Political perks hit way too close to home

Travel, dinners, sporting events? You won't believe what taxpayers are paying for now.

A lot of people have been upset about the perks that some politicians are getting as part of their service to the country.  Some of these perks are extravagant travel, lavish dinners, and trips to sporting events all on the taxpayer dollar.

It is now being reported that there is another perk that can see the taxpayers cover the costs of stamp duty on homes purchased in Canberra. The Daily Telegraph is also reporting that you could be paying for a politician’s real estate commissions, legal costs and advertising fees as well for their new Canberra home.

This can’t be a good look for the government as many Australians are struggling with the current housing market to find homes of their own. This incentive is to allure politicians to move to Canberra so that they can be “on the job” as demanded.

While the Prime Minister intends a new independent parliamentary authority that will keep an eye on what politicians do with public money, there are no plans to publish or make the information visible to the public.

Independent senator Nick Xenophon said that it’s time for the pollies to pay their own way.  He also believes that they need to be help responsible when they misuse funds telling the ABC in January, “Right now, the current rules are like being slapped with a wet piece of lettuce”.

What do you think?  Should we be paying for the politicians moving to be closer to work while many other across the country do the same?  Are you happy to fund this so they get to get more done in Canberra?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

  1. John Roberts  

    Transparency and claririty of rules needs to be paramount or they will continue to slither through the loopholes.

  2. marilyn flynn  

    god save us! I live in Canberra, I don’t want them here permanently! Apart from that personal opinion I think these perks are just scandalous, what other job offers this much? None. Pollies have obviously gifted this to themselves. What are they thinking? Don’t they realise that this just makes voters mad? Or don’t they care as long as they can make as much money as possible in their rotten little careers.

    • desleigh clarke  

      How much more do these greedy money-grabbers want? Honestly !! They get huge wages PLUS perks when they are in power (or opposition, theyr’e no better), then when they retire they get several time more pension than we do THEN if they happen to have been prime minister, they sponge off us for the rest of their miserable lives with even more perks, including a government car etc etc, the list never ends. They don’t tax the tax evaders like Apple, Google, Ikea etc but chase us for a few measly dollars if we happen to get overpaid. Come on, fair’s fair, no wonder people like Trump are striking a chord with ordinary folks who have just had it with their incessant greed & wishy washy politics.
      Exactly!! Well said, they want more? They just vote themselves more & you can bet the opposition won’t oppose that!! Greed is good?? For them apparently it is!

  3. Typical politicians, reward themselves, and hit the pensioners, if we want to visit friends or relatives overseas for more than 6 weeks and you haven’t worked for more than 35 years then they will start cutting our pension. They seem to forget that while we are out of the country we are not using all of the concessions that we would normally use, so that saves the government money.

    • Graeme  

      I worked for a large Australian company .. if you were transferred in your job they purcahaswd your home so you had money to buy in your new location . They were the employers as are the GoVt . . Thwctaxpayer is not paying this the employer is ..to match what is available in the private sector .. every time I hear screams about living away from home allowance meal and plane fares .. I laugh .. That is standard in business .. even at low levels of job description .. get over it NO union allows an employee to be out of pocket for doing the boss a favour and puting themselves out to help why should pollies be different ?????

    • Graeme  

      I worked for a large Australian company .. if you were transferred in your job they purcahaswd your home so you had money to buy in your new location . They were the employers as are the GoVt . . Thwctaxpayer is not paying this the employer is ..to match what is available in the private sector .. every time I hear screams about living away from home allowance meal and plane fares .. I laugh .. That is standard in business .. even at low levels of job description .. get over it NO union allows an employee to be out of pocket for doing the boss a favour and puting themselves out to help why should pollies be different ????? We are share holders in the Govt and private company shareholders do not throw a hissy fit when their companies employee fly to important meetings

  4. Keitha Granville  

    Nothing, they should get nothing extra. If they want tostay in Canberra, the government should build ( a buy an existing )apartment block for their use when in Canberra. They shouldn’t be there permanently, they should be in their electorates working for the voters. No travel expense apart from an economy flight to and from when parliament is sitting. No free holiday travel, no free dinners. Have a look at some of the Scandinavian countries – those are the models we need. And after politics ? Nothing. Nothing at all except the same rules as everyone else.

  5. Joy Anne Bourke  

    No we the taxpayers should not be paying for politians to move closer to Canberra, as they want the taxpayers to pay stamp duty etc for them to buy a house. Whole lot of rubbish, absolutely ridiculous. In fact POLITIANS SHOULD BE PAYING FOR ALL THEIR EXPENSES OUT OF THEIR HUGE WAGES except ECONOMY TRAVEL. If they want to go by First Class, or have a driver to take them then that is up to them out of their wages.
    NO MORE RETIREMENT PENSIONS AND PERKS STOP IMMEDIATELY – Once you leave Parliament either find another job or go to Centrelink (if you are entitled) which you should not be with all the assets you have accumulated over the years. I do not know of a everyday job where when you leave a company that you get a pension for life and a huge pension also. Pensioners cannot survive and are being downgraded to poverty and yet they want even more from the taxpayers. ABSOLUTELY NO.

