Prince Harry seen looking lovingly at photo of Diana

The look of love! Harry was at a charity event when he stumbled across an old photo of his mother and the look on his face says everything.
Harry was at another charity yesterday, his second this week.

Prince Harry was only 12 years old when his mother passed away, but it looks like the passage of time has only strengthened his love for her.

In a touching tribute to her, Harry has spent time at the Willesden Green hostel in London, which was opened by Diana in 1995.

While he was there he stumbled across a photo of her hanging on the wall that was taken the day she opened the centre.

He immediately broke out in a big smile and was pictured staring at it by one of the official photographers at the scene.

Martin Houghton-Brown, the UK chief executive of the Depaul group of hostels, was there when Diana opened the hostel all those years ago and was lucky enough to spend time with Harry yesterday, too.

“She really connected with the young people, and returned in a private capacity to play ball games with them,” he said of the late princess.

It seems Harry really has followed in her footsteps, embracing his role as a patron for a whole range of charities.

Earlier in the day he went on a run with members of The Running Charity, an organisation that helps homeless and vulnerable young people.

Ever the adventurer, Harry had all of his gear ready to go and pulled on some very tight lycra leggings for the occasion!

Despite all of his privilege there’s no doubt Harry has been through tough times, particularly surrounding the loss of his mother and the relentless attention on his personal life.

Alex Eagle, founder of The Running Charity, said this was perhaps one of the reasons he is able to relate so well to those who have fallen on hard times.

“The prince observed that a lot of young people who use our charities have been let down in the early stages of life and that their success is defined by how they pick themselves up,” he said.

Are you a fan of Harry? Are you proud of how he has handled himself over the years?

  1. Valerie Lawrance  

    I just love Prince Harry, he is so much like his mum. Princess Diana would be so very proud of the young man he has become. Bless you Harry. 😊

  2. Sherril MacLean  

    Awesome dude. So much compassion shown.
    His own achievements have been outstanding and
    Following in Diana ‘s footsteps with what he is doing is just … Well magic
    A wonderful example for someone so young

  3. Jack  

    Along with Wills, Kate, Fred and Mary, Harry is the main reason this country will
    never be a Republic in the generations to come. I wonder if Harry ever communicates with his ‘real’ Dad ? I admire him for the love he still shows for his Mum … even with all her adulterous
    shenanigans and ‘bimbo’ intelligence.

    • Barb  

      Oh Jack what is a real Dad and why the reference to adultery and bimbo intelligence ? Harry is very much like Earl Spencer and Diana didn’t just talk the talk, she walked the walk. Just go back to some of things this wonderful woman did for Aids, bomb victims and a lot of downtrodden people too many to mention here. I take it you are perfect in every way.

      • Jack  

        Well Barb, are you denying her adulterous shenanigans and the FACT that she
        was not very bright ? You realise of course that she didn’t even pass year 9 at school. Yes, she did much good for the down-trodden but you’ll
        find this was all very carefully orchestrated by the court officials and her minders.

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