Power bills across Australia have skyrocketed and they aren’t slowing down any time soon…

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released new data, which reveals a huge jump in taxpayer’s power bills over the

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released new data, which reveals a huge jump in taxpayer’s power bills over the past six years.

Despite the fact that Australians decreased their power consumption by 7 per cent between 2008 and 2014, power bills have increased by a whopping 61 per cent over that time. The data includes energy generated by home solar panels.

There have been a number of government initiatives over that time calling on taxpayers to reduce their energy usage and think harder about they use household appliances and electricity. And apparently, we have listened, with a huge portion of the population drastically slashing their energy consumption. So why aren’t we being rewarded for this?

Green Markets energy analyst Tristan Edis said power companies had been given too much free reign over the industry, upping prices and over-spending on unnecessary infrastructure, reports the ABC.

“Unfortunately we’ve got to do a much better effort of regulating the monopoly power companies have so we don’t end up paying more for our electricity than what we need to.

“The regulators took their eye off the ball starting in 2007 and let the electricity poles and wires companies — the electricity networks — go through a spending binge that turned out to be completely unnecessary,” Mr Edis said.

However, Mr Edis also, somewhat controversially, said the huge increase in electricity bills was not as big a thorn in the economy’s side as previously thought.

He claims the debate over energy costs was “overblown” and that there are more important issues to talk about.

“This was an overblown debate about the cost [of electricity] when in fact these are not the main drivers of cost in the economy,” he said.

“They are in fact a small proportion of industry costs and household costs.

“It’s been an absolute disgrace of our policy discussion that so much effort has gone into this issue when there are other things that are far more important.”

His words have been met with criticism by some who point out that a 61 per cent increase is actually an important issue for many people. Many Australians, especially those living on a pension or government supplement, struggle to meet the rising cost of living and would no doubt welcome a drop in energy prices.

Have you noticed an increase in your power bill over the past few years? Do you think electricity companies should be regulated?

  1. nothing really like paying 10 times what power is actually worth in this country, we are being stolen from EVERY DAY. my last power bill was 1300.00 two people sitting in the dark freezing.all winter.

  2. Mr Abbot and Mr Turnbull what was that – no no no – down down down but instead power costs have gone where oh up up up should I repeat power costs have gone up up up. Just like when John Howard was prime minister when he said only the coalition would keep downward pressure on interest rates and therefore lower interest rates on homes and what happened —10 interest rate hikes in a row UP-UP-UP something familiar about all this.

    • Rubbish ! Prices have come down , the last 2 mid years have been reductions on my account, & I get 22% rebate for paying by direct debit before sue date . Bill was in $700s now Between $5 & $600s

      • HS  

        Direct debit? That’s scary. Wonder how you will feel when they clean out your bank account with a single direct debit in error just like AGL did with a $80,000 bill to a customer recently. They claimed that it was in error but hang on! The first error was $40,000 then a correction to $50,000 then $60,000. How many human errors can one tolerate from a power supplier before the customer goes in to rage and contemplates provoked manslaughter? I decided to forego the discount and cancelled my direct debit to avoid the shock of having my bank account swiped clean by a human error.

    • Dawn Bruce And I don’t put the air con on in Summer and I don’t put it on to warm in winter and I keep getting new hikes on my power costs even after I get discounts which in fact (the discounts have become redundant.)

  3. Simple economics – from the electricity supplier’s point of view. We have all cut down our power use and that cut down their turnover and profits. SO! How do they “legally” charge more? Convince the regulators that they need to spend on the infrastructure and then pass that cost, plus a profit margin, on to consumers mainly via a fixed supply charge that has to be paid however much or little electricity is used. Simple!

    • HS  

      This can be likened to sanctioned piracy just like Queen Victoria sanctioned (in secret) piracy on the high seas to get richer.

  4. Dianne Evans  

    It is a nessary too have power and at over inflated prices people give up food and medicine too pay power not important depends where you are looking from doesn’t it!

    • HS  

      Before power supply was privatized it was referred to as ‘Essential Services”. Now it’s referred to as “Essential Profit”.

  5. Hopefully, with the cost of in-home batteries coming down and roof-top solar also getting cheaper more of us will choose to go off grid. But wait! They’ll do what is done with water and sewerage and say you have to pay if you have access to the service even if you don’t use it. Damn!

    • Well that has been that way for ever, We had Gas at our last place , never used , You have to pay if it goes past your door

      • Cass Lemberg  

        I don’t know which state you are in but I definitely didn’t pay for gas that went past me.

    • Did you see Catalyst last week? the price of batteries has dropped by a third, if and when I move from where I am now living, this is the way I will be going. It’s looking great.

    • Robert Hind I am pretty sure, I always got impression if it was there ,you paid, When we owned land , we paid because it was on, even though we didn’t build for a year.

    • Not true. We have power going down the road 100 metres from us. We’re not connected, and we don’t pay anything. We won’t be connecting because that 100 metres will cost us nearly $40,000 to connect to.

  6. its done because coal is being fazed out for producing electic power so we just suck it up or go without because the pollies in this country dont give a monkeys arse what we pay …cause they are all getting huge pay so they live like kings ..cliffpost

    • No accordin to a letter which i still have in my files my supplier way back in 2007 informed the my power was going to increase by 27% that year and continue to increase for 4 years to cover the cost of maintenance and renewal of the poles and wires and the network in general…the only work on the network i have seen in my vicinity is tree mutilation which is performed about every 2 years.

    • Exactly what I think but you watch they will be voted in again and then they will all start moaning again

  7. I have a rental property. The power is still on even though no one is currently living there. This month my bill is $35 but as no one has set foot in the house no power has been used. Smh

  8. Privatisation of the power companies. Profit is the bottom line. I would like all governments to again tell us the economic benefits of privatising public utilities?

  9. To save getting a shock and worrying about paying our Gas and Electric (same company) I have an arrangement where I pay $80 one week for Electricity then $60 the next week for Gas. It is the only way we can not get a shock every quarter. In the summer I get the gas ahead to cover the winter, and in the Winter my Electricity cover the extra we use running our little Air Conditioner in the summer.

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