Liberals say Australians are “proud” of their wealthy Prime Minister

The subject of Malcolm Turnbull’s wealth is a contentious one in the election campaign. For some, it’s a success story

The subject of Malcolm Turnbull’s wealth is a contentious one in the election campaign.

For some, it’s a success story to aspire to. Others have suggested this has made him out of touch with the less successful.

According to The New Daily, his own party has suggested his wealth “should be celebrated”. And as far as Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop is concerned, his journey is inspirational.

“People identify with that,” Ms Bishop told reporters yesterday.

“They’re proud of a prime minister who has made a success of his life.”

Ms Bishop said he shouldn’t have to apologise for this success, and called Labor’s criticism “class warfare attacks”.

Her comments follow in the wake of harsh criticism from Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff, who felt Turnbull’s campaign team had sent a bad message to voters by cancelling a recent walk through a shopping precinct.

“I was surprised that they were flat-footed,” she said.

“If it’s known that you were going to do a street walk in Penrith, the last thing you want to do, ‘Mr Harbour-side Mansion’, is look like you don’t know and you’re not welcome in Western Sydney.”

Turnbull himself suggested his success was simply a reflection of the opportunity afforded to many Australians.

“Those of us who are fortunate to do so, should count our blessings and always recognise the importance of giving back to the community,” said Mr Turnbull.

“Lucy and I have been very lucky in our lives. We know there are many people who have worked harder that have not been so fortunate.”

Does Malcolm Turnbull’s wealth affect your opinion of him one way or the other? Should it be an issue in the election campaign?

  1. stella  

    There is so much talk about Mr Turnbull and his wealth. How about Mr Shorten? Where does he live? How much money does he have? Fair go, what is good for one is good for another.

    • Brian  

      Bill Shorton has married into money

  2. Michael Leitch  

    Both Turnbull and Shorten are only out for what they can get. Many promises many cuts,”Not at their own expense” maybe one day we will get a leader who cares about all Australians

  3. Susan Jenkins  

    If the government is so concerned about the health of the public then why don’t they put a 70 % tax on soft drinks? Instead of targeting the minority group of smokers! All the money from the sugar tax should be put back into the hospital system. At the same time addressing the obesity problem in Australia. It may also fund some TAX cuts for the rest of the tax payers in Australia. I put this question to the PM and the Health minister but got no response. The alarming rate of the rise in childhood obesity should have warranted an answer from the PM and the Health minster!!!!!

  4. Wayne.  

    I believe that the way he seems to have forgotten people on a income less than $80,000 per year are not worth worrying about. All it is is look after the money, it was only a matter of time before he and his party raided the pot of gold that is sitting in people’s superauations. Why not bring in tougher taxation laws for the untaxed money from big business that leaves the Australia shores, the money that is transferred overseas by the wealthy so as they don’t have to pay tax here and having a real look at spending by the people that are in and have been in parliament, some of the pay offs are unbelievable, when they leave parliament they should be classed the same as anyone in fund it themselves. They get paid well enough to make plans for what they want to do in the future.

  5. Maree Wayman  

    I think that Mr Turnbull’s wealth does put him out of touch with the realities of life for those people trying to survive on low incomes. How would he enjoy watching his family struggling as I know many families do. Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed in life and part of this is being able to access adequate and affordable education and health services no matter where in Australia they live.
    As for the “trickle down” effect the Liberal Party claims will happen with their budget strategies ? I don’t believe it for a second.

  6. Malcolm is portrayed as a self made man ? There are people out there who actually did have a hard upbringing, poor families, very little education, living on the streets at a very early age, somehow surviving and going on to become successful in their own way and just getting on with life, Mal was privileged from the beginning, sure his father was a single dad but he was still given the best education in the best schools and went on to work in the industries and for the people who could afford him the best opportunities, if I’m not mistaken Lucy also comes from a very privileged family, life hasn’t been too hard for the P.M. I save my praise for the people who give back to society, those that rip the soul out of social services get no respect from me.

    • mary tyndale  

      good comment! a silver spooner can never know what it’s like to struggle!

      • Ian  

        Rubbish. He went to a public school & won a scholarship , as do 000’s of others. No silver spoon except for the one he worked & earn’t. Not like some I know.

  7. Michael Pennisi  

    Not sure why there is a focus on Malcolm Turnbull’s wealth? No one seemed to have issues with Kevin Rudd and his wife having in excess of $100M, or that Paul Keating was wealthy enough to collect very expensive antique clocks, or Bob Hawk living in a high end residence in Mosman, one of Sydney’s most expensive suburbs. I think Peta Credin needs to get over Tony Abbott’s demise. If it hadn’t been Malcolm who rolled him, there were plenty of others who would have liked a chance. How about a focus on policy and stop “playing the man”. Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull have things to say about how they would run the country. Let’s hear more of that!

  8. roy bridges  

    Don’t care focus on the issues. Who has the best overall plan for our country

  9. Joy Ware  

    Turnbull’s wealth and lifestyle puts him so far away from the reality of “life” he has no empathy with the people in general, therefore he governs for the wealthy. The wealthy (but not all) love him as they love money beyond all else.

  10. Roy Gavin  

    I have a pension from the UK which I qualify for because I paid the premiums, which when I started work was 30% of my wages – I could have opted out and receive nothing.
    Because someone sends me my own money the Government reduces my pension by $3,000- a year , presumably because it it is too poor to pay me the full pension.
    Funny how it can find the funds to pay North shore Billionaires with 6 negative gears an average of $10,000 per negative geared property.
    And Turnbull still has questions to answer regarding the Siberian gold mine – he has avoided making any statements personally, putting them out via a spokesman who reads from a script and is unable to answer any questions – hardly the actions of a man with nothing to hide.
    Perhaps if we knew just how he came to accumulate his wealth and how much tax he paid along the way we could be proud of him, until then we are entitled to the suspion that he is just another tax dodging leech of a banker living on the public teat.

  11. Lynne Highfield  

    Self-made or not it’s my belief that Mr. Turnbull and others of his substantial financial standing should consider becoming philanthropists. But…that’s not likely to happen as so many are only interested in adding to their personal wealth.

  12. John Brants  

    Turnbull is smarmy ,amongst other things.

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