Politicians have been racking up a huge phone bill… on our taxpayer dollar

It seems politicians have nowhere to hide when it comes to what they’re spending taxpayer dollars on, and the latest revelation

It seems politicians have nowhere to hide when it comes to what they’re spending taxpayer dollars on, and the latest revelation that’s come back to bite them is the enormous phone bill they’ve racked up this year.

According to Fairfax, federal politicians rang up $1.4 million in taxpayer-funded phone calls in the first half of this year.

Last week’s entitlements reports shows the 226 members and senators of parliament spent $1,449,679 on calls between January 1 and June 30 this year – up from $810,000 in the previous six months.

Surprisingly, the pollies that loved chatting on the phone the most weren’t Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten – the biggest bill goes to Health, Sport and Aged Care Minister Sussan Ley with $13,823 of calls. Three Victorian Coalition backbenchers had the next largest bills, with Darren Chester charging taxpayers $13,653, Dan Tehan spending $13,421, and Andrew Broad spending just over $13,000.

In comparison, Malcolm Turnbull’s bill was about $8000, reports the Brisbane Times.

When overall government spending was taken into consideration, the biggest spenders of our taxpayer dollar were Julie Bishop, with $721,000 charged on our coin; Tony Abbott, $589,000 and Trade Minister Andrew Robb, $513,000.

Shockingly, phone bills weren’t the least of the concerns when you look at spending on travel – it’s no secret our pollies like to splurge, with $3 million spent in the last year.

Tell us, should politicians be entitled to make this many calls, or spend this much in general? Or is it understandable given the job?

  1. Maybe they should have a look at what they are spending, then the old age pension would not be in jeopardy

  2. Wow and their always the first to talk about the age of ENTITLEMENT, I think it’s long overdue that they should have their ENTITLEMENTS STOPPED, they are sucking the life out of the AUSTRALIAN TAX PAYERS.

  3. Do tell me how they are supposed to do their job if they can not use the phone???? The word out there is we do not talk enough, well we have the politicians doing it and your still complaining. How pray tell do they do their job especially the country politicians without travel and phones???? This has been going on from day one it is only now you get to find out about it. The old age pension is in jeopardy because super, savings and shares are not used the right way by anyone at that age. Stop blaming the Government for everything.

    • If they were ALP Pollies you would be the first one screaming out and the loudest, they tell us to tighten our belts , then talk millions away

    • So true David James. These LNP supporters always try and find a reason to blame labor and exonerate the LNP.

    • The article says ALL politicians so you look silly not me, it even names Gillard and Shorten……

    • They have to speak to their constituents about their problems, their issues, their needs etc…..they have to ring people to speak about meetings with ordinary people like you and me. When they are in their electorate they have to stay in touch with the rest of the Government. What do you all think being a politician is, just being in Parliament well it isn’t. Some have to ring interstate and overseas in regards to their portfolios.

    • The calls and travel are all part of business and they need to do it , get over it and stop being grin he’s

  4. The spending by all politicians has got to stop its not their money its the taxpayers money, I have never heard of such indecent spending by any other government before something has got to be done today not tomorrow or we will be broke because of the selfish politicians in this country

    • I agree all politicians world wide need to be made to pull their heads in on spending,and be made to pay for there Phones,travel, meals and places to stay,cars etc, they earn enough to pay there way,and never do 🙂

    • Yeah right and then who is going to do all the work to keep the country going…..you !!!?, I think not.

  5. That is ridiculous who are they ringing and for how long for those outlandish amounts? The Age of Entitlement is sure not over for The Liberal Party, they are in the Age of Rorting ..us

  6. Oh for goodness sake – whatever will you deem newsworthy next? Isn’t it their job to communicate?

  7. The three named, Foreign Affairs, PM an Trade would be exactly the roles I would expect to spend heaps on travel and overseas phone calls. The role of a local member is to represent his or her constituents, maybe we should be looking more critically at those with the lowest phone bills as maybe they’re not doing their job. Yes I think there is sometimes huge waste and roots but I do recognise there is a real cost for MPs to do their respective jobs.

  8. Perhaps they could just work from home and not spend any money. Then we could complain that they never do anything.

  9. All Liberal Policitican, probably hitting the phone sex lines ..have they got shares in Telstra? they are sure boosting Telstra Profits

    • And where in the article did it say Liberal Politicians??? It says all politicians and it names Julia Gillard and Bill Shorten, so typical of a Labor voter to try and cover their tracks with absolute shit.

  10. They have to get into the 21st century with coms. Most ISPs will do a package for $120 a month. There have been other setups around for 10 years using ADSL with all calls in Oz for nothing.

    • Right on. it’s probable that no one had any idea who’s job it is to bring about that change so they just use what’s provided.

  11. That explains where all the money goes but hang on I thought it was the pensioners that were a drain on the system.

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