Pleads to keep Triple-Zero service in Australia

A few days ago the Communications Minister Mitch Fifield called for expressions of interest from private companies for the emergency

A few days ago the Communications Minister Mitch Fifield called for expressions of interest from private companies for the emergency triple-zero call service.

The Communications Minister hopes that a new tender will help Australia’s emergency system keep up with the technological changes that services around the world have already undertaken. The government would also be seeking a separate tender for emergency calls from mobile phones as now two-thirds of triple-zero calls come from mobile.

This announcement has made many worried that such necessary services could be moved out of the country for cost cutting reasons. Today the Communications Union has pleaded with the government that if they are going to proceed down this path that they at least rule out the service leaving our shores.

Communications Union National President Shane Murphy said in a statement “This is an essential service that helps to save Australian lives every day, but there seems to be a lack of clear direction from (Prime Minister Malcolm) Turnbull with regard to the process and policy intentions”.

Shane questioned the government’s move asking, “Are they simply looking to cut costs by shipping Australian jobs offshore at the expense of a skilled, qualified workforce providing an efficient essential service?” He concluded by condemning the government saying “If this tender is simply about savings costs by sending Australian jobs overseas, the government should be ashamed of itself.”

What do you think about this change? Is the potential of moving the service overseas going to put Australian’s at risk? Is it time for a complete overhaul of the system even if that means taking it out of Australia?

  1. Denise Gillespie  

    You have got to be joking. It is bad enough now when you press 1 for English with other businesses and you still can’t understand them. The last thing we need when we are ringing for an emergency is someone who can’t understand you and you can’t understand them. We are stressed enough having to use the emergency services without having to deal with a person who doesn’t have a clue what you are talking about.

    • LeslieTLee  

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      • Fungus  

        Love the spam, need a mod to blacklist the IPs.

    • LeslieTLee  

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  2. Barbiej  

    Most things this government suggest are stupid, but this one is pure evil!

  3. Deb Lancaster  

    This is more of “Jobs and Growth” Malcolm Turnball style. He just didn’t promise that it would happen in Australia. This Government is so determined to cut services and allowances. They really need to take a step back and look at what they are doing. This has disaster written all over it if it moves offshore.

    • Fungus  

      Well I know in some countries where it could potentially be off-shored to the locals don’t bother calling the emergency number.. they call the local police station as it will sometimes be answered and then sometimes they will help…

      But seriously it is Jobs (for overseas) and Growth (for the top tier of Australia).

  4. Bruce  

    How come we are paying more and more taxes but getting less and less services from the Government. Where exactly are our taxes going, it’s time to get the hangers on off the gravy train.

    • If the ambulance service charged the morons who ph 000 for KFC & pizza & the chronic fake emergency calls $10,000 a call or put them in jail or both , it might start to save some of the money that is going down the drain!

  5. What the Hell does Turnbull doing? he is really putting all Australians at risk, Why is it even an issue? It’s an EMERGENCY SERVICE FOR AUSTRALIANS why take it to overseas tenders? Is he getting more money if it goes overseas? WE THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE ARE SICK OF THE SALE OF AUSTRALIA AND ITS RESOURCES. I THINK ALL WILL GIVE A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE IN OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT.

    • Fungus  

      Well they get large donations from sovereign governments like China, oh and Turnbull will never say they are bribes… just the other country is benevolent… and want to help us.

      I for one call BS on MT and the LNP as a whole!

  6. Susanne  

    Over the past few weeks I’ve had to deal with a number of companies who have outsourced their call centres to the Phillipines and India. Every time, I have had to ask for a supervisor as they have to follow a script and talk right over me. I can’t begin to imagine how i would be if this were to happen during an emergency!!!!!!

  7. berniegirl  

    PM Turnbull and Mr Morrison are two deadly Politicians……….We need our triple 000 emergency service and if they sell to a private company????………(BE like Telstra with overseas staff)……. and it will be a deadly combination if this Liberal Government goes ahead…….very deadly idea…………….Leave our 000 service alone and the jobs to stay in our country……
    Its Just like Mike Baird who wants to sell our Public Hospitals to a Private organization ……..Than many Australians will have no Public Hospitals to go to………….Stay alert guys as no one will look after the Battlers of our country ……We need to take a firm stand and get rid of this Liberal Lying lot of Politicians.

    • Susan  

      I went to a seniors forum when Scott Morrison was in charge of social services. he was the rudest man I have ever known, he spoke to those pensioners as if they were dirt !! Told them they should be getting their money spent instead of trying to save it for the children’s ineritance!
      He was even saying to them Well you have at least $250.000.00 in the bank so you should be using it and not asking the Government for money !!! Rude ! Rude ! Rude !!!

  8. Senator Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communications  

    As part of the tender, call centres will be required to be based in Australia, as is the current practice. This is a tender requirement as per the notice on the AusTender website. The Union should cease its fearmongering.

    • Fungus  

      Well if they were not on your case…. WE ALL KNOW what you would have been doing, now don’t we, just like everything else LMP does, but guess what? the unions are wise to your spin doctors!

      Does this tender requirement expire after a set period of time, as in will it ALWAYS be a requirement to be in Australia, with Australian PR or Citizens, none of this BS FTA agreement slave labour… please I am interested to have it in writing.

    • Susan  

      Will you still have Senior Police Officers in charge of the centre like you do now ?

    • Niel  

      How can we believe you . It is not the Union doing the scare mongering it is the likes of you as a Minister that does . You people tell that many lies people don’t believe you anymore . Just remember one thing you and your mates at the next election are your seats safe is what you should be asking yourself !!!!!!!!!!

  9. P Bandurski  

    Emergencies are now an opportunity for profit… That’s the dream right? MONEY…. and making those Excel pages look damn sexy for your line manager

  10. Jenny  

    just when you think they can’t do anything more stupid they pull something like this, calling our politicians a bunch of idiots ,is insulting to idiots

  11. Greg Hills  

    Well, well. The LNP just keeps making stupid decisions, time and time again. It started with Tony Abbott, and grows worse with Malcolm Turnbull.
    Why is it this poor excuse for a political party (well, two actually) wants to tear down every fabric of our society. Other countries are returning to well run, state owned institutions, that provide essential services. Including America.
    Turnbull is nothing more than a puppet of the coalitions right wing, who has abandoned his own beliefs. Something a politician should never, ever do, at any cost. If he is told to by the powers that be in his party, then the right thing to do is resign.
    He, of course won’t do that, because he covets the glory of being PM far too much. The fact remains though, he has become an empty shell, too scared to move in his own right.

  12. Jacaranda  

    Turnbull should be investing in the public service, not giving it away.

    • Fungus  

      You forget the ideology of the Liberals is to have everything privatised and have the government just collect the taxes to fund their salaries for doing such a bang up job of running this country (albeit into the ground).

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