Pope says ban on women is ‘forever’

When it comes to a lot of issues, Pope Francis has proven time and time again that he is a

When it comes to a lot of issues, Pope Francis has proven time and time again that he is a very progressive Pope. He has opened the door to a lot of different people that were previously shut out due to outdating dogma. However, when pressed in questioning about the role of women in the Church, the Pontiff remained stern albeit in a very diplomatic way.

The number of priests has been falling in the Catholic Church, and one of the suggested solutions was to allow women to become priests. While the church does enable women to become deacon ministers being a priest has been out of the question.

A Swedish reporter posed the question to Pope Francis who responded: “Saint Pope John Paul II had the last clear word on this and it stands, this stands”. Pope Francis is referring to the document the late Pope John Paul II wrote in 1994 that stated women would never become priests.

The reporter pushed a little further asking the Pope “never, never?” To this Pope Francis said, “If we read carefully the declaration by St John Paul II, it is going in that direction.” While Pope Francis stated that there are a lot of things that women did better than their male counterparts. He said, “People ask me: ‘Who is more important in the theology or in the spirituality of the church, the apostles or Mary, on the day of Pentecost?’ It is Mary,”

While the statement of the church’s gratitude for women in the church, it’ll do little for those who want change and for the women who want to serve their church as a priest.

Do you think that this rule is outdated and needs a revamp? Should The Pope follow the established ruling on the matter?

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  1. elena  

    I´m actually very disenchanted with Pope Francis progressiveness. If he was a Progressive Pope he should support women to understand that in the today world they should abstain to conceive any more children. Those from very poor or and war torn places are only exposing their children to hunger, misery and permanent traumatic pain. And those from rich countries are excessively taking the goodness of this planet for themselves which suppose to be shared for everyone in this unique fragile globe.

  2. desleigh clarke  

    I think the church should attend to souls and the pedophilia in it’s ranks and but out of people’s lives. What is this paranoia about women? The bloody Muslims are the same. Personally I believe in reincarnation so I hope the lot of them come back as repressed women, serve them right.

  3. N.Hodgson  

    Are women incapable of being priests? Are they unable to do the same things as men? I think they are more than capable. The church needs to look to the now and the future and not be buried in the past with old doctrine that gives all the power to male domination.

  4. My disgust with the Catholic Religion and its pedophiles is also forever. Their dogma against women, contraception etc. is totally out of touch with todays society.

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