Prince William leads crowd of 80,000 to show ISIS what solidarity looks like

Today few would believe there was ever any animosity between France and England as the two nations stood side by

Today few would believe there was ever any animosity between France and England as the two nations stood side by side in a remarkable display of solidarity.

Defying terrorist, and with extraordinary security requirements, the French and English soccer teams met at Wembley Stadium for a friendly game.

Prince William, who on Sunday vowed he would attend the match no matter what, led the multiple tributes to those lost in Paris, by laying a wreath of flowers on the grounds, alongside the France and England coaches.

The prince then led the stadium in a rousing rendition of the French national anthem La Marseillaise. Prior to the match, the 80,000-strong crowd was encouraged to join in the song, no matter which team they were rooting for, and the words were displayed on the big screen so everyone could lend their voice to this remarkable show of solidarity.

England won the game in two-nil, but as tomorrow’s newspapers in Britain will say, the victory was not one team, but the strength of freedom.

Prince William and Catherine earlier in the day signed a book of condolences for the victims of Paris.

What do you think of this gesture of strength from France and Britain? What does it tell the those who try to bring us down? 


  1. Many wars that had been fought between one country and another, of which I learnt from history. All nations and ages should display solidarity over what has happened here in France. This is something that we have been hearing too much of, and every country is anxious to know what will happen in their countries.

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us in Australia, A truely wonderfull display of unity and support,does us all proud!

  3. This made my spine tingle and bought tears to my eyes. Kudos to everyone who attended for standing up to be counted.

  4. O so hope he will be the next King of England, definitely NOT his father.

    • That can only happen if Charles abdicates. The laws of succession say that Charles must be the next monarch unless he abdicates or is dead.

    • Nobody could seriously wish that on the poor young man when they are trying to bring up their young family. The Queen knows what a huge wedge the crown is between family life and duty.

    • I hope Charles is king so that William can enjoy watching his young family grow & have the time to spend with them before he becomes king.

    • I think you’ll find Charles gave up his right of succession to marry a divorced woman as did the other one for the simpson woman.

    • Oh for gawd ‘s sake give it a rest about Charles and William… Let him enjoy married life with young children before he takes on that extra burden… This article is about France and a friendly with England not about who should be King.

    • Thats not true Murray, price Charles is entitled to be king . Things were a lot different in Prince Edwards time and Charles should be King let Prince William enjoy his young Family first, and negative remarks about their Father must be very hurtful for the two Prince’s

    • Give it a rest. Charles will make a good King and(dare I say it) Camilla will make a good Queen Consort, although she may use a lesser title given the circumstances.
      Viva la France and Britain.

    • Oh times have changed have they Patricia Clapton, not enough obviously for the Queen and Prince Philip to attend his wedding to Camilla. If he was ever to be king he would be by now. The Queen is waiting for William to have that time with his family.

    • Yes I agree, unfortunately William and Kate’s lives are never there own, that is what comes with being a Royal , look at Prince Frederick and his beautiful princess and children. Charles and Camilla deserve each other, but not as King of England

  5. errrr Carol doesn’t work that way…monarchy is not democratic’s not he is a lovely doesn’t Katie wear gorgeous hats …

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