Has Malcolm Turnbull done a backflip on this tax idea?

The government has surprised many voters and parliament members with a totally new direction on tax reform. After months of

The government has surprised many voters and parliament members with a totally new direction on tax reform.

After months of suggesting there could be major changes to many areas of the tax system, Malcolm Turnbull is reportedly ready to abandon the idea of any serious tax reform.

After many Australians were left furious with the harsh Hockey/Abbott budgets, Mr Turnbull has decided to take a softer approach in a move to appease the people and no doubt gain a few more votes come election time.

The government has so far ruled out drastic changes in favour ‘politically safe’ options like reigning in on negative gearing by wealthy investors, and reducing the amount of pre-tax money people can put into their superannuation accounts.

These relatively small measures are likely to sit well with many voters who were firmly against the government’s earlier proposals like increasing the GST to 15 per cent.

The Coalition is set to announce its final budget package within weeks. All that’s left to do now if wait and see if any more turnarounds or backflips are performed between now and then.

Some voters are skeptical this will be the last we hear about tax reform before the election, pointing out the back and forth debate that has plagued the government for months.

Others have welcomed the news, saying the moderate proposed changes will help middle-income earners, unlike the Hockey/Abbott budget, which was seen as a major win for the wealthy and a loss the everyday Australians.

What are your thoughts on these new tax ideas?

Do you think the new budget will help middle income earner and seniors? Do you think the government will stick to its budget promises?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    Once back in they will go for the real cuts that they want !

  2. Jill  

    If the big end of town- large foreign companies and politicians were reigned in, we would all be happy!

  3. Chris  

    The government will NOT stick to its budget promises and anyone who thinks they will, is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

  4. Good comment Chris but has there ever been a government (Federal or State) (no matter which side of politics you are on) that has stuck to its budget promises. There are always excuses. One thing is for sure; unlike Labour; the Turnbull Government will not be spending money it doesn’t have. Remember, this country is still trying to get out of the $40Bn black hole Labour left us in. When the Coalition has policies it wants passed in the Senate and the Labour/Green factions block these policies; not because they are bad policies, but because they want the sitting government to look bad, then it is time for a double dissolution of Parliament. And ‘yes’ I agree with changing the preference rules in the Senate. Get rid of these ‘waste of space’ people who gain a seat with less that 1% of the vote. If you haven’t got the majority of votes in your own right, then you have no right to be elected to Parliament.

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