Premier “got it wrong” in historic backflip

It was for all intents and purposes dead and buried, but the New South Wales greyhound industry has been given

It was for all intents and purposes dead and buried, but the New South Wales greyhound industry has been given another chance by premier Mike Baird.

In a press conference, the premier declared “I got it wrong” and detailed the deconstruction of his plane to stop the industry dead from July next year.

Baird also shared his plan for the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel, which will be led by former Labor premier Morris Iemma. The new plan will include life bans and huge jail times for any person or organisation caught live baiting or registering greyhounds for their entire life.

About how Baird handled the controversy in the first place he told the press, “I got it wrong, we got it wrong; the cabinet got it wrong, and the government got it wrong”. He continued: “My personal convictions on animal cruelty have not changed at all,” but he conceded, “it’s clear that, listening to the feedback and on reflection, that we did not give the good people in this industry the chance to respond, the chance to reform.”

While there are a lot of the details that still need to be released, this is obviously a huge relief for the businesses and people that have worked hard in the greyhound industry and didn’t take part in the illegal work of some.

Greyhound Breeders and Trainers Association stated they were “appreciative and thankful” while Opposition Leader Luke Foley claimed that it was “the mother of all backflips.”

Foley also conceded that the Premiere “”reached the right decision for the wrong reasons”.

What do you think about this massive change? Do you think that it was better off ending it all together or welcome the change as the right thing to do?

  1. Wayne Skipworth  

    Goodness me. Did anyone proof read the article? The leader of any state government is a Premier. A premiere is something altogether different.

  2. Kevin Rodda  

    For all INTENTS and purposes!

  3. Diana Hockley  

    Well, the greedy wealthy people behind the betting rings and this so-called “sport” have won. The pressure to change his mind has be brought to bear on Mike Baird and he has caved. These people will go further underground now and continue to carry out their vicious cruelty on small animals. Surely no one actually believes that greyhounds trainers and their “staff” are going to stop live baiting? This has been going on for over a hundred years and it’s not about to stop now. Mike Baird and the people who have brought pressure to bear have allowed this to continue to the SHAME of all.

    There may well be more voters who animal lovers in NSW than there are people in the greyhound industry and if this is the case, Mike Baird’s government is toast at the next election.

  4. Ian  

    Very good premier to make a decision like that,now the greyhound industry has to prrform and there will people watchingand if they step out of line well the bells will toll and they wont exist without so much of a whimper.well done to the premier .

  5. Lee Ellis  

    So agree Kevin & Wayne. The spelling in some of the articles lately has bee atrocious.

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