Prince William to the rescue

Just when you thought the young Royals couldn’t get any cooler, Prince William swoops in by helicopter. The Duke of Cambridge

Just when you thought the young Royals couldn’t get any cooler, Prince William swoops in by helicopter.

The Duke of Cambridge was out flying with the East Anglian Air Air Ambulance at the time 37-year-old arborist Jim Schembri required emergency assistance.

Schembri, who dislocated his shoulder and hip after a tree branch collapsed, was likely in too much pain to notice the future king giving him treatment and it wasn’t until he’d been loaded into the air ambulance that it clicked.

“Oh Wills better not be flying this thing!” Schembri joked when he realised what was happening.

Prince William quickly responded with a laugh saying: “I’ve been holding your head for the last 30 minutes!”

Speaking with Good Morning Britain, Schembri had nothing but praise for his rescuer and said Prince William even made sure he was okay in the trauma room.

The Duke of Cambridge started his job as an air ambulance helicopter pilot in July 2015, and though he is paid a salary for the role he donates it all to charity.

“What everyone seems to forget is that he [Prince William] donates all of his wages back to the air ambulance service,” Schembri told Good Morning Britain.

It’s safe to say that Schembri is one happy customer thanks to William’s special care and attention.

Should there be more praise for Prince William doing a ‘normal man’s job’? Are you a fan of the young Royal?

  1. I am a royalist, I love them. The royals have certainly brought themselves into the 21st century. I think they all do a marvellous job while living their entire lives in a fishbowl.

    • Maggie  

      Love both William and Harry. Very down to earth people for Royals.

    • Janette Middleton  

      I agree… they are wonderful examples of their age and position.

    • Lynette Lowe  

      The Royals are great love them all especially william and Harry and Kate Princess Anne”s daughter is very down to earth as well!

  2. Hilary Ross  

    William is a kind soul,his Mother would be so proud of him. Kind and generous, he obviously cares a great deal about his fellow man. He is what a real man looks like in my opinion.and yes to all the nay sayer, he can afford to donate his salary back, HOWEVER!! he doesn’t have to.
    He does that by choice.

  3. Leslie moore  

    Some people will never be happy. I think William does even more than people realise and because of his natural humility and modesty that’s just the way he likes it.

  4. Carole Morrison  

    Princess Diana certainly taught her boys well and they both have lived up to everything she would have wished for them and more! They are both beautiful caring people and are loved all over the world

  5. Carol frohling  

    Me too they are brilliant

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