Police criticised for fake bomb attack in shopping centre

Police in England have been forced to apologies after staging a fake terrorist attack in a shopping centre and shouting

Police in England have been forced to apologies after staging a fake terrorist attack in a shopping centre and shouting a religious phrase right before detonating the ‘bomb’.

Greater Manchester Police released video footage of the training exercise online but were soon forced to issue an apology after people called them out for yelling “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) before pulling the trigger on the bomb.

The exercise was held on Monday night in a major shopping centre where police and volunteers set out to create a realistic terrorist attack to see how police would handle themselves in such a high-pressure situation.

Soon after they released the footage though, people jumped online to vent their anger at the police force and accuse them of depicting all terrorists as Muslims.

The police department quickly released an apology statement saying the choice of words were inappropriate and that it was unacceptable to use a phrase “which so vocally linked the exercise with Islam”.

However this only incited more anger from people who said they copped out caving into the critics.

People said they shouldn’t have apologised and that it was political correctness gone mad.

The issue has divided many people with some saying the exercise was completely unfair towards people of the Muslim faith.

Others though said it was justified given the recent attacks by Islamic State around the world.

What are your thoughts?

Were police wrong to using the religious phrase? Or was it justified?

  1. As somebody who has been involved in these type of exercises, every body knew what was going on. But the main point is not every Terrorist is a Muslim, only 98 % of them. What do you want the police to do? if you are going to try to control a problem, you concentrate your forces on the majority of people who cause the problem. And the other thing that pisses me of is the mention of racism, belonging to a particular religion has nothing to do with race. Not all Irish are catholic, probably most of the worlds proffesd catholics are not religious.

  2. Paul  

    Seriously…if this is the worst thing that people have to complain about…then our way of life is in trouble. Once again another example of Political Correctness gone wrong and out of control. This was a Police exercise with no bystanders around, hence no-one was there to be ‘offended’.
    I don’t see or hear these same people who are complaining, speaking up against the Islamic teaching and actual abuse of women and childen. No…nothing…how convenient you cowards. Much easier to jump on the populous bandwagon, in case you offend someone.
    And it will probably be these same people who will complain that our police are not properly trained or doing enough if they or their children, family or friends are ever in need of police assistance during a time of crisis, such as a bombing or other threat.
    England is already a mess and in deep social unrest as a result of the muslim/Islamic influence and Sharia Law is now being accepted. Wake Up People.
    When in Rome do as the Romans do…if you move to another country, you need to accept their laws, culture and traditions, otherwise leave. I don’t see and Muslim countries accepting our way of life when we are in their countries!!!!

  3. Henry  

    It was a realistic demonstration and a test for the proficiency of the police in the event a true act of terrorism occurred. Sure, one would be horrified if one was a witness to it but, surely once informed why it happened you’d think most people would be understanding and grateful that the police are not just sitting on their hands at the police station tossing paper balls at each other. Any one complaining is an idiot!

  4. John  

    As a Trainer . Good on the Police.

    As 98% of all Terror attacks have had the Term Alahu Akbar used it seems appropriate to use it in an exercise.

    If you complain about that, you really need to Get a Life.

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