Bronwyn Bishop: a voice for Australian seniors?

With Bronwyn Bishop’s immediate political future in serious doubt, a strong campaign is underway within the Liberal Party to keep

With Bronwyn Bishop’s immediate political future in serious doubt, a strong campaign is underway within the Liberal Party to keep her in Parliament.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a brochure has been distributed to party preselectors – the 96 people who will decide whether she runs in her electorate come polling time – to persuade them she’s right for the job.

The brochure explains that Bishop understands the “significance of seniors”, and can become a champion for older Australians.

“It is a fact, without support of the over 65 demographic, we cannot retain government,” said the brochure.

“Make no mistake, the next election will be a contested battle of ideas and Bronwyn Bishop as an experienced campaigner will add to the national campaign, bringing her understanding of the issues that confront the nation, especially with the senior demographic

“Bronwyn understands the significance of seniors, not only to our nation, but also to our political success. Seniors make up 22 per cent of voters in Australia which gives them a powerful voice at the ballot box.”

“Being part of the national debate is not for the faint-hearted and it is important we have the capacity to take the fight to our political opponents. Campaigning, raising campaign funds and identifying election issues are Bronwyn’s strengths”.

Low popularity figures suggest she has quite the uphill battle ahead. However, if she is preselected, Dick Smith has suggested he will run against her.

How do you feel about Bronwyn Bishop positioning herself as a voice for older Australians? Do you believe she would represent you well in parliament?

  1. Neta Williams  

    I do not want this woman anywhere near government. If she believes she can do good for we oldies now that she is struggling to stay in politics she should have done the so called good while she had the chance.

    • Maz  

      Spot on Neta

      • would she still be a ” VOICE ” for the elderly if she were still the speaker ,I THINK NOT!!

    • Stella Ellis  

      Very well said. She cannot relate to me and I certainly cannot relate to her.

    • Marrie Myers  

      I don’t believe she is a good representative of anyone let alone seniors. I would be embarrassed to have her represent me. I actually thought she had dropped off the face of the earth till some idiot made her speaker of the house!! She is a dinosaur with no empathy or understanding of elderly people’s issues. She is just money hungry for the lovely package pollies wrought from honest people’s taxes.

    • Lyn van Vuuren  

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. She ‘mis-used’ the public’s funds to meet her own needs. Now she wants to help herself to the dwindling funds for seniors—say what?????

  2. Trish Bolton  

    Well we DO need a voice, but how do we know if we can trust her ? I have to say I have no faith in any of the politicians anymore, they have all proved to be liars and not trustworthy.

    We need a voice outside of politics.

    • Carolyn Janson  

      You cannot trust her. Simple and final. And i hope her electorate will realise this too, because the Liberal preselectors are likely to be nobbled.

  3. John Thompson  

    God no . We seniors have enough to worry about without Bromwyn supporting us. Get rid of the money sucking grub

  4. Denis Thompson  

    Bring on Dick Smith PLEEEAAASE!!!!!!!

  5. Peter  

    ?? Bronwyn Bishop Doing an about Face. Just shows how Two Faced She can be. Hope she tries. then Good ole Tricky Dickie will will join the Circus 😀 GO DICKY

  6. Carolyn Janson  

    Anything this apology for a woman does or says is suspect, and I would not vote for her if she was the only woman politician left on earth. She has never done one single thing for anyone but herself. I hope Dick Smith runs and beats her into a smear on the ground.

  7. No, too pushy, used to interrupt my coffee break in Mona vale cafe. Take up something else…. Mormonism.

  8. Tony B  

    Keep her away from the parliament she has done enough damage already, don’t want her ripping us over 60’s off for a free trip on taxpayers money again. She is a member of the over the hill gang.

  9. Dick Smith would be far better. Bronwyn may be older but would not have much in common with older people living frugally on the Age Pension. Dick is also not short of a penny but has a much better understanding of both little people and business.

  10. No No No not Her she is only trying to grab votes for herself, what on earth would she know about the average Australian woman in their 60,s 70’s 80’s or 90’s she would have no idea about living on a budget!! What a fake , come on Dick Smith.

  11. Certainly not for any of the Seniors I know. We think she is a disgrace to Parliament and to all “right” thinking people. Bronwyn has well and truly passed her use by date. Seniors want increased funding to health, aged care, hospitals, education, action on climate change and the long list of programs cut by this Goverment of so called ” adults” We want corporations to pay tax and our ABC to have its increased promised funding. Wake up Seniors, we have a chance to really rock this Governments socks.

  12. Bronwyn Bishop has made no effect in the past with regard to Seniors and it is most obvious she is reaching out for her own needs to obtain votes now. I really am not the least bit interested in anything she really has to say.. I am just one voice, but I feel many voices collectively could make more of an impression than she could.

    Katherine Lynch.

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