Post-Brexit, Australia is gearing to leave the Commonwealth

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has renewed calls for Australia to become a republic, with the Australian Republic

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has renewed calls for Australia to become a republic, with the Australian Republic Movement leading the charge. The chairman of the movement, Peter Fitzsimmons, says that while they have long advocated the need for Australia to sever its ties to Britain, the Brexit leave vote has only added fuel to the fire. This fire originally started with a referendum in 1999 that was led by none other than our current Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

He says, “When we became a part of federation, you know, it was a firm statement of who are we, what are we, Australia, when we had our flag, and we had our constitution – we are a part of the British Empire. Look at our flag, look at our constitution, we are little, little Englanders in the South Sea, that is who we are. Well, what Brexit says, what Brexit underlines, is the fact that that is no longer… We already knew that was no longer the case, but it’s rubbing our noses in it. Great Britain barely exists anymore.”

Social media reflects his views, with many calling for Australia to “grow up” and form an independent republic. An “AusExit” campaign, including calls to remove the Union Jack from the flag and remove the British monarch as head of state, has gained momentum since the results of the vote were declared.

However, monarchists are saying that these renewed calls are desperate, with the Australian Monarchist League chairman Philip Benwell saying Brexit isn’t related to Australia becoming a republic at all.

He says, “In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The people in the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union so that they could regain their own sovereignty. Brexit has nothing whatsoever to do with changing from a constitutional monarchy to a republic.”

Do you think Australia needs to leave the Commonwealth, or is this call too drastic?

  1. Michal  

    It’s time for Australia to stand up & declare crossing the “shadow line”

  2. Dexter  

    I think Australia should stand on its own. The Queen has no place here.

  3. I would have thought that what has happened to Britain with Brexit would be a warning….
    No, we don’t need to sever our ties. Keep the Union Jack as a proud memento of our history, and we need a monarchy, not some Trump-like President.
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • Lala  

      Of course we need to sever out ties, we need an Australian head of state. We need independence, a new constitution and a bill of rights to enshrine our freedoms for all to see. Currently we barely have a handful of civil liberties granted by the constitution, and Freedom of speech isn’t one of them. Wake up to the world around you

      • Wiso  

        As I see it, the world around us is so insecure that I wouldn’t want to be standing alone. Of course we need the Commonwealth. We are given the freedom to make our own laws and govern as we see fit and look at the mess we have made of that. God help us if we ever become a Republic !! I would emigrate !!

  4. Paul Hoolihan  

    Why cant Australia gain its own sovereignty and get rid of England. We are a modern Country which has the capacity to stand on our two feet. What does Britain or the Monarchy do for us. Do not say gives stability as we have our own systems that do that.

    Do we need to be told what to do by an elderly lady in a far away land or her descendants.

    • Bruce Ruxton  

      I can just see it a country ruled by has been politicians.

      Why change a system the U.S. would kill for.

      Look not at the now, look deeply at the future.

    • Simeon  

      I agree! Australia is strong enough to have it’s full independence! We do not need the Queen or any other royalty to tell us what to do!!!

  5. Steve Southerton  

    Becoming a republic does not mean leaving the Commonwealth. There are many republics who are part of the Commonwealth of nations. Paul Hoolihan since when did the Queen tell us what to do?

  6. Spot on Lorraine Smith, Those ‘ties’ mentioned are only symbols, we are not beholden to the UK, Westminster or the Queen but if so, would that be any worse than a figure like Obama, or God forbid, a Hillary Clinton or a Trump? The real ties we have – economic, trade etc, we cannot and will never sever. Why are people so intent on this? Who are they that they want to become president of Australia and spend 100’s of millions (we don’t have) changing the current system and then more millions (we also don’t have) every 4-5 years running presidential campaigns on top of the other ‘ordinary’ elections we already have. Have our prime ministers over the last 10-12 years been so good that we now want a president on top of that as well? And for what reason? So we can say we’re an ‘independent’ republic? Why?? We are already independent and that’s all that counts. I’ll quote Lorraine – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!

    • Susan Hullock  

      I totally agree. Can’t think of one president that I would vote for

  7. Brian Lee  

    It would be sheer idiocy to abandon the UK now, because of the result of “brexit”. This event provides Australia with an ideal opportunity to win back the massive amount of trade lost when Britain went into Europe. The thing to do now is to get an experienced team of trade negotiators over there as quickly as possible and get a few contracts signed! If we don’t get it now, someone else will.

  8. Simeon  

    I think it is time for Australia to become a republic! People said Britain couldn’t leave the European Union and look what happened, they successfully left the EU! What’s to stop Australia from leaving the Commonwealth? I think am AusExit would be interesting!

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