Princess Mary could be Queen by the end of the year

There are reports coming out of Denmark that Queen Margrethe II may be preparing to abdicate the throne and hand
Could we soon be calling her Queen Mary?

There are reports coming out of Denmark that Queen Margrethe II may be preparing to abdicate the throne and hand over the reins to her son, Crown Prince Frederik.

Previously, most had though she would retain the crown for as long as possible to give Frederik and Mary time with their four young children and help Mary properly adjust to life as a royal.

Now though, it appears Queen Margrethe is weighing up her options as the family dynamic has changed.

Her husband Prince Henrik has already retired from royal life and moved to his country home in France and she is said to miss him immensely.

With Mary having taken to her role so well, the Queen apparently feels comfortable and confident that she will be able to handle the throne with ease.

After arriving in Denmark not knowing a word of the language or anything about how to be a royal, Mary has displayed amazing grace under pressure and has earned herself a name as one of the kindest and most compassionate royals around the world.

But is it fair to make her Queen at such a young age? She and Frederik are still raising their young family and the pressure of being King and Queen would no doubt take up even more of their time.

While it’s been pointed out that she knew this was a possibility when she married Frederik, many are hoping they get the enjoy their role as parents a little bit longer.

Either way, the couple will take the throne one day. It appears though it may be sooner than later.

Do you hope Mary stays a princess for a while longer? How do you think she will handle being Queen?

  1. Jane Bingham  

    What young age. She is in mid 50s and he is in late 40s. People around the world work harder than them to put food on the table. I just simply don’t understand. All they do is enjoy.

    • Margaret Hurrell  

      according to Wikipedia she is 44

    • Joan  

      She is 44 years old….how did you work out she was in her 50’s ?

  2. E. Noakes  

    Why is everything about Princess Mary! She cleverly married into the family. More should be said about Prince Frederick by the press. It is all about fashion and what she wears. One jacket of her fashion collection could feed a village in Africa!

  3. Joan Marshall  

    Princess Mary has adjusted to Royal life very well learned the language insured the throne by producing children. Carries the position with intelligence, style and maturity. Mary would make a wonderful queen. Prince Fredrick is handsome, humble, well educated well equipped to handle the throne.

  4. Sandra Mikelsons  

    Actually I have a care factor of zero, zip, nought! It’s all over-the-top privilege & what have any of them really done for the country or themselves? Do they care for anyone in a caring profession, eg nursing or medicine? Do they produce or create (besides children) anything that’s helping humanity? No! They meet people, open functions, endorse items & generally schmooze & enjoy themselves with a minimal of care! So I think monarchies are now obsolete!

  5. Barbara mason  

    Princess Mary is only45 or 46 next month yes I think she will make a lovely queen she is a credit to them the way. She’s handled herself good luck to both of them

  6. Gail Pritchard  

    Pffft!!! Jane Bingham. Get your facts straight & your attitude overhauled.

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