Bronwyn Bishop lands a brand new job

She may have lost the chance to run for her Sydney seat, but we certainly haven’t seen the last of

She may have lost the chance to run for her Sydney seat, but we certainly haven’t seen the last of Bronwyn Bishop. In fact, she’ll be remaining very prominently in the limelight in the lead-up to the federal election.

The 73-year-old former speaker has just been hired as a political correspondent for Sky News, starting next week as a panelist for multiple news shows.

She joins Peta Credlin, former chief of staff to Tony Abbott, as another high-profile Coalition figure now providing commentary on Australian politics.

While Ms Bishop and the news service have both responded to the appointment with optimism, the Internet didn’t hold back on its collective response… nor the chance to work in another dig on the “Choppergate” scandal.




What do you think of Ms Bishop’s new appointment as a political commentator?

  1. Heather  

    my husband is 72 if he takes a job he loses it why are these greedy halfwits still able to get a pension when the rest of us are denied
    even when I was working my husband still didnt get a full pension and I was unable in the end to even claim the supporting spouses rebate because the government stopped that too starting to get a bit angryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Brigitte Gilbert  

      You’ve got every right to feel angry! Our greedy Politicians know no bounds and certainly look after each other. What a privileged bunch, but none of them deserves this abundance of benefits! The result of course is that they don’t have any idea nor care how hard life can be for the rest of us.
      Have you ever asked yourself why we even need so many of these bloodsuckers? They’re seemingly only interested in running our once beautiful country into the ground.

      • Di  

        Time to let the big 3 political partys know our disgust and vote for none of them.

  2. Rob Trickett  

    If you want to hear a Bigot speak, just listen to Bronwyn B. No doubt she considers herself very important still, but not many Aussie battlers agree.

  3. Dave  

    So Ms Bishop’s new position won’t affect her government pension ,,,, however if a person on benefits , age pension , Newstart , single parent pension earns over $50 a week Centrlink will STOP their entitlement !! What a sad World , sad system , sad government procedures ! Sad,sad,sad ! I’m a 60+ MC Driver ! Angry too !

  4. Royce R. Baucke  

    I could never listen to a word she says…her past has left a bad taste in my mouth – so when she is on – I will be out.

  5. Costa  

    What a joke ! She’s been given a job as a political commentator. I can imagine what her comments will be, seeing she has already proven her biased view as a speaker of the house. Why don’t Sky News look at someone younger , instead of an old biased, selfish, one eyed user of the public purse who couldn’t give a stuff. She needs to retire and get out of the limelight. I certainly will not be watching Sky News from now on😠👎

  6. K. Scott  

    No more sky news for me .Bronwyn Bishop should stay retired she doesn’t need the extra money on top of her ample pension.Just Greed .

  7. There should be a over sixty movement people power until penisours get a better deal at least a basic wage to live on. These are the group of people that paid there taxes all there life and now have to live on 12 thousand a year and most are unable to work. So is this how we reward good Australians. Should Australian be looked after be for any one else, I think so. Come on Australians stand up for what is right.

  8. Elizabeth Gardner  

    good god now we have to put up with her on TV that is if anyone watches the show. Please do not inflict her on us again I could not stand it!

  9. Helen  

    she should not be getting the pension , while working. time all these outdated entitlements stopped. ! As one certain person once said , the AGE of Entitlement is OVER !

  10. Rod  

    Just boycott Sky News … life’s good

    • Royce R. Baucke  

      I wrote to SKY NEWS saying I will no longer be watching the news and expressed my disappointment at her new roll with Sky TV. They replied and thanked me for my comments…..No more Sky News for me. May be if they get hundreds of dissatisfied complaints from viewers about B Bishops appointment they might give her the shove.

  11. Jeannette  

    Bronwyn Bishop is a tired old handbag that needs to be disposed of- she is well past her use date. And i agree totally with Costa and Carmel and Helen. it’s time something was done about the age of entitlements in politics being over.!!! Disgusted with the whole lot of them!!

  12. Joy Anne Bourke  

    She should definitely not get a pension from the government. Another job and a pension, what in the hell is happening. No pollies when they retire should get a pension, as they own too much. Pensioners can’t do this all we can earn is $160 f/n before we lose some of the pension. They are all doing that and get away with it, we have been told to pull our belts in but I see the pollies are not doing that.

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