes and not in Australia’s interest. The Australian Public Service will not run as a business, and will not serve the Australian public till the Secretary’s and heads of Departments are chosen from public servants who are there because they love Australia.

  4. Matronbb  

    None of them deserve those amounts. Give ALL politicians and public servants pay cuts. Stop all payments for non serving or retired politicians and see just how much money we save.

    • Marg  

      We will save heaps, it will get us out of debt in no time especially if their pensions are the same as the age pension , retirement age and means test like everyone else. Also get rid of the leaches and backdrops.

  5. graeme  

    Bring all public servants wages down to about $300,000 per year saving the tax payer thousands.

    • Mike  

      Do you really believe ‘ALL’ public servants are on more than $300,000, or do you actually mean the Heads of some Department and Agencies (i.e. only the top few public servants)? Staff in comparable private industries earn more than ‘most’ public servants.

  6. clifford  

    How can These Grossly over paid people …who supposedly run this ” Bureaucratic Machine ” how on earth do they come up with a Figure called the ” BASIC WAGE ” …when they themselves earn more in 20 days of “Work” than most people earn in a year ..!! …who was the bloody IDIOT who thought an old age pensioner could manage on (single O.A.Pension) $ 1,600 per month !! who comes up with these Figures ??? We need the likes of Pauline Hanson to be in power for just One term ….She could do no worse than these other wankers ….and perhaps get things back to an Equal footing !!

    • Wayne Mclean  

      as you can see the Pm should get no more than the President of the United States Who has far more obligations then the pm of australia also he should be paid the highest money, and all other heads of departments should be paid less with the emportance of their job paid the most for example Home defense and Police No 1 Health No 2 Employment No 3 Education No 4 Equality No 5 Judicial System No 6 (ect) and only paid on the condition that certain criteria are met
      (ie) value for money Fairness and be able to stand the highest scrutiny of the people and further more the other heads of departments below the main heads should be paid less the order of importance would have to be sorted how ever this is what i think.

  7. Jan  

    The issue is with SENIOR Public Servants. The lower levels do not earn more than in the private sector & neither do most of them get paid overtime. Sure there are some that are a ‘waste of space;’ as in any workforce, but please do not label them all the same. No, I am not a public servant and never have been.

  8. Henry  

    Some of these people get paid more than the Prime Minister of Australia and State Premiers. I’d be looking out for a better paid job and less crap,if I were the PM or SP. Just saying.

  9. Jon Lawrence  

    Please tell me why this ignorant, silly, racist finds a place on tour otherwise respectable and valuable site. She knows nothing about the operation of government. Please we do not need to be reminder of this mistake in the Parliamentary record.

    • RAY BOAN  

      Talks more sense than half the other idiots that can’t see what is happening across the world.

    • Carl lebon  

      Where is she a racist ? Last time she ran her main policy was to align our asiopacific immigration to the same levels as our neighbors, this time to make the public service accountable and to halt the ideological takeover of our country All you have to do is wake up and reall see the trouble around the world . Or is it that your too brain dead to give a toss

  10. Obscene amounts of payments made especially when Australia Post sacked 400 staff around the country, how is it our security forces those in charge with protecting this country and PM is paid less it’s pathetic it is time to remove the parasites from the top down in Australia Post

  11. Ian foord  

    It’s unbelievable that these people are paid more than the people that are supposed to be running the country on our behalf. Greed is the problem. Also the government wants people to work longer to preserve the budget payments to pensioners What about the government give something back like all people from 65 onwards who earn less than $150,000 no longer pay income tax, and those on pensions now, be allowed to works do supplement their pension payments. It’s s win win situation. These people will spend and pay G S T government wins and people can live much more comfortable

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