Pope Francis sets the date to make Mother Teresa a saint

Mother Teresa of Calcutta will officially be made a saint at a ceremony on 4 September, Pope Francis has announced.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta will officially be made a saint at a ceremony on 4 September, Pope Francis has announced.

Mother Teresa dedicated her life to helping the poor and was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1979 for her work around the world.

Not everyone is happy about the announcement though. In the wake of her death some people came forward to say she had kept patients at her Home for the Dying in Calcutta is unsanitary conditions and had let them suffer without pain relief.

People have also pointed out that she travelled the world on a private jet and was close friends with a number of political dictators.

She once even spoke about how she believed the suffering of the poor was God’s will.

“There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion. The world gains much from their suffering,” she said.

There were also reports of her trying to forcefully convert people to Christianity and even performing baptisms on patients’ death beds.

There are others though who support her and say she deserves all of the praise and recognition she received throughout her life.

Pope Francis himself has spoken in high regard of Mother Teresa and has followed a similar path, making the plight of the poor a major concern of his papacy.

To qualify for sainthood, a person must be credited with performing a miracle. Mother Teresa is believed to have performed to miracles during her lifetime, both involving healing sick people.

What do you think about Mother Teresa’s upcoming sainthood? Do you think she deserves to be made a saint?

  1. alan stonham  

    perhaps the pope can delegate george pell to perform the event,george believes he is a saint,the creation of a saint is a bit of a ho hum thing,much lauded in the catholic faith,and that is fair enough,it is there thing,i think the public at large will take it as it is ,joy for the catholic faith,but of little consequence to the broader public

  2. Chris  

    I really dont think people give a hoot any more……..

  3. Susan Bell  

    surely no one could still believe in saints, certainly not if she is sainted.

  4. Angie B  

    Do people still believe in sainthood these days? I doubt it.

  5. Don W  

    Only relevant to RC’s I would have thought. Surely in this day and age it’s meaningless. Pure fairy tales.

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