Prince Harry proves why he’s a royal favourite on hilarious day out

Prince Harry has spent a fun day out in Nottingham and met some very enthusiastic locals.
Prince Harry couldn't help busting a move. Image: ITV

Prince Harry has well and truly cemented his position as one of the favourites in the Royal family and his latest outing has proven why.

The easy-going prince was in Nottingham for the day to learn about youth programs in the city and was greeted by a very enthusiastic crowd!

It didn’t take long for Harry to have them laughing, stopping to say hello and have a chat with as many people as he could as he made his way to the local school.

It was the young children who really seemed to catch his eye though and he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he had a laugh with them.

Harry has talked in the past about how much he loves playing with his niece and nephew, Charlotte and George, and recently admitted he can’t wait to have kids of his own.

Looks like he’s a natural already!

Later he stopped by the school to watch a music lesson and couldn’t help bopping along as a young boy performed a rap he wrote himself.

When the boy threw up his music sheets with a flourish as he finished the song, Harry cracked up laughing and gave a big cheer and clap.

He really does seem to genuinely enjoy spending time out and about and meeting people around the country and the world.

In his speech later that day, he praised the young kids at the school, who are in a program to deter them from becoming involved in youth violence and gangs, for their achievements.

“A huge, huge congratulations to you all…you’ve grabbed your second chance,” he said.

Harry recently returned from a trip to Canada where he was visiting his girlfriend Meghan Markle.

The couple have been spending as much time together as possible, jetting across the world to see each other, since they went public with their relationship.

Harry has already introduced her to William and Kate with reports an official introduction to his grandmother, the Queen, is just around the corner.

Are you a fan of Harry’s? Do you hope he settles down soon with a family of his own?

  1. Ronnie Foley ( Mrs. )  

    I have always loved Harry and Will and they are such a credit to their upbringing. Lady Di you would be sooo very proud of your boys and they are gorgeous, just like you were. Harry’s love of children shows through whenever he is around kids.

  2. Arild Stolpnes  

    Would not be surprised if Harry turns out to be the person who restores the peoples faith in the monarchy, and he would be the first person to give all the credit for this, to his mothers upbringing

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