Prince George is already copping intense abuse from online trolls

He’s only just turned three years of age, but already Prince George is copping criticism for his royal status. The

He’s only just turned three years of age, but already Prince George is copping criticism for his royal status.

The British Council is said to be investigating comments that were allegedly made on Facebook by one of its employees criticising Prince George for “living on public money”.

The Guardian reports that a senior employee at the The British Council, a charity that promotes the UK and the English language around the world, commented on a picture of the young royal bearing the caption: “I know he’s only two (sic) years old, but Prince George already looks like a f****** d***head”.

Angela Gibbins, who is the head of global estates at the Council, wrote: “White privilege. That cheeky grin is the innate knowledge he’s royal, rich, advantages and will never know ANY difficulties or hardships in life”.

When others responded with outrage, Angela is said to have replied with: “I’m sound in my socialist, atheist and republican opinions. I don’t believe the royal family have any place in a modern democracy, least of all when they live on public money. That’s privilege and it needs to end”.

The British Council has told the media that Angela’s comments have “absolutely no connection to the British Council” before confirming an investigation will take place saying “the highest standards” are expected from its staff.

It’s not the first time young Prince George has been the victim of online trolls, and his parents are no doubt worried about how much abuse he could see in the future.

Since social media wasn’t around when Prince William and Prince Harry were young, it looks like this is the first generation of royals who will have to deal with these kinds of online attacks.

While everyone has a right to their opinion, we have to ask: is it fair for little George to be trolled over something he can’t control?

Many have pointed out that he can’t help being born into the family he was and say whether or not you support the royal family, it seems cruel to heap so much hate on an innocent child.

What are your thoughts on this?

Should people as young as Prince George be off limits when it comes to these kinds of comments? Will George have to deal with this is whole life?

  1. Yes, he probably will have to deal with attacks from jealous, bitter people who have nothing better to do than pour vitriol on a defenseless child. George does not live on public money, he is supported by his father who works and who obviously has his mother’s inheritance and no doubt his wealthy grandparents – the Middleton’s – who do not receive any money from the taxpayer.


  2. Susan Lightbown  

    I don’t think anyone should be subjected to on line abuse of any kind! The people who do this kind of behaviour are very petty and extremely bitter individuals!! As for picking on a defenceless child, who was born to this family by no fault of his own….Shame on you….you big bully!!

  3. Karen  

    That is so sad that people would pick on a little child, who cannot help which family he was born into, his father works and provides for his family. And they do a lot of good for many charities that help so many people, what is so wrong with people that they think this is ok to do this to a child, would this be a form of child abuse and people that hide behind keyboards should be ashamed

  4. Cynthia Power  

    Who cares ? Sure a ice little three year old, who parents unfortunately dress him like he is wearing his dad’s hand me downs.

  5. Dave  

    Poor woman, so eaten up with envy. He’s one cool kid

  6. Stuart Lathwell  

    He is a child, not anything other than a child. Sure he’s a good looking kid, but then so are millions more. If the press keep insisting on commenting on his every move, putting every picture of him on the front page, then these comments will keep coming from people on the various social media. He’s just a kid. If he’s treated as just another nice looking kid then maybe the whackos will leave him alone.

  7. Margaret  

    Bullying anyone is a disgrace but a three year old is unbelievable this woman needs to be removed from social media

  8. Sapphy  

    Bloody unbelievable that some adults would say anything like that about a little child. It just shows you how pitiful some people are.. total fools.

  9. Janice Hibberd  

    I’d rather read about a lovely little boy than the Kardashian tribe and their train wreck lives !!

  10. Christene Butler  

    Before they point the finger at a 3 year old whose cheeky smile is just the normal exuberance of a child who sees the world as an amazing adventure where they only see the good in people, they should look at the Beckhams, Cruises, Kardashians and the myriad of other over paid celebrities who’s children do really have a life of excess.
    If these people are lucky enough to be blessed with children..God help them.

  11. What ever is the matter with that ignoramus Angela Gibbins? Is it perhaps that she dislikes children, or maybe she is sniping at an innocent, because she knows the Royals can not retaliate? However, She is just a foul-mouthed creature, who is unable to express herself with decorum. I do hope justice will be metered out by the British Council to this employee, for her disgraceful & spiteful outburst on an innocent child.

    • Meredith Davis  

      Amber I agree with you completely. Your comments are spot on. This person should be removed from her position within the British Council as she is a disgrace and not entitled to be within their ranks.

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