  6. Lillian Wallace  

    I want to know when did things change to allow all of these perks who legislated all of the changes .it has become a real rort to be a Polly ,they are supposed to be public servants of the people.I think attitude has changed over the years and different Governments have created the golden goose as it were,enough do your proper job for the people who voted you into power

  7. Guy Flavell  

    I agree completely with all the comments on politicians’ perks … a bloody disgrace !!!
    BUT checkout the list and details of each pollie’s cost to the taxpayer and you’ll definitely
    find a several that are not abusing the system. Is it a coincidence that two of these honest
    politicians are Cory Bernadi and Pauline Hanson ??? Just compare their costs to those of
    Julie Bishop, Tony Burke and Bill Shorten and you’ll be absolutely shocked.

  8. Mary Heffernan  

    I am heartily sick of these “entitled” politicians who reward themselves so lavishly, meanwhile slashing pensions, benefits and services and telling everyone else they must “tighten their belts”. No wonder the country is in such a financial mess! No wonder they have dissenters in their own party! No wonder people are flocking to support the minor parties, who seem to have at least some measure of restraint, instead of spend, spend, spend from the public purse! Next time around, I’m voting Pirate Party, who seem to be the least “piratical” of the lot of them!

  9. Momus  

    ‘Smokin’ Joe’ first stated the “age of entitlement” was over back in 2012. Clearly that statement didn’t include our “political running dogs”. For here today, we have a former treasurer working full time as our representative in Washington (base salary around $360,000 – this doesn’t include ‘baby sitting’ claims, which for ‘clarity sake’ are now reported monthly to Treasury as “additional staff” but in his first 5 months he claimed $2,500). He is also “ENTITLED” (there’s that word again Joe) to claim 50% of his parliamentary pension, whilst working full time as ambassador at the age of 51. Are you “ENTITLED” to claim half your superannuation earnings at the age of 51? No, you’re not “ENTITLED”. Remember, “Hockey took a strong stand against parents who access paid parental leave schemes from both their employer and the government, labelling them “double dippers”.

    Any “LIFTER” in Joe’s household? Nah … just a band of takers.

    He’s also the guy who, in July 2014, announced the freezing of the Superannuation Guarantee (from our employers) at 9.5% (will remain so until the 2nd half of 2021). Yet our contribution to his Super was set at 18% at the same time – “let them eat cake” Joe?

    Remember it has been we taxpayers who funded his wife’s negatively geared investment property in Canberra for 18 years with Joe’s $270 a night allowance, along with that of the likes of, Jamie Briggs, Brendan Nelson and Bob, Baldwin, to mention a few. She sold it last year for $1.515m – not bad, given it was purchased for way less that a quarter of that – no capital gains there huh?

    • Guy Flavell  

      Good to see Joe Hockey has at least one loyal supporter Momus.

  10. Neil Benson  

    It might look good for the Politicians to have an “independent authority” to oversee their “entitlements”, but who thinks that will make any difference to their Perks. They already have an “Independent Authority” overseeing their remuneration but they never miss out on pay increases which often amount to more than the average workers annual wage and way more than the Age Pension.

  11. Judie Trease  

    If the Pollies can expect relocation handouts, what about other workers who have to relocate for work. Shouldn’t they be entitled too. What’s good for the goose etc……..

  12. Truth 13  

    It has become a norm, for a person to enjoy all the very best, by getting elected to the parliament, and remain there for at least 8 years. While there, they get the best out of the public money, have holidays, get the tax payer money to pay for their mortgage, stamp duty, and claim all other expenses. After they get kicked out, irrespective of their age, they get a pension, and have free airfare & other tax free perks. For all the other, no sooner they get an income of $18,500, they have to pay tax, and pay for all the expenditure. The question the voters should ask is, what have they done in the last 50 years, in the parliament. There’s only two good things. Medicare & Superannuation. Now the Liberals want to destroy that too. What else the past leader in the 50 years have done. THEY SOLD EVERY BLOODY ASSET, BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE. WE have no more car or any other vehicle manufacturers, we have no more industries, all mining is owned by the foreign companies who don’t pay tax, many farms are owned by foreign entities, most Banks are fully sold, and there’s nothing left for our children, to call, “Assets of the country”. People pay 0.40 cts plus 10% GST when they pump fuel, which is supposed to go for the roads, but they also pay to go on highways, by way of toll. While working, everyone pay a medicare levy, and now the Liberals wants to charge a co-payment to visit a GP, or to go to get their eyes checked, and to do a blood test, for the X’ray & Scans etc etc. When a person pay taxes for 30 to 45 years while working, they are told, sorry, “Age of entitlement is over”, for them, but not for the politicians. While denying or trying to destroy the current facilities the voters have paid for & received, politicians are having a “ball”, getting almost everything paid by the public purse. If the members of the parliament & the public servants are given all the perks for working in Canberra, how about the others who serve the people, all over the country. Will the government pay the stamp duty & other perks for the Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Cleaners, Bus & Train Drivers & all those who work for the people of the country? It is time to change all these systems & have ONLY ONE system, & treat all the same. We point the fingers at some African & Asian politicians who rob the country, while we too have politicians & some government servants allowed to ROB the country, indirectly. What is the difference in service rendered by a politicians, a government servant in Canberra & a Nurse or a Doctor who treat the sick ?. When someone wants to ROB, in some places, it is called “legal perks”, and when the same is done by an ordinary person, it is called “robbery’. TIME TO CHANGE ALL THAT CRAP.

    • Bronwyn Schulz  

      I agree with you wholeheartedly! They are stealing! They want to reduce the deficit, well how about they make Pollies and non serving Pollies play by the same rules as the rest of Australia. STOP THE AGE OF ENTITLEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. Maybe this should be a campaign slogan.

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