The free ride is not over yet

A report into the perks enjoyed by Federal politicians that has us all aghast has been delivered to Special Minister of

A report into the perks enjoyed by Federal politicians that has us all aghast has been delivered to Special Minister of State Mathias Cormann. The report finds the system and scrutiny of spending to be “complex, ambiguous and out of step with community expectations” yet the vast majority of parliamentary entitlements are unlikely to be reigned in by Turnbull under changes being considered says Fairfax media this morning.     Apparently the politicians interviewed argued the system needs to remain flexible in order for them to do their jobs.

Do you think the political entitlements system needs to change and significant penalty become a part of it?

The media report says that up to 100 federal politicians were interviewed in the review of the parliamentary entitlements system which was instigated by Tony Abbott after Bronwen Bishop caused furore with her choppergate scandal. Few apparently, were keen to see a wide-ranging change to the system.  No surprises here.

The report was prepared by a cross-bench committee of high profile persons including former Labor Speaker Harry Jenkins, former Liberal leader Brendan Nelson, businesswoman Linda Nicholls and public service officials David Tune and John Conde.  Their report remains a big secret according to Fairfax, but it does call for an overhaul of the entitlements, allowances or budgets that pollies are entitled to.  Fairfax sources however say that changes as a result of the report will be minor, perhaps only trimming things like “family reunion benefits”.

Instead, a new set of rules will be defined, stating what can and cannot be considered official business. That is, it will be officially written down somewhere that politicians should not charge us for attending their friends’ weddings on taxpayers funds, nor dropping down the road in a helicopter for a fundraiser that will only help their own political party, not the general constituent.

Does this madden you as much as it maddens me?


  1. M .Leitch  

    Another piece of paper that won’t see the light of day

  2. Rosy  

    No surprises here, I can’t imagine ANY politicians would want to have restrictions or penalties imposed. How dare we ask them to follow the same rules as us, what are we thinking!

    • Rosy please take the time out of your day to visit your local pollie and strongly voice your disapproval we need to gain momentum and show them we are serious.

  3. it is the over the top pensions paid to them that gets up my nose ,their take home pay should be enough, as it is for the average workers who have to raise families and try to give them the best they can while paying bills etc AND trying to put a little something aside for their later years, it,s not fair at all

    • Moya you are right it is not fair and very unAustralian so visit your local pollie and voice your disapproval. Eb
      Ncorage your friends to do the same. Let our voices be heard.

  4. Hey everyone we dont have to put up with this attitude. The pollies are hoping our apathy to politics will allow them to carry on in their merry ways. Lets speak up to our local pollies and voice our disapproval to this inequality and unaustralian attitude. Majority always rules come on Australia get off our behinds and do something!!! Please.

  5. Do we need any more proof that the majority of politicians are dishonest? Next thing they will be telling us is that they actually earn their pay and deserve their exorbitant pensions.

  6. James  

    Again, another convenient little committee tasked with an agenda well weighted towards a favorable outcome for our pollies. We won’t hear much more about the micro changes that occur when the (preordained) findings are enacted and so, all of the snouts will remain firmly wedged in the “trough”, no matter what breed of pollie you follow!

  7. It time, we as voters, voiced our concerns re entitlements….firstly when they take on this job, they know they will be working long hours away from family, just like FIFO workers for example….so sorry that family reunion benefit doesn’t wash with me….also its time that the lurks and perks of after parlaimentary life are done away with….what other job,, gives a pension after you have left the job, the money used for this could fix a lot of problems in our communities….like housing, health and education, more infrastructure in communities…..come on, its time we let it be know, we are the ones that actually pay their way with our taxes or have in the past…..damn frustrating to see this ongoing and unneccesary expense being wasted….

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