Pressure mounts for ‘the old Malcolm’ to return

If you noticed a change in Malcolm Turnbull’s persona shortly after he took his seat in the prime minister’s chair,

If you noticed a change in Malcolm Turnbull’s persona shortly after he took his seat in the prime minister’s chair, you’re not alone.

Before he took leadership of the Liberal party and then Australia, Malcolm was a man of moral conviction, who believed in climate change and gay marriage without a plebiscite, and voters were confident this was the guy that could lead the country into the future.

What happened to him?

An audience member in ABC’s Q&A program — having returned to its regular panel make-up involving politicians — lamented that once the PM could have had people eating out of the palm of his hand, but now it appears he’s not living up to other people’s expectations.

“Malcolm Turnbull is doing exactly what he wants to do as prime minister and leader,” industry, innovation and science minister Christopher Pyne said in response.

“He looks like a prime minister, he sounds like a prime minister, he acts like a prime minister.”

But it was met with opposition from… well… the Opposition, with Anthony Albanese saying, “Malcolm Turnbull promised to treat the Australian people like adults. Now when they look at Malcolm Turnbull, they hear Tony Abbott… I think the public are very disappointed.”

The questioner disagreed with what Christopher Pyne had to say too.

“I want the old Malcolm back,” he said. “The old Malcolm was more socially progressive, the Malcolm who crossed the floor on the emissions trading scheme, the Malcolm who was for marriage equality.”

It seems there are many in the public sphere who agree.

On the campaign trail, Malcolm Turnbull recently announced $60 million in new funding towards a mobile black spot program, which takes the Government’s total funding towards this issue up to $220 million.

There are more than 6,000 mobile phone black spots across Australia, especially in parts of rural and regional communities who are warning the Government that poor coverage is having a dire effect on personal safety and is hurting local businesses.

Do you think Malcolm Turnbull has changed his tune since becoming prime minister? Share your comments with us.

  1. Keith Schadel  

    Stop withnthe Political Correctness, speak with honesty and conviction again. That isbwhat the people want, strength and beciveness,

  2. Malcolm Turnbull is a buffoon. Labor will not win the next election but, Bill Shorten will be Prime Minister because … Malcolm Turnbull WILL LOSE THIS ELECTION.

    Blessed are they that go around in circles for they shall be known as big Wheels.

    The only thing Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull have in common is that they are both in love with the same bloke.

  3. Joan Marshall  

    Malcolm Turnbull will do this country and the people good if given a chance. The Labor party are guilty of mismanagement every time.

  4. Geoff  

    If you love Australia vote for the LNP. Labor and the Greens will ruin Australia.

  5. Jessie Whitehead  

    Yes Malcolm would have made a great LABOR prime minister.
    He’s in the wrong party.
    Pushing the climate change scam belongs to Labor/Greens!

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