Police officer caught pulling his gun on driver

LANGUAGE WARNING A Queensland police officer has been caught on camera brandishing his gun at a young man after pulling


A Queensland police officer has been caught on camera brandishing his gun at a young man after pulling him over for speeding in the outback.

The ABC has released the footage, which is being used in a civil hearing before a judge in the Supreme Court, and shows Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan swearing and yelling at the driver before aiming his gun at him.

The diver was doing 126km/h in a 110km/h zone, when Flanagan spotted him and pulled up alongside him honking his horn and swearing.

Flanagan does not have his siren on and continues to honk his horn until the driver pulls over.

The dashcam footage shows Flanagan emerging from the police car, pointing a gun at the driver saying: “Get out of your f****** car right now.”

The driver’s girlfriend filmed the incident on her mobile phone and captured footage of Flanagan handcuffing the young man.

“What the f*** are you pulling here today?” Flanagan said to her partner.

“You came past me – I’m bloody beeping the horn up the side to point you over and you still keep driving.

“What is your f****** story? Do you have a licence?

“You didn’t see me? Right, where’s your licence dickhead?”

Flanagan threw the driver’s keys to the ground and was can be heard antagonising him while he handcuffed him.

“We’ll go to court and I’ll sit there and drink coffee and laugh my ass off while you get convicted, how’s that sound?” Flanagan said.

Flanagan will face court on the criminal charges in relation to the incident, which has caused debate among many people.

Some say Flanagan used excessive force and that he was out of line when he used his gun and failed to put on his sirens.

Others though say he was simply doing his job and that he shouldn’t face charges for it.

What’s your opinion on this?

Should we leave police officers alone to do their job? Or was he out of line in this case?

  1. The Police force doesn’t need him! You don’t pull out your gun to threaten and / or intimidate, only if your life or someone else’s is at risk! No, no, no! Charge him, convict him and we’ll all drink coffee with air conditioning!

  2. Wayne Watkins  

    Been watching too many American police shows

  3. “was can be heard”, “laughi my ass off” … ah, yes, usual “journalist” English.

  4. Rob  

    and this my friends is what happens when the recruitment standards are lowered to better reflect society. Never before have our police been so heavily armed, better equipped, better paid and badly trained, in speaking to the public. Believe it or not the standards have been lowered AGAIN to encourage more women to join and get gender equality in the SA police dept. Keep your standards high attract a better personel. Lower your standards and attract the meglomaniacs who thin k Dirty Harry is a real person

  5. Ian gration  

    He was so far out of line that he deserves to be disciplined severely, police officers don’t go around beeping their horn to pull drivers over they follow at a safe distance with the siren and lights on indicating for the driver to pull over then calmly approach the car and speak to the driver , firstly asking to see the drivers licence , I would have a real problem letting this officer back on the road maybe office duty until he spits the dummy again and then get rid of him

  6. Khris  

    Apart from needing to be jailed with other prisoners, he does need his pay stopped. There is ABSOLUTELY , NO excuse for this sort of behaviour from police officers. They are paid to UPHOLD the laws, not be judge and jury and acting like they are god!
    OH, and sack him to.

  7. Anne  

    Did they do a drug test on the cop?

  8. George J.  

    How’d did this cop pass Psych Evaluation Tests?
    He’s got not only anger issues, but possible mental health ones’ as well.

    Maybe he’s had a gutful of being a copper, so should be shown the door ASAP!

    Don’t need Cowboys in our Force like this.
    Victim would probably have cause to sue him, on many levels. Go for it!

    • Robert Young  

      George J my thoughts exactly how did he pass the Psych Tests he definitely has some serious anger issues he is a loose cannon for sure.

  9. Joan Marshall  

    The cop is right !! it is because of young people who think they can do anything and get away with it. This is a spoiled generation. The law is too slack that is the reason we have the drugs, booze, speeding in cars killing themselves and other people.

    • Scot Faver  

      What a guy! Bring him to Victoria! We will have him! And give him a raise! Good Officer!! He got my Vote!!

      • Scot Faver  

        We have just had a middle eastern guy blow a red light at high speed and kill 2 innocent woman in Melbourne 2 days ago! He was seen laughing on his phone while telling mother about what had occurred! The judge released on bail, even though Police said he was a flight risk! And he showed no remorse! That why we need people like this Snr Constable Flanagan here, and other policemen of his calibre!

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