Pollies revealed to be shamelessly spending our taxpayers’ dollars

It’s that time of year, when the Department of Finance releases the spending of your federal MPs from July to

It’s that time of year, when the Department of Finance releases the spending of your federal MPs from July to December and already it¬†looks as if another MP expenses scandal is brewing.

So what’s getting people outraged this time around?

The ABC is reporting that three dumped LNP MPs spent $335,000 of taxpayers’ money in a six month period last year on printing.

Yes, that’s right, printing.

The three former MPs from Tasmania, dubbed the three amigos, Andrew Nikolic, Brett Whiteley and Eric Hutchinson, spent more than $100,000 each on printed communications to their constituents.

Break that down, and it comes to more than $500 a day on printing.

But they’re not the only ones.

Labor MP Julie Collins spent $82,000 on printing over the same period.

So what else have your MPs been spending your taxpayer dollars on?

The MPs of Tasmania alone spent $115,000 travelling overseas in the final six months of last year.

It’s not just the MPs.

Senators have also been spending, according to the ABC.

Senator Stephen Parry spent $324,000 fitting-out his office and a further $100,000 running his offices.

He also spent $53,000 travelling with a delegation to the United States.

Another former Senator Richard Colbeck, who lost his seat in the election, spent $8000 taking his family with him while conducting parliamentary duties.

Senator Jacqui Lambie also leaves taxpayers with a bill of $22,000 for car costs.

The expenses from the Tasmanian MPs and senators comes as the Sydney Morning Herald revealed the true cost of Malcolm Turnbull’s ousting of Tony Abbott.

It turns out, Tony Abbott was due to travel to the US for a three-day visit in late September.

But 10 days before he was due to leave, he lost the leadership ballot Malcolm Turnbull and taxpayers lost $60,000 on a trip that nobody ended up taking.

What about Malcolm Turnbull’s expenses?

The ABC is reporting the Prime Minister spent almost $200,000 entertaining guests in his first six months in office, hosting 16 functions.

And who could forget former speaker Bronwyn Bishop’s “choppergate” scandal?

It too makes an appearance in Department of Finance report, alongside two $4000 helicopter flights of Barnaby Joyce’s to a small town just 44km away from one of his ministerial offices or a four hour drive from his home in Tamworth.

He spent a total of $424,000 in six months, including $18,000 on family travel.

On the Labor side, Tanya Plibersek spent $401,000, while Anthony Albanese spent $43,000 on domestic travel fares.

What do you think? Should our MPs learn to live with their means? Or are they entitled to claim the expenses they do?

  1. Peter Greer  

    Put them on welfare when parliament not sitting & let them see whats it like to live

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Wow I like that Peter. Very good idea.

  2. patricia dick  

    Gasp, shock – No! This is just as we all expected. they
    point the finger at people who can’t find jobs, or struggle to
    live on a pension. In fact they want to give these folk less
    money. All the more for them!

  3. Trevor  

    Why dont they give the Bills to China ,It appears China is giving both parties money and some members money.
    You wonder why when Chinese want to buy up our farms etc the politicians allow them

  4. Ian  

    Its quiet easy,the taxation department asses what are legitimate expenses which were productive for australia, and the rest are fringe benefits . I know lots of small business who have to justify every single dollar. Does the ato assess all politicians expenses . If you have a business and take your family to an event overseas you might get the expense for you if it is business, but the family is not allowed or it is fringe benefit taxed. Or are hallowed halls of government not audited?…

  5. Roger  

    Well, this says it all. If one were to suss out all the politicians in the country, federal, state and local, the amount of money disappearing on stuff like this would be absolutely mind boggling. And they are telling the rest of us to tighten our belts and they are constantly looking for various ways and means of ripping money off we ordinary struggling folk. Absolutely sucks big time.

  6. Spend our money like its going out of fashion and accept bribes from foreign countries. None of them have any shame.
    Then they have the cheek to tell us we will need to tighten our belts.

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