Police warn of AFP scam that leaves victims “distraught”

No one likes getting notice of a traffic infringement but one Queensland woman saw straight through the bogus notice she

No one likes getting notice of a traffic infringement but one Queensland woman saw straight through the bogus notice she received and is warning others to do the same.

Gaye McGrath from the Sunshine Coast received the email below, which appeared to be from the Australian Federal Police:

AFP scam email

The email told her she had been fined for negligent driving and had to pay a $150 fine immediately.

Fortunately, Ms McGrath was confident in her driving ability and recognised the email as a scam. She printed it out and posted the imageĀ to a Community Board on Facebook. Others had also received the same, reports the Brisbane Times.

“Be careful… I got one this morning. I also had one a few months ago that was a virus,” one person commented.

Another said: “The trouble is that it really frightens people. I got one and dismissed it. A friend got one and was distraught. Hated seeing her in this state.”

The letter masks a common scam: if people click on any of the links, their computer is infected with malware, they can’t access their emails and they are asked to pay to reactivate them.

Cyber crime operations commander McLean said many people “had been compromised” and asked anyone who received the email to “delete it immediately”.

The AFP says this is a scam that “did the rounds” last year and are disappointed to see it hasĀ “reared its ugly head again”.


Have you received anything like this? Would you recognise this as a scam? Remember to pass this on so others don’t get caught out.

  1. They DO NOT send emails or phone people they send the fines to your home. Same with the banks and taxation office your telephone company your bank your electricity company THEY NOTIFY YOU BY MAIL.

  2. Remember if is not the AFP who give out traffic fines, it is the state Police, whoever wrote that email is probably from overseas with no idea how our system works

  3. My husband received one the other day. Luckily we are aware of this type of scam. It makes me angry that some people think they can try and get money out of others this way.

  4. Had this on Friday. mine was a woman.I should have been arrested for what I said to her .. just low scum..

  5. Awful business…..we can’t afford to be scammed n using computer less n less now we’re retired….must be super wary….will take note

  6. Anyone stupid enough to get sucked in by that one deserves to do their dough.
    Since when do the Commonwealth rozzers go around issuing traffic tickets, ACT excluded on that.
    Also, the acronym AUD should ring more alarm bells than a gaol break.

  7. My wife the same email last week and had a laugh at it as she hasn’t driven a car for about fifteen years.

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