Police warn against ‘completely bogus’ letter box scam

First it was by phone, then email and now it appears scammers are coming right up to your front door.
There could be something tricky hiding in your letter box.

So many of us have been there before… You get a strange phone call or email telling you you’ve won a prize, or owe someone money, or that you need to cough up the cash to avoid a fine.

All are classic types of scams that most of us have gotten pretty good at spotting by now.

However, it seems that in their latest effort to fool people some scammers have gone old school and are now doing letter box drops to try to con unsuspecting residents out of their money.

Police in the Queensland town of Gympie say they’ve had reports of scammers leaving people letters claiming to be a lawyer from South Africa and baring some truly wonderful news: you’re a millionaire!

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Senior Constable Deb Wruck posted a notice on the police website basically saying it was a load of bull and warning people not to fall for it.

“Police have recently been made aware of a scam turning up in locals’ letterboxes. It seems that this scammer has gone back to basics, sending letters rather than emails, in an attempt to catch out the vulnerable,” she said.

“If you have received this letter please throw it out as it is completely bogus – the part telling you that you are also from South Africa with the same last name as Mr Herbert is just one of the many alarm bells that should be telling you that this is a scam.

“These letters are generically produced and bulk-mailed in the hope for a response with the usual lure of the promise of money.”

The scam letter in questions. Image: My Police Gympie.
The scam letter in questions. Image: My Police Gympie.

Although it may seem obvious to some, plenty of people still fall for these kinds of scams everyday and it really does pay to pass on the message and make sure people have been properly warned.

Have you ever been contacted by a scammer? How did they try to trick you?

  1. Carol MacDonald  

    The latest scam I have been approached with is two bogus emails from Telstra asking for money. I checked the email address against the normal one which I receive accounts on and noted it was different so deleted both emails and reported them to “scam alert.”

  2. Moira  

    It makes you wonder who the people were that did the letterbox drops ? It would be good if someone could catch the bastards !

  3. Carmel  

    Both my sister and myself received this scam letter. Went straight into the shredder.

  4. Joan Marshall  

    Beware people I constantly receive e-mails saying I have $25,000 in my account and then led to the site asking you to buy software that will enable you to trade on the stock exchange and make millions. This bunch of idiots will then probably ask for your account details in which to deposit your funds and that is what they are waiting for. For God sake do not fall prey to these vile people. The internet is wonderful for information but also dangerous for scams and people looking for partners. I am a firm believer that if you are to meet someone it will happen when you least expect it.

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