Prince Andrew and Fergie send a combined Christmas card 24 years after they split

Remember when Prince Andrew and Fergie got divorced back in the 90s? Well, who would have thought that more than

Remember when Prince Andrew and Fergie got divorced back in the 90s?

Well, who would have thought that more than 20 years later we’d still be talking about them as if they were a couple?

Despite being split since 1992, the Duke of York and his ex-wife have remained friends and their latest show of friendship has divided opinion on the internet.

It turns out Prince Andrew and Fergie sent out combined Christmas cards with their daughters Princess Beatrice and Eugenie.

The cards, signed by the four of them, features several family selfies including photos of Prince Andrew and the girls, and Fergie and the girls.

It features a different Christmas quote, which some believe to be from Fergie herself.

“A Thought, A Word, A Deed, Nothing is More Special, A Warm Embrace, A Smile that goes the Extra Mile, Somebody, Somewhere took heed.”

So, why are people on the Internet even talking about this?

Well, it’s not exactly something most divorced couples would do is it?

While media organisations call it “very unusual”, others are questioning why a divorced couple would send out a combined Christmas card.

But let’s face it, does divorce actually have any rules? At least Prince Andrew and Fergie can be friends and remain amicable, something many divorces can’t manage.

What do you think? Is it “very unusual” or just a lovely gesture from the pair?

  1. Rilda Sharp  

    Divorce sometimes only means you cannot live in the same space together not you don’t like someone any more. Circumstances & people change but that does not mean they have to throw their mostly good relationship history out of the window just because they choose to live apart. I’ve had one very messy divorce & one very amicable one. The amicable one took work but we were better friends than we were husband & wife. Our lawyer was waiting for the fight that never happened. His children did not understand why I might leave some of my things with him because I new he liked them. Others were amazed I was there to support him during illness & was with him the day before he died. We made our peace & we were probably more married during his last days than when we were married & living together.

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