Poll: Is it time to consider the death penalty?

As events unfold in Paris and the extent of the coordinated terrorist attack on France becomes clear, the suggestion of

As events unfold in Paris and the extent of the coordinated terrorist attack on France becomes clear, the suggestion of a Queensland MP, which may have yesterday seemed far-fetched, has become painfully relevant.

Dr Christian Rowan, MP for Moggil yesterday said he supported the reintroduction of the death penalty for terrorists during a debate about Queensland’s Counter-Terrorism and Other Legislation Amendment Bill.

He said, “I certainly support the suspension of privileges, including the right to vote or receive social security or other governmental entitlements, if convicted of terrorism-related offences,” Dr Rowan told Queensland’s parliament.

“A reintroduced death penalty for certain or specified terrorist acts should also be considered in my view.”

“We need strong action against those people, whether Australian born citizens or otherwise, who follow and promote transnational terrorism,” said the MP, who is a former president of the AMA in Queensland.

Australian law unequivocally rejects capital punishment. The last man hanged in Australia was Ronald Ryan in 1967, and in 1973, the federal parliament passed legislation prohibiting capital punishment for any federal crime.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has campaigned for the abolition of the death penalty around the world, but is the government truly representing the people on this matter?

Take our poll below and let the government know what Australia’s over 60s community thinks about the matter.

Thanks for taking the poll, what made you answer this way? 

  1. No trials, no comfortable prisons with TV and three meals a day for these murderers. Treat them the same way they treat us. Shoot them!!!

  2. Will never support death penalty…..police have a lower entrance score than many other careers…..haven’t trusted this modern lot for a while now…..more shifty than those they put away more times than not……

    • It’s the jury that decide a persons guilt or innocence, not police.

      • Snowwhite  

        Would never support the death penalty either as the police can and do lie and fabricate evidence.

    • The police have nothing to do with determining the sentence. I bet when you are in trouble, the police are the people you turn to for help.

    • Police have a job to do. Don’t criticise them around me, what would the place be like without them.

      • Noalene  

        total anarchy is what you would have !!!!

    • Absolutely Lee Horroks. We would be unable to walk out our doors. Life would be like in South Africa where they live in gated communities as they are too damned scared to go anywhere else, total anarchy is what you would have without the police. You may not believe they are too smart but if YOU were attacked they would be the first people you would turn to for help & justice. Also so many times the police woudl arrest someone to have the judicial system let them walk free after a ludicrous sentence that is no comfort for their victims and free to offend again and again.

    • Are you ok there? Start at the top of the page and go slowly down, reading each comment.

    • Heather you cannot rehabilitate a terrorist. They kill indiscriminately, women, children, are you not aware of what they have just done in Paris.? This is going to continue until we show them we won’t out up with it. Who knows where the next victims are going to be, here? We are not immune.!!!

  3. these people are vermin they do not belong in society do a deal with thailand or even vietnam and send then to these asian gaols i garantee there will be no repeat offenders and if necessary they need the air letting out of their worthless bodies the machine gun crew is always ready to oblige

  4. No. We’re better than the terrorists–let’s keep it that way.

    In any case, don’t forget that jihadi terrorists consider death for their cause to be an honour–we’d just be creating martyrs that would encourage then.

    • No favours. Arrest them and throw their sorry asses in jail creating shame for them. FYI, French police are now saying at most of the terrorists killed themselves with suicide vests which kinda proves that the death penalty is not a deterrent.

    • They believe that if a woman kills them they go to hell, so let a woman get rid of them.

    • Can you think of a way to do that without offending the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world who are NOT terrorists and who resent the way the jihadis have perverted and lied about Islam to promote their cause?

      • Bruce Taylor  

        Yep put them to death wrap them in pig skin and bury them after photographing them and publishing the photos with the caption “This is what we will do to you if you commit terrorism in our country”

    • It’s not the 1.5 billion that are doing this. It’s the ones that are, & are shaming the rest. They are the ones that should be made an example of. Not hard to explain that, when or if it is put in place. If anything, we would possibly have those who are agreeable to this

  5. How long before ANYBODY who disagrees with government is declared a ” Terrorist “?

  6. I do not understand, how people can be against the death penalty. There people have decided that they do not want to live in our world – it is their choice to attack our values, to attack innocent people, to kill and maim for no other purpose than to terrorize the western world. The answer for me is easy: A resounding YES !

    • I agree, most of these people don’t know what it is like to loose a child to a murderer, if they did they would want the death penalty as well.

    • They want to die for their cause! All those virgins waiting for them in heaven. Doesn’t matter if they blow themselves up or if you kill them! They would die vindicated and happy!

    • And what happens when we get it wrong and kill an innocent person. This has already happened far too many times.

    • Berndt Rudiger Olesen
      Yes it has.
      I’m not going to do your research for you. Look it up yourself.
      I Have studied law and have a degree and part of our studies is looking into cases like this.

    • So not only are they murdering innocent people but you are enabling the to go to Paradise as a martyr to the cause? What humans do to others is horrendous but does it not make us the same by taking a life? As said before what if it is an innocent life??

    • If it’s not going to be a deterrent what is the use? It is just saying what ever you do it doesnt matter as you will end up a martyr either way!! So more innocent people are harmed?

    • Berndt! I would give them the satisfaction! Kill them in a battle, by all means, but if arrested, stick the bastards in jail. The other inmates will fix them. I’m a bit inclined to say stuff them, let the bastards die. But it sticks in my throat to play to their beliefs. And again, how do you propose to kill them?

    • Berndt Rudiger Olesen
      As I said, do your own research.
      And your original post did NOT say the death penalty only for terrorists.
      You are always making nasty comments on this page and having a go at people who don’t agree with you or your values. So, according to your post, the fact that you attack my values means you should receive the death penalty.
      I won’t give you an example and you will use that as an excuse to say I don’t know what I’m talking about.
      As I said, do your own research.

    • I don’t care how they die, why should we pay for all their little quirks while they are in prison, and by the way when they do go to jail they teach their poison to all the other inmates

    • What about the Lindt cafe, he was well known to the police but our too soft system gave him free reign to kill.

    • Libby English Of course, the death penalty is a deterrent. Maybe not for a few radicals, but for the majority, it is. They used to say that Somali piracy could not be stopped, the poor Somalis were not afraid of dying, there would always be somebody else to take over etc. As soon as armed guards started shooting back, piracy stopped.

    • I really think you need to look at countries that have the death penalty to realise your statement is wrong!!!

    • Berndt Rudiger Olesen
      As I said. Knew you would use it as an excuse to say I didn’t know what I was talking about.
      I’ve done my research. I don’t take orders from people like you and I don’t do their bidding.
      Why don’t you show me proof that it has never happened………
      Or perhaps you can’t back up your claims with facts…. ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • Daedalus  

      There’s a number of things wrong with the death penalty for terrorists: 1) Moslem terrorists expect to die a martyr’s death so it’s not a deterrent. 2)The legal system is not infallible. It can be and often is subverted by errors and misdirection. 3) The label of “terrorist” is at the whim of the government of the day and not subject to reasonable oversight.

      Better to imprison them and have a good go at getting them to question their warped ideas.

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