Police warn of new phone hoax fooling hundreds of people

When it comes to scams, this one is particularly dirty. The Collingwood Police Station has been forced to issue a

When it comes to scams, this one is particularly dirty.

The Collingwood Police Station has been forced to issue a warning after reports a number of people received calls from the station’s phone number and were told to transfer money to the police on the spot.

The scammers tell the people on the other end of the line there are charges against them and that if they pay a lump sum immediately the charges will be dropped.

Police spokeswoman Natalie Webster said the calls were all very threatening and scared a lot of people who were unsure about whether or not it was real.

“The caller tells the victim that there are pending Federal charges against them and if they pay the money, the matter will be resolved,” Ms Webster said.

The reason so many people are falling for the scam is because the number that appears on their phone screens matches the police station’s real number.

The scammers are thought to be using special software that allows them to display whatever number they want to on the screen, tricking people into thinking it’s the real deal.

“The calls are not from the Collingwood Police Station or any law enforcement agency,” Ms Webster said, urging the public to stay vigilant to these kinds of scams and hoaxes.

Anyone who receives a call like this should contact the police immediately on 131 444.

Have you ever been scammed? have you ever received a call like this?

  1. Roslyn  

    My elderly dad had the message on his answer machine & it said don’t delete this message …..luckily he couldn’t hear it all so had left it for me to deal with …………the voice was rather threatening …….it had an Asian accent …..Unfortunatley I deleted it but this was in Hobart.

  2. Joy  

    There is an email scam currently doing the rounds, it has the JB H iFi logo that says you can join a sweepstake for a $1au, when you put your details in another window comes up for a gaming site. Even if you delete any information you have entered it is too late. They have your credit card number and proceed to take large amounts of money out of your account. I threatened that I would contact Australian Federal Police Cybercrimes division and the money was put back with in days . The company is based in Hong Kong

  3. anne gallagher  

    There have been a number around my home town whereby people are basically the same thing but the problem refers back to the ATO!! can be quite distressing though…

  4. Mary  

    There was a message on our answering machine stating that there were charges against us for tax evasion. We were told to phone a certain number (can’t recall the number) before the local policeman from the police dept. would come to arrest us. Fortunately I was not fooled and did nothing about it. We are pensioners so I knew it wouldn’t be correct.

  5. Clarice  

    Don’t give anyone your personal details …none

  6. John Nesbitt  

    OMG, you’d have to be very stupid or very gullible to fall for scams like these!

  7. David Ronald  

    My older sister got caught with one that said that she was being called from Microsoft and she had a virus on her computer. When the same scammers called me I was aware of their scam and kept them on the phone for 15 minutes, while I pretended to be following their instructions. I have worked for I-view/ IPSOS market research in their call centre and know that a lot of people are really suspicious when they get cold called. Frankly I think it’s a good thing, to be alert and don’t be afraid to question the person calling you. My motto is ‘if it sounds wrong, it usually is’

  8. Len Robinson  

    I had a phone call recently, supposedly from the Federal Police Charity Fund (or along those lines) asking for a donation. At the time I was advertising my collectibles business on a Facebook page, which featured my email address and mobile number. The caller sent me an email stating the donation was tax deductible etc, etc. During the phone call it was mentioned that the donation was to be $AUD33.00. When I opened the email, the donation was $AUD333.00. I deleted the email and deleted my ad from Facebook. Thought to myself afterwards, why would the Federal Police be seeking donations from the public.

  9. Everyone should know that the Australian legal system doesn’t work like this. Neither does the taxation department.
    I’ve had dozens of scam calls, but just tell them to get a real job and stop carrying out criminal activities. Now I don’t have a land line and any unwanted mobile calls I get, I simply block the number.

  10. Chez  

    I’ve had the same little weasel ringing me for a couple of weeks now, sometimes he says he’s from the ATO other days he says he’s calling from an insurance company about a car accident that I haven’t had or that he’s calling from Foxtel and wants me to identify myself……one morning he rang at 07:30, I wasn’t impressed. He has my name and both land line and mobile number, by his accent I’m guessing that he’s Philipino. I usually tell him to go away and now before I hang up he mimics me saying “go awaaaaaay” cheeky sod!
    I had a very aggressive message on the answering machine earlier this year, some bloke with an Irish accent telling me I have to pay the ATO money, he demanded that I return the call or get my solicitor to ring him!!! he repeated his name and number, but I didn’t ring and I haven’t heard any more.
    Another scammer gave me an address in Sydney which turned out to be St.James Church, think I might get myself a pea whistle and keep it by the phone 😡

  11. Roy Gavin  

    I had a car advertised on the net and received a call one morning from someone who claimed to be an insurance company telling me I was responsible for an accident in Melbourne the day before and I had to pay their clients excess of $500- or they would report the accident to the police.
    However as I was in Adelaide and was reasonably certain that I hadn’t detoured to Melbourne on the way to the cafe the day before I declined to make any payment, suggesting he look at a map and find out how far Melbourne and Adelaide were apart, and hung up. That was the end off it

  12. LeeBaldwin  

    I had a call at one time from a fella who said he was from Foxtel, which I use. He had my name and address and was palavering on wanting me to verify my details. For one thing, the name I have used since birth is a shortened version of my real name, which he was using. In the phone book it has my real initials. The upshot was, I refused to give him my details and he kept saying, but I need to discuss something with you. So tell me what you want to discuss, say I. Well I need you to confirm you details before I can tell you. Says I, well you have all my details in front of you don’t you. Yes, he replies. So I say to him, well you tell me what you have and I will tell you if its right. Anyway, told him nothing except a very colourful way to go away. Sometimes I like to play with them ahahaha. Amuses me and bugs them. Or I pretend to be doing what they tell me, then put the phone on the table for up to an hour. and don’t hang up.

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