Princess Mary shines in glamorous navy ballgown

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik looked stunning at a ritzy event in Denmark overnight.
The royal couple were all smiles as they entered the room together.

Crown Princess Mary has made a stunning appearance at an event in her home city of Copenhagen, arriving on the arm of her husband for the special occasion.

Mary and Crown Prince Frederik have just returned from a tour of Iceland as part of their royal duties sat down with over 100 guests at a dinner to honour the country’s president.

Mary looked as beautiful as ever, wearing a gorgeous navy ball gown with a lace top and layers of fabric falling from the waist.

She donned a diamond tiara for the night and she and Frederik both wore matching light blue sashes.

Frederik was looking sharp like always, sporting a tuxedo and plenty of medals to match.

They weren’t the only Danish royals there either, with Queen Margrethe, Frederik’s younger brother Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie also attending in their finest gear.

The entire family seemed to have a wonderful night together, but it was Mary and Frederik who once again caught the most attention.

The couple seem to be just as in love as the day they married and were pictured smiling and laughing together as they socialised with guests.

While royal protocol can often be a bit stuffy and call for couples to show little affection in public, Mary and Frederik seems to have booted tradition on that front.

They are often pictured placing a loving hand on each other’s arm and joking together.

Last year they wowed the crowed in New York by taking a spin on the dance floor at a ball in their honour.

Frederik pulled Mary onto the floor and the pair could hardly contain their laughter as they spun around together to Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely’.

It’s so nice and refreshing to see this new generation of royals still honouring tradition, but making themselves a little more relatable at the same time.

Are you a fan of Princess Mary and Prince Frederik? Do you think this generation of royals is more people friendly than the last?

  1. L. Williamson  

    She is beautiful, he is a lucky man

  2. Lisa  

    I think they’re a great royal couple. Mary has done an amazing job in settling into royal life so well. A lovely pair.

  3. Aerogirl  

    Frederik did not wear a tuxedo. He is wearing white tie and tails.

  4. Mel  

    I love her gown. I watched a video of them arriving, and as she walked up the stairs the gown just rippled, which made it look even more beautiful. They are such a beautiful couple.

  5. Jenna  

    Crown Princess Mary continues to do Australia great credit, and is – I am sure – a highly treasured asset to her adopted country. Entirely beautiful, intelligent, educated – plus a great wife and mother – I sincerely hope that the former Miss Mary Donaldson has the ways and means to sometimes let her hair down, totally relax and just ‘be’ Mary again (out of public sight of course ! ) Will always admire her, and regard her with great national pride and affection.

    • Maryann Laursen  

      Believe she does let her hair down regularly. She´s often seen just walking the streets of Copenhagen as any other normal young lady, and noone would take her for a royal, if it wasn´t because of the guards, that´s always somewhere near her in the surroundings, but she´s always bhaving like a very normal young girl would and she´s always sooo sweet and kind to all people, she meet, and here (I´m from Denmark) she´s really loved and well respected, exactly because she just behave like every other girl, and never say no, if any reporter ask for a picture or a comment, but always answer with a smile, so they also respect her right to have her own life and privacy as well.

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