Prince William reveals what Duchess Catherine does in her spare time

Have you ever wondered what someone like Duchess Catherine does in their spare time? Well, it looks like your question

Have you ever wondered what someone like Duchess Catherine does in their spare time?

Well, it looks like your question has been answered.

Prince William has told the illustrator of the best selling adult colouring book The Secret Garden that his wife is a fan of the books.

Johanna Basford met the prince at Buckingham Palace where she was awarded an OBE for services to art and entrepreneurship.

She said he told her the duchess was a fan of The Secret Garden.

“Prince William actually said that his wife likes to colour in the Secret Garden, which was really sweet,” she told The Mirror.

Adult colouring is becoming a popular activity, with many claiming it’s great for relaxation and mindfulness.

Basford said the adult colouring community was starting to “flourish”.

Her book The Secret Garden sold more than a million copies.

“I think people are just craving a digital detox,” she said.

“I’m working on a new book just now and it’s set in a castle, funnily enough, so I will definitely try to remember everything.

“I’m sure little snippets of today (Buckingham Palace) will feature in the book.

“I love all the really ornate picture frames and all the beautiful sculptures, and the candelabras are just stunning.”

It turns out Basford’s husband James Watt also picked up an honour from the prince, an MBE for his work in the brewing industry.

She joked about the royal couple liking both of their talents.

“So maybe she’s (the Duchess) a fan of my work and he’s (Prince William) a fan of my husband’s,” Basford said.

Have you tried adult colouring books before?

  1. Maureen  

    I can’t think of anything more boring than using an adult colouring book!

    • Joleen  

      Obviously you’ve too many ‘stimulating activities’, in YOUR life!

      Aren’t you lucky?

      There’re others’ who don’t, & find colouring-in very relaxing.
      Some folk do it to while-away the time when they’re looking after elderly, ill relatives.
      It adds to book-reading, & x-word puzzle activities’.

      I, for one, have always loved it, & found it very creative, & yes, relaxing.

      You definitely didn’t do it as a child, or the love of it would still be with you.
      How sad a person you must be!

      Your loss!

  2. Jeanette  

    ‘Spare time’?
    That’s got to be an oxymoron for a Mother, with two small children, PLUS Royal ‘commitments’!

    Typical male comment, which goes to prove, Prince William, like many a ‘new’ father hasn’t a clue what his wife does, whilst he’s out working!

  3. Jenna  

    A tiny relative of mine, when asked what his mum does, said she reads glossy magazines and goes shopping. Hahahahaha…of course, of course, that’s all she does. hahahahahaha I’ll bet she wishes that’s all she did.

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