Prince William talks about Christmas and his passion for helping people in rare personal interview

Prince William has been a little out of the spotlight lately thanks to his younger brother’s humanitarian efforts. Now the

Prince William has been a little out of the spotlight lately thanks to his younger brother’s humanitarian efforts.

Now the quiet post-summer period is over, Prince William and Catherine are preparing for a busy Christmas, he has revealed in an exclusive interview with a trainee journalist.

And she’s not just any trainee journalist, 24-year-old Sophia Kichou, landed the big interview after the Prince made a promise to her four years ago when she was homeless, reports the Daily Mail.

Prince William said that if she became a journalist, he would allow her an exclusive interview… and he’s come good on his promise, clearly thrilling his interviewer.

“George will be bouncing around like a rabbit,” Prince William revealed in the rare personal interview. “If I get any sleep on Christmas Eve it’ll be good!”

The Duke of Cambridge said George will be “extremely bouncy because he’s suddenly worked out what Christmas is all about”.

“So that will be two children, one who suddenly appreciates Christmas, which could be quite challenging. But I’m looking forward to it”.

The interview is due to be published in The Big Issue magazine sold by homeless people.

Speaking about Christmas day, the Prince said, “We’ll go to church as a family on Christmas Day, as we always do.

“Then we’ll watch George try to tackle his presents as he tries to unwrap them. It’s a very different experience at Christmas, having a family of your own.

“It’d be nice if we got a white Christmas because we haven’t had one in many years”.

Talk naturally turned to William’s caring side and his passion for helping people, much like his mother. He said, “I think it goes back to when my mother first took the [patron’s] role when I was a small boy. I was very struck by the people I met and what they were struggling with – sleeping rough, sofa surfing, not having basic comforts a lot of us take for granted.

“That really struck me at a young age, bearing in mind the gulf for me, growing up in a palace and seeing the other end of the spectrum. That was powerful to see at a young age.

“In today’s Western world, with all the advancements and privileges we have, the fact some people don’t have a bed or a roof over their head is quite ridiculous”.

Take a look at the photos of the interview and tell us, does Prince William remind you of his mother?

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  1. BaHaha …maybe he should start paying the British taxpayers first .they finance all his “jobs ” ….that he abandons when bored …even caught out saving a damsel in distress in his helicopter…..actually in Scotland on hols according to court diary …nowhere to hide Willy …accredited sources make sure of that …

    • Well, I was just thinking, if these people didn’t spunge off the taxpayers there would be more funds for the homeless in the UK, especially Scotland and Ireland :'( …. they just think it’s their privilage to be funded by the taxpayers !

    • not to mention his druggie brother who bleats about saving wildlife …what a hippocrite …

    • How many rooms empty in all their castles. Thousands I bet. So is he giving the homeless a bed?
      Of course not! It’s to complicated!

      • Angie B  

        There are some very wealthy people in this country too. Our PM for one. Are they taking in the homeless?

    • Pity about all the millions of tourist dollars/pounds the Royal Family brings in to the UK every year.

  2. No he doesnt…input by the Queen Prince Charles and Prince Phillip guided the boys in their childhood should get some credit too.

    • I was thinking the same think. Prince Charles does thinks as well

    • Both parents had equal input. The Queen was great after they lost there mother. Of course they loved and missed her, she was their mother

    • The Queen, poor lady, was not allowed to let her 2 grandsons mourn privately for their mother because of the MOB GRIEVERS, who insisted they knew Diana and demanded they grieve with them!! How dare they. I will never forget the look on Our Queens face as she walked out the front of the Palace desperately trying to shorten their sadness and get them back inside with the REAL MOURNERS – their Father, their Grandfather, her and the rest of their family. Much as Diana was ME ME ME, I think even she would have disaproved of the Mob Attitude. Now for Gods Sake, lewt it rest, stop comparing her and them, they do have traits of Diana, she was their mother, it happens’

  3. Shirley Sanson  

    Good on you William you have a wonderful heart like your mum and you are my favourite out of the two of you , if I may say so.❤️

  4. Good on him for at least caring. Our politicians don’t. I only volunteer for 1 breakfast a week for homeless and I get a lot out of it. It really brings it home to how fortunate we are in comparison.

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